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Cyprian and again
We know from the letters of St. Cyprian that, except in time of persecution, the African bishops met at least once a year, in the springtime, and sometimes again in the autumn.
The 3rd-century Church father Cyprian ( died 258 ), in writing on the Unity of the Church, Treatise I section 6 quoted John 10: 30 " The Lord says, ' I and the Father are one ' " and added: " and again it is written of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, ' And these three are one.
In 1375, after the hostilities between Moscow and Lithuania had started all over again, the Lithuanian princes asked to appoint Cyprian their Metropolitan.

Cyprian and can
:* Cyprian wrote of them " How, when God the Father is not known -- nay, is even blasphemed -- can they who among the heretics are said to be baptized in the name of Christ only, be judged to have obtained the remission of sins?
Calvin wrote also that " those to whom he is a Father, the Church must also be a mother ," echoing the words of the originator of the Latin phrase himself, Cyprian: " He can no longer have God for his Father who has not the Church for his mother.

Cyprian and us
Some grimoires like The Great Book of Saint Cyprian, Le Dragon Rouge, Pseudomonarchia Daemonum and The Lesser Key of Solomon ( see Ars Goetia ) among others provide us of more of these names.
) The daily bread in this prayer given by Jesus is a reference to the Eucharist according to many Church Fathers including St. Augustine, St. John Chrysostom, St. Jerome, and St. Cyprian of Carthage who in 251 wrote: " As the prayer continues, we ask and say, ' Give us this day our daily bread.
It has come down to us in a translation made, no doubt, under Cyprian's direction, and apparently very literal, as it abounds in Greek expressions ( Cyprian, Epistle lxxv ).
Firmilian's reasoning against the validity of heretical baptism is mainly that of Cyprian, that those who are outside the Church and have not the Holy Spirit cannot admit others to the Church or give what they do not possess: " " Very many of us meeting together in Iconium very carefully examined the matter, and we decided that every baptism was altogether to be rejected which is arranged for without the Church.
Firmilian enables us to gather much of the drift of Stephen's letter to Cyprian.

Cyprian and day
" It notes that, " when the first direct evidence of infant Baptism appears in the second century, it is never presented as an innovation ," that 2nd-century Irenaeus treated baptism of infants as a matter of course, and that, " at a Synod of African Bishops, St. Cyprian stated that ' God's mercy and grace should not be refused to anyone born ', and the Synod, recalling that'all human beings ' are ' equal ', whatever be ' their size or age ', declared it lawful to baptize children ' by the second or third day after their birth '.
At the height of a second outbreak, the Plague of Cyprian ( 251 – 266 ), which may have been the same disease, 5, 000 people a day were said to be dying in Rome.
Clement of Alexandria in his Protrepticus talks about the " Cyprian Islander Cinyras, who dared to bring forth from night to the light of day the lewd orgies of Aphrodite in his eagerness to deify a strumpet of his own country.
Many of his Masses in natali episcoporum have nothing at all to do with that anniversary, and are really Masses for Sundays after Pentecost ; in the middle of a Mass of St Cornelius and St Cyprian he has put the preface of a Mass of St Euphemia, a Mass for the new civil year is inserted among those for martyrs ; Masses for St Stephen's day ( 26 December ) with evident allusions to Christmas are put in August, obviously through a confusion with the feast of the finding of his relics ( 3 August ).
Cyprian, a 3rd-century church father, linked the " eighth day " with the term " Lord's Day " in a letter concerning baptism.

Cyprian and our
Basil instituted and organized the Hour of Compline for the East, as St. Benedict did for the West, there existed as early as the days of St. Cyprian and Clement of Alexandria the custom of reciting a prayer before sleep, in which practice we find the most remote origin of our Compline.
The martyr twins are invoked in the Canon of the Mass in the prayer known as the Communicantes ( from the first Latin word of the prayer ): " In communion with the whole Church, they venerate above all others the memory of the glorious ever-virgin Mary, Mother of our God and Lord, Jesus Christ, then of blessed Joseph, husband of the Virgin, your blessed Apostles and Martyrs, Peter and Paul, Andrew, James, John, Thomas, James, Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew, Simon and Jude: Linus, Cletus, Clement, Sixtus, Cornelius, Cyprian, Laurence, Chrysogonus, John and Paul, Cosmas and Damian and all your Saints: grant through their merits and prayers that in all things we may be defended by the help of your protection.

Cyprian and .
Aphrodite is usually said to have been born near Paphos, on the island of Cyprus, for which reason she is called " Cyprian ", especially in the poetic works of Sappho.
His disciple, Cyprian ( Bishop of Carthage 248-58 ) appeals to the same fundamental principle of election to a vacant see in the aftermath of the Decian Persecution when denying the legitimacy of his rigorist rival in Carthage and that of the anti-pope Novatian in Rome ; however, the emphasis is now on legitimating his episcopal ministry as a whole and specifically his exclusive right to administer discipline to the lapsed rather than on the content of what is taught.
Cyprian also laid great emphasis on the fact that any minister who broke with the Church lost ipso facto the gift of the Spirit which had validated his orders.
In the monastic library at Jarrow were a number of books by theologians, including works by Basil, Cassian, John Chrysostom, Isidore of Seville, Origen, Gregory of Nazianzus, Augustine of Hippo, Jerome, Pope Gregory I, Ambrose of Milan, Cassiodorus, and Cyprian.
At the beginning of the 3rd century, it is adopted by Clement of Alexandria and by Origen of Alexandria, later by Methodius, Cyprian, Lactantius, Dionysius of Alexandria, and in the 5th century by Quodvultdeus.
They arise out of a primitive practice on the part of the bishop ( local president ), examples of which are found in the Didachē ( Teaching of the Apostles ) and in the letters of Clement of Rome and Cyprian.
Icon of St. Cyprian of Carthage, who urged diligence in the process of canonization
And Saint Cyprian ( died 258 ) recommended that the utmost diligence be observed in investigating the claims of those who were said to have died for the faith.
Cyprian, Bishop of Carthage, said that the first commandment given to men was to increase and multiply, but now that the earth was full there was no need to continue this process of multiplication.
* Cyprian Blamires.
Together with the leaders of the independence movement, the exile community included the greatest Polish literary and artistic minds, including the Romantic poets Adam Mickiewicz, Juliusz Słowacki, Cyprian Norwid, and composer Frédéric Chopin.
Also, according to Iwo Cyprian Pogonowski, The Painted Bird was Kosiński's most successful attempt at profiteering from the Holocaust by maintaining an aura of a chronicle.
She drove along the Cyprian street, where the king had been murdered, and turned towards the Orbian Hill, in the direction of the Esquiline Hill.
Examples of the Western text are found in Codex Bezae, Codex Claromontanus, Codex Washingtonianus, the Old Latin ( i. e., Latin translations made prior to the Vulgate ), as well as in quotations by Marcion, Tatian, Irenaeus, Tertullian and Cyprian.
Tertullian, Cyprian, Ambrose and Ambrosiaster considered that mankind shares in Adam's sin, transmitted by human generation.
Stephen held that converts who had been baptized by splinter groups did not need re-baptism, while Cyprian and certain bishops of the Roman province of Africa held rebaptism necessary for admission to the Eucharist.
Cyprian and Tertullian famously accused the Modalistic Monarchians of patripassianism.
" ( Cyprian, c. 250, W, 5. 383, 484 )
Thus, by the doctrinal works he published, Tertullian became the teacher of Cyprian and the predecessor of Augustine, who, in turn, became the chief founder of Latin theology.
Cyprian, Tertullian's North African compatriot, though he nowhere mentions his name, was well read in his writings, as Cyprian's secretary told Jerome.
** Cyprian Howe, Colonel in the American Revolutionary War ( d. 1806 )

again and We
We don't want Barton's Night Riders loose again ''.
`` We found some owls had built a nest in the chimney, milord, but I promise you you'll never have trouble of that sort again ''.
We again consider a fixed point P at Af and a variable point Q at Af on C.
We keep getting the same ones back again and again.
`` We are back with the ' Met ' again now that the ' Met ' is back in Chicago '', bulletins Mrs. Frank S. Sims, president of the women's board of the University of Chicago Cancer Research Foundation.
" Jagger also praised the late star as a one of a kind musician, adding, " We will never see his like again.
A month later, McLean wound up the 20th century by performing " American Pie " at the Lincoln Memorial Gala in Washington D. C. Brooks again played " American Pie " during We Are One: The Obama Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial on January 18, 2009.
He enlisted in the Army during World War I after graduating college, and again in World War II at the peak of his career, when he directed 11 documentary war films for the U. S. government's Why We Fight series, winning an Academy Award for one and a Distinguished Service Medal when the war ended.
They both rebelled, and, according to Kelly: " We didn't like it much and were continually involved in fistfights with the neighborhood boys who called us sissies ... I didn't dance again until I was fifteen.
We would like the engine to repeat the process again and again to provide us with a steady work source.
We note again, however, that for common calculations the physicists ' formulation is quite sufficient.
* By contrast, elastic and viscous ( or intermediate, viscoelastic ) behaviour is relevant at short times ( transient behaviour ):</ br > We again consider the application of a constant stress:
The Romulan Commander Tebok explained that the Romulans had decided to concentrate on their own internal affairs for the past fifty years and said " We are back ," indicating that Romulans would again be active in galactic affairs.
We believe that Jesus rose from the dead and lives eternally with the Father, and that He will come again with power and great glory.
We believe that because He died and lives again, resurrection with spiritual and imperishable bodies is the gift of God to believers.
We must suffer them all again .</ poem >
The band's drummer Roger Taylor commented ; " We never thought we would tour again, Paul came along by chance and we seemed to have a chemistry.
It states that " We give thanks to the Author of all that is good, who allows us once again, in prayer and in dialogue, to express the joy we feel as brothers and to renew our commitment to move towards full communion ".
We can distinguish therefore in the body of a polyp the column, circular or oval in section, forming the trunk, resting on a base or foot and surmounted by the crown of tentacles, which enclose an area termed the peristome, in the centre of which again is the mouth.
: We once again appeal to the industrialized countries, particularly those who have not done so, to urgently ratify and fully implement the Kyoto Protocol, and to provide concrete support in all our adaptation efforts to cope with the effects of climate change and sea level rise.
We can multiply formal power series, again just by treating them as polynomials ( see in particular Cauchy product ):
We wish it ours again ; the present pleasure,
We ’ re aiming for authenticity – recreating the wonder of 1978 all over again !” The company also said it would publish a series of Blake's 7 novels at a rate of two per year.

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