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Cyprus and has
A map of Cyprus in the later Bronze Age ( such as is given by J. L. Myres and M. O. Richter in Catalogue of the Cyprus Museum ) shows more than 25 settlements in and about the Mesaorea district alone, of which one, that at Enkomi, near the site of Salamis, has yielded the richest Aegean treasure in precious metal found outside Mycenae.
Thus the " Aegean Area " has now come to mean the Archipelago with Crete and Cyprus, the Hellenic peninsula with the Ionian islands, and Western Anatolia.
It is located south of Asia Minor, the Anatolian peninsula of the Asian ( or Eurasian ) mainland ( now part of modern-day Turkey ), so it may be included in Western Asia or the Middle East: At a confluence of Western Asia, Southern Europe, and Northern Africa, Cyprus has had lengthy periods of mainly Greek and intermittent Anatolian, Levantine, Byzantine, and Western European influences.
Since 1974, the internationally recognised Republic of Cyprus has controlled the south two thirds, and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus the northern one-third.
The Government of the Republic of Cyprus has continued as the sole internationally-recognized authority on the island ( as well as the UK being internationally recognized with respect to the SBAs ), though in practice its power extends only to the government controlled area.
In 1983, the Turkish Cypriots declared an independent " Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus ", which has never been recognized by any country except Turkey and Pakistan.
The division of Cyprus has remained an intractable political problem plaguing relations between Greece and Turkey, and drawing in NATO, of which both Greece and Turkey are members, and latterly the European Union, which has admitted Greece and Cyprus and which Turkey has been seeking to join for over twenty years.
The 165, 000 Greek Cypriot refugees are also a potent political force, along with the independent Orthodox Church of Cyprus, which has some influence in temporal as well as ecclesiastical matters.
After the 1974 invasion following a Greek junta-based coup attempt, Makarios secured international recognition of his Greek Cypriot government as the sole legal authority on Cyprus, which has proved to be a very significant strategic advantage for the Greek Cypriots in the decades since.
On 15 November 1983 the Turkish Cypriot North declared independence and the formation of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus ( TRNC ), which has been recognized only by Turkey.
Cyprus has an open, free-market, service-based economy with some light manufacturing.
Since gaining independence from the United Kingdom in 1960, Cyprus has had a record of successful economic performance, reflected in strong growth, full employment conditions and relative stability.
The success of Cyprus in the economic sphere has been attributed, inter alia, to the adoption of a market-oriented economic system, the pursuance of sound macroeconomic policies by the government as well as the existence of a dynamic and flexible entrepreneurship and a highly educated labor force.
Cyprus has the fourth-largest ship registry in the world, with 2, 758 ships and 25. 5 million gross registered tons ( GRTs ).
Cyprus has concluded treaties on double taxation with more than 40 countries, and, as a member of the Eurozone, has no exchange restrictions.
As a result of these reforms Cyprus has developed into one of the world's more important international business centres.

Cyprus and been
Aphrodite is usually said to have been born near Paphos, on the island of Cyprus, for which reason she is called " Cyprian ", especially in the poetic works of Sappho.
Not older than the 3rd century is the tradition of the later activity and martyrdom of Barnabas in Cyprus, where his remains are said to have been discovered under the Emperor Zeno.
The economic achievements of Cyprus during the preceding decades have been significant, bearing in mind the severe economic and social dislocation created by the Turkish invasion of 1974 and the continuing occupation of the northern part of the island by Turkey.
More recently, although Russia and Eastern Europe remain the most important investment destinations, there have been increasing investment flows from the West through Cyprus into Asia ( particularly China and India ), South America and the Middle East.
Traditionally Greece has been major export and import partner of Cyprus.
Neither should it be confused with the surviving Acts of Barnabas, which narrates an account of Barnabas ' travels, martyrdom and burial, and which is generally thought to have been written in Cyprus sometime after 431.
In 478, during the reign of the Emperor Zeno, archbishop Anthemios of Cyprus announced that the hidden burial place of Barnabas had been revealed to him in a dream.
In February of 2012, it was reported in Turkish newspapers that another Syriac manuscript of the Gospel of Barnabas had been found in Cyprus in 2000, in an operation conducted by police against smugglers ; and, having been kept in a police repository since then, had been deposited in the Ethnography Museum of Ankara.
On Cyprus, very early archaeological sites contain bull skulls that have been adapted for use as masks ( see Bull ( mythology )).
But when, in early 1915, the Allies asked for Greek help in the Dardanelles campaign, offering Cyprus in exchange, their diverging views became apparent: Constantine had been educated in Germany, was married to Sophia of Prussia, sister of Kaiser Wilhelm, and was convinced of the Central Powers ' victory.
Amalric II had already inherited Cyprus from Guy, and had been crowned king by Frederick Barbarossa's son, Emperor Henry VI.
In the midst of these events, Alice of Champagne had died in 1246 and had been replaced as regent by her son King Henry I of Cyprus, for whom John of Jaffa served as bailli in Acre.
Roderigo complains that he has received nothing for his efforts and threatens to abandon his pursuit of Desdemona, but Iago convinces him to kill Cassio instead, because Cassio has just been appointed governor of Cyprus, and — Iago argues — if Cassio lives to take office, Othello and Desdemona will leave Cyprus, thwarting Roderigo's plans to win Desdemona.
Remains of pigs have been dated to earlier than 11, 400 BP in Cyprus that must have been introduced from the mainland which suggests domestication in the adjacent mainland by then.
On 20 July 1974, the TAF launched an invasion of Cyprus on the pretext of a coup which had been staged by the Cypriot National Guard against president Makarios III with the intention of annexing the island to Greece, but the invasion ended up with Turkey occupying a considerable area on the north part of it and establishing a government on it that only Turkey recognizes.

Cyprus and divided
Vasea of Cyprus are broadly divided into two main ethnic communities, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, who share many customs but maintain distinct identities based on ethnicity, religion, language, and close ties with their respective motherlands.
Cyprus is a divided island.
In May 2004, Cyprus entered divided the EU, although in practice membership only applies to the southern part of the island which is in the control of the Republic of Cyprus.
In 2004, the EU enlarged to include 10 new countries, eight developing former-communist countries ( including three which were part of the Soviet Union itself ) along with Malta and the divided island of Cyprus.
Cyprus has a three-tier educational system, each stage being divided into specific levels:
According to the constitution of Cyprus Nicosia Municipality was divided into a Greek and Turkish sector with two Mayors: a representative of the Greek community which was the majority, and a second one representing the Turkish community.
Soloi was one of the ten city-kingdoms into which Cyprus was divided at the time.
The European Commission warned the Republic of Cyprus not to turn Orams ' case legal fight to keep their holiday home into a political battle over the divided island.
* In 688 the Byzantine Emperor Justinian II and the Arab Caliph Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan reached an unprecedented agreement to establish a condominium ( the concept did not yet exist ) over Cyprus, with the collected taxes from the island being equally divided between the two parties.
These acts were encouraged from the top and took many foreigners by surprise, preparing the public for a breakthrough in bilateral relations, which had been marred by decades of hostility over anti-Greek pogroms, territorial disputes and the situation in the divided island of Cyprus.
When Cyprus passed to British control, the Cyprus Pound ( now replaced by the euro ) became the currency of the island divided into 20 shillings and each shilling into 9 kuruş / γρόσια / piastres.
On 1 November 1999 de Soto was selected as the Secretary-General's Special Adviser on Cyprus, with the rank of Under-Secretary-General ; he held this post until the dismantling of the Special Mission to Cyprus following the April 2004 rejection of the Annan Plan for a Cypriot bizonal bicommunal federation divided along ethnic and religious lines.
It was divided into three sections, each representative of a phase of Bilitis's life: Bucolics in Pamphylia, Elegies at Mytilene, and Epigrams in the Isle of Cyprus ; dedicated to her were also a short Life of Bilitis and three epitaphs in The Tomb of Bilitis.
Modern Beckton is divided into East Beckton, Mid Beckton, North Beckton, West Beckton, South Beckton and Cyprus ( named after the British capture of Cyprus from the Ottoman Empire in 1878, which occurred as the original estate was being built ).
Following the intercommunal violence of the 1960s, the capital of Republic of Cyprus was divided between the island's Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities in the south and north respectively in 1963.
The country of Cyprus is divided between two independent political entities: the internationally-recognised Republic of Cyprus in the south, and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which is recognised as a sovereign state only by Turkey.
From 22 BCE onwards, Cyprus was a senatorial province " divided into four districts centred around Paphus, Salamis, Amathus and Lapethus.
Cyprus Turkish Airlines was established on 4 December 1974 in Nicosia with shares equally divided between THY and the Cash Development of the Consolidated Fund of the Assembly of the Turkish Cypriot Community ( Konsolide Fonu Inkisaf Sandigi ).

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