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Daniel and arap
Kenyatta was succeeded by Daniel arap Moi, who ruled until 2002.
At Kenyatta's death ( August 22, 1978 ), Vice President Daniel arap Moi became interim President.
The post of Chief of the General Staff was only filled again seven years later when Daniel arap Moi moved Lieutenant General Jackson Mulinge from Army Commander to CGS in November 1978.
* 1924 – Daniel arap Moi, Kenyan politician, 2nd President of Kenya
** Daniel arap Moi becomes president of Kenya.
Negotiations between the Okello government and the NRA were conducted in Nairobi in the fall of 1985, with Kenyan President Daniel arap Moi seeking a cease-fire and a coalition government in Uganda.
Daniel Toroitich arap Moi ( born 2 September 1924 ) is a Kenyan politician who was the President of Kenya from 1978 to 2002.
Daniel arap Moi is popularly known to Kenyans as " Nyayo ", a Swahili word for " footsteps ", as he was said to be following the footsteps of the first Kenyan President, Jomo Kenyatta.
Daniel arap Moi and President of the United States George W. Bush
Daniel arap Moi has eight children, five sons and three daughters.
* State House Kenya Profile of Daniel Toroitich arap Moi
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Daniel and Moi
President Daniel Moi of Kenya issued a decree against it in December 2001.
Kenyatta died in 1978 and was succeeded by Daniel Arap Moi ( b. 1924 ) who ruled as President 1978-2002.
* August 1 – Attempted coup against government of Daniel Arap Moi in Kenya.
In 1989 Richard Leakey was appointed the head of the Wildlife Conservation and Management Department ( WMCD ) by President Daniel Arap Moi in response to the international outcry over the poaching of elephants and the impact it was having on the wildlife of Kenya.
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Daniel and married
His son, Daniel Fahrenheit ( the father of the subject of this article ), married Concordia Schumann, daughter of a well-known Danzig business family.
She is married to Daniel Wolf, a New York photography dealer.
He is thought to have had two sisters, one married to Vykintas and another to Daniel of Halych.
Martha and Daniel met and married in 1848.
He married a daughter of Daniel Burgess, who was Vere's chaplain, and, on his father-in-law's return to England, succeeded to his place.
Smith was married to actor Christopher Grove from 1990 to 1992 and Daniel Erickson from 2002 to 2008.
She married Daniel Erickson in 2002 ; the marriage lasted for six years and Smith filed for divorce on May 21, 2008, citing once again irreconcilable differences.
** Prince Daniel, Duke of Västergötland, né Olof Daniel Westling, Swedish prince, married to Crown Princess Victoria
* Daniel Bunker Gilbreth ( September 17, 1917 – June 13, 2006 ) ( age 88 ); married Irene Jensen ; three children ( David Gilbreth, Danny Gilbreth, Peggy ).
That same year he married his first wife, Dedé Wolff, an artist, with whom he would have two children, Diana and Daniel.
Her sister Joan Alexander married Nobel Laureate Sheldon Lee Glashow ; another sister, Sharon, married mathematician Daniel Kleitman.
He has since divorced Emilia, and in 2000, he married Australian Kirsty Sword, with whom he had three sons: Alexandre, Kay Olok and Daniel.
He married Rebecca Ketcham, daughter of Daniel Ketcham, and settled near the headwaters of South Fork Clear Creek ( or Mulberry Creek ).
On February 20, 1798, Daniel Tompkins, a 23-year-old lawyer of the City married 16 year old Hannah Minthorne.
* Daniel Boone ( 1734 – 1820 ), explorer and pioneer, lived in Wilkes County for several years and married a Wilkes County native before moving west to Kentucky.
In 1865, Dahlgren married his second wife, Sarah Madeleine Vinton, daughter of Congressman Samuel Finley Vinton and Romaine Madeleine Bureau, and the widow of Daniel Convers Goddard, first Assistant Secretary of the newly-created U. S. Department of the Interior.
She was married on 19 June 2010 to Daniel Westling, who was born on 15 September 1973 ( the same day that Carl Gustav ascended to the Swedish throne ).
It included Argentina's Daniel Guerrero, Puerto Rican dancing legend Iris Chacón, a young Adamari López, Amneris Morales and Miguel Ángel Suárez and Ángela Meyer as a married couple who tried to make Guerrero and Chacon's lives impossible, particularly Meyer's character.
Abraham and Elizabeth Swearingen, grandparents of Al Swearengen ( featured in the HBO series Deadwood ) settled in nearby Wapella Township, and Daniel and Keziah Swearingen-Al's parents-met and married in nearby McLean, Illinois, before moving to Mahaska County, Iowa where Al was born.
Mary married Dr. Daniel Patterson, a dentist, in 1853 hoping he would adopt the young boy, and Daniel Patterson signed papers to that effect on their wedding day.
Daniel Patterson chased after other women while married to Mary.
Daniel Howell ( one of the sons ), had been married in Virginia ; he brought his wife and family to Ohio and he entered of land west of town by the West Fork Honey Creek, where he built a log cabin, In 1818 he built a brick house which still exists.

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