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Daughter and Anna
Anna May Wong played Ling Moy in 1931's Daughter of the Dragon.
< center > Photographic postcard of Anna Pavlova as the Princess Aspicia in the Petipa / Pugni The Pharaoh's Daughter, Saint Petersburg, c. 1910
His 1937 thriller, Daughter of Shanghai ( 1937 ), starring Anna May Wong, was added to the National Film Registry in 2006.
Anna Anderson was also used as a narrative device in Youri Vámos ' 1992 ballet for Theater Basel, Sleeping Beauty – Last Daughter of the Czar, based on Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty.
The confrontation with the noble families was started by Stättmeister Hermann Büschler, whose daughter Anna Büschler is the subject of a popular book by Harvard professor Steven Ozment (" The Bürgermeister's Daughter: Scandal in a sixteenth-century German town ").
* Daughter of Prince Charles of Lorraine and Archduchess Maria Anna ( sister of Empress Maria Theresa ).
Daughter of Anna Rossini, brother of Damon Ross ( Rossini ), half-brother of Father Christopher Rossini.
In 2004, Philip Leibfried and Chei Mi Lane's exhaustive examination of Wong's career, Anna May Wong: A Complete Guide to Her Film, Stage, Radio and Television Work was published, as well as a second full-length biography, Anna May Wong: From Laundryman's Daughter to Hollywood Legend by Graham Russell Hodges.
Anna May Wong: From Laundryman's Daughter to Hollywood Legend.
Hayakawa's sound film debut came in 1931 in Daughter of the Dragon, starring opposite fellow Asian performer Anna May Wong.
* Anna Christina Radziwill, b. 1960, Daughter of Stanislas Radziwill and Caroline Lee Bouvier ( Lee Radziwill ), sister of Anthony
Daughter of castellan and voivode Stanisław Odrowąż and Anna of Masovia from the Piast dynasty.
* Daughter of the Dragon with Anna May Wong, Warner Oland, and Sessue Hayakawa
He starred opposite Anna May Wong in Daughter of Shanghai ( 1937 ) and King of Chinatown ( 1939 ).
* Daughter of Prince Charles of Lorraine and Archduchess Maria Anna ( sister of Empress Maria Theresa ).
Her first appearance on film was in a British drama called My Teenage Daughter with Anna Neagle and Sylvia Syms in 1956.
Upon her marriage, Maria Anna took on the rank of her husband as a Fille de France ( Daughter of France ); this meant that she was entitled to the style " Royal Highness " and the form of address Madame la Dauphine.

Daughter and became
They initially became estranged when Nancy spoke about her daughter on a television show and later wrote a book titled, From Mother and Daughter to Friends: A Memoir ( 1999 ).
In February 1929, sixteen months after The Jazz Singers debut, Columbia Pictures became the last of the eight studios that would be known as " majors " during Hollywood's Golden Age to release its first part-talking feature, Lone Wolf's Daughter.
After being paid $ 400, 000 US plus ten percent of profits for his Ryan's Daughter screenplay, Bolt became for a time the highest-paid screenwriter in Hollywood ( with only William Goldman in serious competition ).
She became a part of the country music scene in Nashville in the 1960s, and in 1967 charted her first of 16 number-one hits ( out of 70 charted songs as a solo artist and a duet partner ) that include " Don't Come Home A ' Drinkin ' ( With Lovin ' on Your Mind )", " You Ain't Woman Enough ", " Fist City ", and " Coal Miner's Daughter ".
On 5 March 1980, the film Coal Miner's Daughter debuted in Nashville, and soon became the No. 1 box office hit in the United States.
The site became the subject of wider interest again in the middle of 19th century, when a romantic writer, Feliks Bernatowicz, depicted the area in his novel " Pojata, córka Lizdejki " (" Pojata, Daughter of Lizdejki ", Warsaw, 1826 ).
In 2005, Pinkett Smith became one of many celebrities to invest a combined total of $ 10 million in Carol's Daughter, a line of beauty products created by Lisa Price.
The record featured Dickinson's " Bring Your Daughter ... to the Slaughter ", originally composed for a film soundtrack, which despite receiving a Golden Raspberry Award for worst original song in 1989, became the band's first and only single to top the UK singles chart.
The girl became known to the public as " the Daughter of the Confederacy ;" stories about her and likenesses of her were distributed throughout the Confederacy during the last year of the war.
The manuscript he helped her with became Daughter of the Bright Moon.
Daughter Bess's role became more prominent and she found romance with Mark Valenti ( played by Craig Wasson ), the nephew of Phyllis ' boss, and they later married.
She is Related to Salmaan Taseer who is Her Sister Son and ( Pakistan PPP leader ) who became the Governor of Punjab in 2008 and in January 2011 he was assassinated by his body guard Mumtaz Qadri and Christobels Daughter is Salmaa Mahmud Taseer who is Writing the Biograpphy of Her Late father M D Taseer
Much preferring the character roles that now became his forte, Bickford appeared in many notable films including The Farmer's Daughter, Johnny Belinda, A Star is Born, and Not As a Stranger.
In 1916, Kellerman became the first major actress to do a nude scene when she appeared fully nude in A Daughter of the Gods.
Daughter Cara Leland Rogers was born in Fairhaven in 1867, Millicent was born in 1873, followed by Mary ( who became known as Mai ) in 1875.
This eventually became two slightly different films: Atarashiki Tsuchi ( The New Earth ) in Japan, while Die Tochter des Samurai ( Daughter of the Samurai ) was the German version.
She began her acting career in radio drama in 1935, while still in her 20s, and became a mainstay of soap operas during this period, appearing on Arnold Grimm's Daughter ( as the titular daughter Constance in 1938 ), Road of Life ( as Nurse Helen Gowan ), and the radio version of The Guiding Light, as Charlotte Wilson in the mid-1940s.
In 1998, A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries became a Merchant Ivory Film.
** Daughter, became Taoist nun 772 and known as Qionghua Zhenren, posthumously created Princess Huayang
She later became known as a ' scream queen ' after appearing in a number of horror films including The Daughter of Dr. Jekyll ( 1957 ), The Cyclops ( 1957 ), and I Married a Monster from Outer Space ( 1958 ).
In 2005, Stoute became the Managing Director and CEO of Carol's Daughter, a line of hair and body care products made with natural ingredients.
Indeed it became the book, Daughter of Fire: A Diary of a Spiritual Training with a Sufi Master.

Daughter and influential
Particularly influential was Daughter of Time ( 1951 ) by Josephine Tey, in which a modern detective concludes that Richard III is innocent in the death of the Princes.

Daughter and UK
" The group played on all their US and UK No. 1 hits (" I'm into Something Good ", " Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter " and " I'm Henry VIII, I Am "), on most of their Top Ten US singles, on a number of other singles and most album cuts.
Cover of UK issue of the album The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter
In the UK, " Yes, My Darling Daughter " reached # 10.
Romeo's Daughter is the eponymous debut album from the short-lived UK hard rock band Romeo's Daughter.
* Senator Marlowe's Daughter ( 1933, novel ) ( aka Christian Marlowe's Daughter, UK )
A Daughter's a Daughter is a novel written by Agatha Christie and first published in the UK by Heinemann on November 24, 1952.

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