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David and ben
11th to 12th century grammarians of the Golden age of Jewish culture in Spain included Judah ben David Hayyuj, Jonah ibn Janah, Abraham ibn Ezra, Joseph Kimhi, Moses Kimhi and David Kimhi.
* Anan ben David
A Kabbalistic tradition within Judaism is that the commonly-discussed messiah who will usher in a period of freedom and peace ( Messiah ben David ) will be preceded by Messiah ben Joseph, who will die sacrificing himself while uniting all of Israel in preparing the world for the arrival of Messiah ben David.
Others, like Crescas and David ben Samuel Estella, spoke of seven fundamental articles, laying stress on free-will.
On the other hand, David ben Yom-Tob ibn Bilia, in his " Yesodot ha-Maskil " ( Fundamentals of the Thinking Man ), adds to the 13 of Maimonides 13 of his own — a number which a contemporary of Albo also chose for his fundamentals ; while Jedaiah Penini, in the last chapter of his " Behinat ha-Dat ," enumerated no less than 35 cardinal principles.
* Ḥoq le-Yisrael, a programme founded by Rabbis Hayyim ben Joseph Vital and Chaim Joseph David Azulai in which, every week, one studies extracts from the Mishnah, the Zohar and other works in addition to the portion for that week: the relevant passages are often printed in book form in a multivolume set.
* To wear tefillin without reciting the blessings: This is the opinion of, among others, Jacob ben Asher, Moses of Coucy and David HaLevi Segal.
These writings are: " Milhamot HaShem ," defending Alfasi against the criticisms of Zerachiah ha-Levi of Girona ( published with the " Alfasi ," Venice, 1552 ; frequently reprinted ; separate edition, Berlin, 1759 ); " Sefer ha-Zekhut ," in defense of Alfasi against the criticisms of Abraham ben David ( RABaD ; printed with Abraham Meldola's " Shiv ' ah ' Enayim ," Leghorn, 1745 ; under the title " Machaseh u-Magen ," Venice, 1808 ); " Hassagot " ( Constantinople, 1510 ; frequently reprinted ), in defense of Simeon Kayyara against the criticisms of Maimonides ' " Sefer ha-Mitzwoth " ( Book of Precepts ).
For example: דוד בן ישי ( David ben Yishay ) meaning, David, son of Jesse.
* David ben Aryeh Leib of Lida, accused of Sabbateanism
Moses began studying philosophy with his father when he was thirteen later studying with Moses ben David Caslari and Abraham ben David Caslari-both of whom were students of Kalonymus ben Kalonymus.
Isaac's responsa evidence a profound knowledge of the philosophical writings of his time ; in one of Responsa No. 118 he explains the difference between the opinion of Gersonides and that of Abraham ben David of Posquières on free will, and gives his own views on the subject.
* David ben Judah Messer Leon

David and Zakkai
The list of the exilarchs down to the end of the 9th century is given as follows in an old document " Mediæval Jewish Chronicles ," i. 196: " Bostanai, Hanina ben Adoi, Hasdai I, Solomon, Isaac Iskawi I, Judah Zakkai ( Babawai ), Moses, Isaac Iskawi II, David ben Judah, Hasdai II.
After a short interregnum ' Ukba's nephew, David ben Zakkai, became exilarch ; but he had to contend for nearly two years with Kohen Zedek before he was finally confirmed in his power ( 921 ).
When Gaon Hai died in 1038, nearly a century after Saadia's death, the members of his academy could not find a more worthy successor than the exilarch Hezekiah, a descendant, perhaps a great-grandson, of David ben Zakkai, who thereafter filled both offices.
Several families, as late as the 14th century, traced their descent back to Josiah, the brother of David ben Zakkai who had been banished to Chorasan ( see the genealogies in 1890 pp. 180 et seq .).

David and was
David Cortlandt was tired beyond almost the limits of his flesh.
David Cortlandt had certain psychic intuitions that this rebellion was not wholly what it appeared on the surface.
He was early exposed to the mechanical world, and in his youth often helped his father, David Brown, master clock and watchmaker, as he plied his trade.
The gruesome humor of the Nazis was not forgotten -- the gas chamber with a sign on it with the name of a Jewish foundation and bearing a copper Star of David -- nor the gratuitous sadism of SS officers.
The announcement that the city would sue for recovery on the performance bond was made by City Solicitor David Berger at a press conference following a meeting in the morning with Wagner and other officials of the city and the PTC as well as representatives of an engineering firm that was pulled off the El project before its completion in 1959.
The proposal was made by Dr. David S. Jenkins after he and Mrs. D. Ellwood Williams, Jr., a board member and long-time critic of the superintendent, argued for about fifteen minutes at this week's meeting.
A year after he was catapulted over nine officers senior to him and made commandant of the Marine Corps, General David M. Shoup delivered a peppery annual report in the form of a `` happy, warless New Year '' greeting to his Pentagon staff.
Last week, in the German city of Dusseldorf, G. David Thompson was making headlines that could well give Pittsburgh pause.
This was the letter which would or would not enroll his son, David, in Hanford.
That you have refused to drive him into the family business or push him into a profession so you can say at the club, `` Of course David has known since he was twelve he wanted to be an engineer '' -- or a lawyer, or an editor??
President Lincoln rejected two geographically limited emancipation attempts by Major General John C. Frémont in August 1861 and by Major General David Hunter in May 1862, on the grounds that it was not within their power, and it would upset the border states loyal to the Union.
Sherman's capture of Atlanta in September and David Farragut's capture of Mobile ended defeatist jitters ; the Democratic Party was deeply split, with some leaders and most soldiers openly for Lincoln.
The rediscovery of the Nepōhualtzintzin was due to the Mexican engineer David Esparza Hidalgo, who in his wanderings throughout Mexico found diverse engravings and paintings of this instrument and reconstructed several of them made in gold, jade, encrustations of shell, etc.
This was developed into the language " E-Prime " by D. David Bourland, Jr. 15 years after his death ( E-Prime a form of the English language in which the verb " to be " does not appear in any of its forms ; for example, the sentence " the movie was good " could translate into E-Prime as " I liked the movie ", thereby distinguishing opinion from fact ).
In the film, Thirteen at Dinner ( 1985 ), adapted from Lord Edgware Dies, the role of Japp was taken by the actor David Suchet, who would later star as Poirot in the ITV adaptations.
In 1985 David Gower's England team was strengthened by the return of Gooch and Emburey as well as the emergence at international level of Tim Robinson and Mike Gatting.
Granatstein and Norman Hillmer found that Mackenzie was in the # 11 place just after John Sparrow David Thompson.
The justification for attributing life to objects was stated by David Hume in his Natural History of Religion ( Section III ): " There is a universal tendency among mankind to conceive all beings like themselves, and to transfer to every object those qualities with which they are familiarly acquainted, and of which they are intimately conscious.
According to the Bible, Absalom or Avshalom () was the third son of David, King of Israel with Maachah, daughter of Talmai, King of Geshur.
David, who was accepted as king by Judah alone, was meanwhile reigning at Hebron, and for some time war was carried on between the two parties.
This battle was part of a civil war between David and Ish-bosheth, the son of Saul.

David and last
She purchased a house for her sister Anna which had been the last home of Henry David Thoreau, now known as the Thoreau-Alcott House.
Andronikos I was the last of the Komnenoi to rule Constantinople, although his grandsons Alexios and David founded the Empire of Trebizond in 1204.
* 1864 – American Civil War: the Battle of Mobile Bay begins – at Mobile Bay near Mobile, Alabama, Admiral David Farragut leads a Union flotilla through Confederate defenses and seals one of the last major Southern ports.
The last Abbot was Cardinal David Beaton, who in 1522 succeeded his uncle James to become Archbishop of St Andrews.
However, it is also possible to divide the book into three parts rather than four by combining the sections treating David and Solomon, since they both ruled over a combined Judah and Israel, unlike the last section that contains the chronicle of the Davidic kings who ruled the Kingdom of Judah alone.
Originally an earthly king ruling by divine appointment (" the anointed one ", as the title Messiah had it ), the " son of David " became in the last two pre-Christian centuries the apocalyptic and heavenly one who would deliver Israel and usher in a new kingdom.
David Holbrook, who has written three books about Thomas, stated in 1962, " the strangest feature of Dylan Thomas's notoriety-not that he is bogus, but that attitudes to poetry attached themselves to him which not only threaten the prestige, effectiveness and accessability to English poetry, but also destroyed his true voice and, at last, him.
David organized his last festival: the festival of the Supreme Being.
David created his last great work, Mars Being Disarmed by Venus and the Three Graces, from 1822 to 1824.
Later, while explaining his developing " Grecian style " for paintings such as The Intervention of the Sabine Women, David further commented on a shift in attitude: " In all human activity the violent and transitory develops first ; repose and profundity appear last.
In the last 50 years David has enjoyed a revival in popular favor and in 1948 his two-hundredth birthday was celebrated with an exhibition at the Musée de l ' Orangerie in Paris and at Versailles showing his life's works.
Directed by Micheal Bate and co-written by Bate and David McDonald, the production was inspired by a March 1973 interview that Bate conducted with Parsons, which became Parsons ' last recorded conversation.
The last attempted impeachment occurred in 1848, when David Urquhart accused Lord Palmerston of having signed a secret treaty with Imperial Russia and of receiving monies from the Tsar.
Jeffrey's younger brother, David, changed his last name and lives in anonymity.
Pickford made her last Biograph picture, The New York Hat, in late 1912 and returned to Broadway in the David Belasco production of A Good Little Devil.
* 1994 – Johnny Carson makes his last television appearance on Late Show with David Letterman.
In the 2010 film The Sorcerer's Apprentice, modern day New Yorker David Stutler, played by Jay Baruchel, discovers he is the last descendant of Merlin and is trained as a sorcerer by Balthazar Blake, portrayed by Nicolas Cage, a former student of the great wizard, so that he may ultimately do battle with Merlin's old nemesis Morganna, played by Alice Krige.
In 1955, Ruth Ellis, the last woman executed in the United Kingdom, shot David Blakely as he emerged from The Magdala in South Hill Park, Hampstead, the bullet holes can still be seen in the walls outside.
This strategy is rare, and was last seen in the NFL in the " WoodStrock " combination of Don Strock and David Woodley, which took the Miami Dolphins to the Epic in Miami and Super Bowl XVII the following year.
Their last appearance together was on Late Night with David Letterman on November 13, 1987, when they sang " I Got You Babe ".
However, the Dolphins ' passing attack, led by quarterback David Woodley, ranked last in the league with 1, 401 total yards, 8 touchdowns, and 13 interceptions.
In January 1866 the Scottish explorer and missionary David Livingstone, who crusaded against the slave trade, went to Zanzibar, from where he set out to seek the source of the Nile, and established his last mission at Ujiji on the shores of Lake Tanganyika.
In the last two seasons, Gillian Anderson became the star as David Duchovny appeared intermittently, following a lawsuit, and new central characters were introduced: FBI agents John Doggett ( Robert Patrick ) and Monica Reyes ( Annabeth Gish ).
After talking with Elijah in the back room of his studio, David shakes his hand and discovers to his horror that Elijah had orchestrated many of the fatal disasters he had mentioned, causing hundreds of deaths, the last being David's train accident.
David Lloyd George had written in 1913 that the Liberals were " carving the last few columns out of the Gladstonian quarry ".

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