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Davis and persuaded
In Newport, Davis had met Columbia Records producer George Avakian, who persuaded him to sign with his label.
Davis persuaded Coltrane to play with the group on one final European tour in the spring of 1960.
By the end of the summer, Davis had persuaded Wayne Shorter to leave Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers and join the quintet.
During the Civil War, North Carolina Governor David Lowry Swain persuaded Confederate President Jefferson Davis to exempt some students from the draft, so the university was one of the few in the Confederacy that managed to stay open.
David Davis, then a director of Tate and Lyle, persuaded that company to donate a sum to the cause.
Sydney trainer Harry Telford persuaded American businessman David J. Davis to buy the colt at auction, based on his pedigree.
As a second term member, Davis won a floor fight to restore funding to the HOPE VI program for renovating public housing ; he persuaded over sixty Republicans to vote with Democrats.
Despite appeals from the band's manager, Clifford Davis, to fulfil his obligations to Fleetwood Mac, Spencer could not be persuaded to rejoin the band, and thus they had to struggle on without him, first recalling Peter Green out of retirement as an emergency measure, and later recruiting new guitarist Bob Welch.
In 1908 President Boothe C. Davis of Alfred University persuaded the New York State legislature to locate the New York State School of Agriculture at the Alfred University Campus ; the resulting allocation of $ 75, 000 for three buildings, a farm, livestock, and machinery would set plans for the school in motion.
In 1974 Polly Matzinger had dropped in and out of college for years and worked at various jobs before ending up waitressing at a bar frequented by faculty from the University of California, at Davis and here she met Professor Robert Schwab, the head of the University's wildlife program who noticed her talent and persuaded her to take to science.
Even Davis and Gish turned down the parts more than once before being persuaded to star in the film.
After contemplating murder he is persuaded otherwise by Black Lightning and Rocky Davis of the Challengers of the Unknown.
Tex Davis, the promotion manager of Monument Records, was persuaded by Charlie Dillard of WPFA to release " Today I Started Loving You Again " as a single.
Then, in 1941, his colleagues persuaded President Franklin Delano Roosevelt to appoint Davis director of the newly created United States Office of War Information, a sprawling organization with over 3, 000 employees.

Davis and reluctant
Determined to offer the repeal to congress that Monday but reluctant to act without Pierce ’ s commitment, Douglas arranged through Secretary of War Davis to meet with President Pierce on Sunday even though Pierce generally refrained from conducting any business on a Sunday.
Davis plays the eponymous lead character and hero: a reluctant farmer who plays a critical role in protecting a special baby from a tyrannical queen in a sword and sorcery setting.
* Warwick Davis as Willow Ufgood: A reluctant Nelwyn dwarf and aspiring sorcerer who plays a critical role in protecting infant Elora Danan from the evil queen Bavmorda.
Davis, who had served as an army Captain in Korea in the 1960s, felt that the character breakdown did not mirror the reality of military service, and he was reluctant to portray and betray such a role for several years.
However, as Vanauken or " Van " and his wife, Jean Davis or " Davy ," explore Christianity and are gradually converted, the primacy of their love for one another comes into question for both of them — though Vanauken's conversion is somewhat slower and more reluctant.
Although he hoped that secession would result in a peaceful separation of the North and South and suggested that he was reluctant to take up arms personally, he did not hesitate to write to his friend and former classmate at West Point, Jefferson Davis, offering his services in the Confederate States Army.
The President, alerted earlier by Davis to the existence of the photo, takes it from a reluctant Munson and gives it to Senator Van Ackerman, an enemy of Anderson.
It was Clive Davis who convinced Martin and Dr. Luke to give the song to Clarkson, even though they were initially reluctant.
At first Hackford was reluctant to hire the aging stuntman but stunt coordinator Gary Davis convinced Hackford that even at sixty-eight, Loftin was by far the best car man in the business at that time.
While reluctant at first, Houston agreed and re-recorded the background vocals to the praise of both Griffith and Davis.
However, Fulham were reluctant to sell Davis until they had found a suitable replacement.

Davis and Linn
* Bryan, Mary Linn McCree, and Allen F. Davis.
In addition to Crist and Davis, Reform Party nominee Max Linn also appeared on the ballot in the general election.
* Jeff Rouse, Gary Hall Jr., Mark Henderson, Jeremy Linn, Josh Davis ( heats ), Kurt Grote ( heats ) ( heats ), John Hargis ( heats ), and Tripp Schwenk ( heats ) — Swimming, Men's 4x100 m Medley Relay

Davis and record
* 2002 – 2003 California recall: Then Governor of California Gray Davis announces that the state would face a record budget deficit of $ 35 billion, roughly double the figure reported during his reelection campaign one month earlier.
In contrast to Connick's previous albums, this album is a collaboration with a record company producer, the multiple Grammy Award winning music executive Clive Davis.
Several days earlier, the Royals bulked up their bullpen by inking starting pitcher Storm Davis, who was enjoying a career-high 19 game win record ( third best in the AL ) with the Athletics in 1989, on a three-year $ 6 million contract.
He finally got the chance to record as a leader in 1946, with an occasional group called the Miles Davis Sextet plus Earl Coleman and Ann Hathaway — one of the rare occasions when Davis, by then a member of the groundbreaking Charlie Parker Quintet, can be heard accompanying singers.
With this revamped formation, Davis began a year during which the sextet performed and toured extensively and produced a record ( 1958 Miles, also known as 58 Sessions ).
In 1958, Davis and Evans were back in the studio to record Porgy and Bess, an arrangement of pieces from George Gershwin's opera of the same name.
Sessions with Davis and Evans in 1962 resulted in the album Quiet Nights, a short collection of bossa novas that was released against the wishes of both artists: Evans stated it was only half an album, and blamed the record company ; Davis blamed producer Teo Macero, whom he didn't speak to for more than two years.
In March and April 1959, Davis re-entered the studio with his working sextet to record what is widely considered his magnum opus, Kind of Blue.
Thomas had 138 yards rushing, 61 yards receiving, and his backup, Kenneth Davis, tied a playoff record with three touchdowns.
Gorman went on to lead the US Davis Cup team, where he captained a record 18 match wins and one Davis Cup title ( 1972 ) as a player and two more Davis Cup championships as a coach ( 1990 and 1992 ).
RCA impresario Clive Davis wanted to do a collaboration record ( in the mode of Carlos Santana's successful Supernatural ) for this album.
Davis performed a novelty song, " They're Either Too Young or Too Old ", which became a hit record after the film's release.
Davis's name became well-known to a younger audience when Kim Carnes's song " Bette Davis Eyes " became a worldwide hit and the best-selling record of 1981 in the U. S., where it stayed at number one on the music charts for more than two months.
Given the well-publicized hoopla, some sources still consider this as a nomination for Davis ; however, the Academy does not officially record this as a nomination.
Garson starred with Joan Crawford in When Ladies Meet in 1941, and that same year became a major box office star with the sentimental Technicolor drama, Blossoms in the Dust, which brought her the first of five consecutive Best Actress Oscar nominations, tying Bette Davis ' 1938-42 record, a record that still stands.
), a hip take on the Lewis Carroll story that featured Sammy Davis, Jr. as a swingin ', beatnik Cheshire Cat ; the special was followed up by an audio adaptation for records ( on Hanna-Barbera's HB Records label ), but with Davis exclusive to the Reprise label, Crothers provided the Cat's record voice, and an even more exuberant spin on the character.
Critics argue Napoleon's true legacy must reflect the loss of status for France and needless deaths brought by his rule: historian Victor Davis Hanson writes, " After all, the military record is unquestioned — 17 years of wars, perhaps six million Europeans dead, France bankrupt, her overseas colonies lost.
Other prominent sportsmen from the city are Prahlad Srinath, who has represented India in Davis Cup tennis tournaments ; Reeth Abraham, a national champion in the heptathlon and a long jump record holder ; Sagar Kashyap, the youngest Indian to officiate at the Wimbledon Championships ; and Rahul Ganapathy, a national amateur golf champion.
Having the second-worst team record in the 2010 – 11 season as well as the Clippers ' first round pick that they received in the Mo Williams / Baron Davis trade, the Cavaliers had high odds of winning an early draft pick in the NBA Draft Lottery, with a 22. 7 % chance of their pick becoming # 1 overall.

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