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De and jure
De jure ( in Classical Latin de iure ) is an expression that means " concerning fact ".
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De and German
He had presented the first German performances of Puccini's Manon Lescaut and De Falla's La Vida Breve.
* Documents of the Arian Controversy ( 2007, German and original languages only, Berlin and New York: Walter De Gruyter, 2007 )
During the Battle of France in 1940, De Gaulle's 4th Armoured Division and elements of the British Expeditionary Force's 1st Army Tank Brigade both made probing attacks on the German flank, actually pushing into the rear of the advancing armoured columns at times.
Woodcut illustration of Cassandra's prophecy of the fall of Troy ( at left ) and her death ( at right ), from an incunable German translation by Heinrich Steinhowel | Heinrich Steinhöwel of Giovanni Boccaccio's De mulieribus claris, printed by Johann Zainer at Ulm ca.
Circe s: illustration of one of the women featured the 1374 biographies of 106 famous women, De Claris Mulieribus, by Boccaccio-from a German translation of 1541
The first of these was printed as De l ' Histoire de la poésie ( 1830 ), and was practically the first introduction of the French public to the Scandinavian and German epics.
* De Rossi, Dizionario Storico, German trans., p. 44 ;
The German Renaissance specialist Georgius Agricola wrote works such as De re metallica ( On Metals, 1556 ) and De Natura Fossilium ( On the Nature of Rocks, 1546 ) which begin the scientific approach to the subject.
It was used in the treatise De Natura Fossilium, published in 1546 by the German mineralogist Georg Bauer, also known as Georgius Agricola.
PAL was developed by Telefunken, a German company, and in the post-war De Gaulle era there would have been much political resistance to dropping a French-developed system and adopting a German-developed one instead.
German scientist Georg Agricola ( 1494 – 1555 ), known as " the father of mineralogy ", published his great work De re metallica.
There are two major variations on the Wilhelmus, namely the royal anthem of Luxembourg ( called " De Wilhelmus ") and the song " Das Treuelied ", German for " the song of loyalty ".
The plot was to focus on an American photographer on assignment ( whom Leone wanted to be played by Robert De Niro ) becoming trapped in Russia as the German Luftwaffe begin to bombard the city.
* Pascal Gratz, De Monocerote – Zur Rezeptionsgeschichte des Einhorns ( PDF, German )
While there, she translated Thomas Aquinas ' De Veritate ( On Truth ) into German and familiarized herself with Roman Catholic philosophy in general and tried to bridge the phenomenology of her former teacher Husserl to Thomism.
Together with the German group De / vision, Darrin and various stage keyboarders took his Psyche to a new audience.
In early 1933, Bo Gu arrived with the German Comintern adviser Otto Braun ( Li De ) and took control of party affairs.
In early 1933, Bo Gu arrived in Jiangxi with the German Comintern adviser Otto Braun ( Li De ) and took control of Party affairs.
De Boeldieu comes up with an idea, after carefully observing how the German guards respond to an emergency.
For example, the 1961 Russian adaptation Ukroshchenie stroptivoy directed by Sergei Kolosov ; the 1964 French adaptation La mégère apprivoisée, directed by Pierre Badel, which aired on RTF ; the 1971 Polish adaptation Poskromienie złośnicy, directed by Zygmunt Hübner, which aired on TVP1 ; the 1974 German adaptation Der Widerspenstigen Zähmung, directed by Otto Schenk, which aired on Das Erste ; the 1975 Dutch adaptation De getemde feeks, directed by Robert Lussac and Senne Rouffaer, which aired on KRO ; another Dutch production, from 1990, under the same name, directed by Berend Boudewijn and Dirk Tanghe, which also aired on KRO ; and the 1990 Polish adaptation Poskromienie złośnicy, directed by Michał Kwieciński, which aired on TVP1.
( Other prominent Mediterranean tenors of the late 19th century to early 20th century who, like Caruso, did not " bleat " were Angelo Masini, Francesco Tamagno, Francesco Marconi, Francisco Viñas, Emilio De Marchi, Giuseppe Borgatti and Giovanni Zenatello, while the phenomenon was rare among French, German, Russian and Anglo-Saxon tenors of the same period — see Scott.

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