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Dean and turned
* Jimmy Dean ( 1928 – 2010 ), singer turned breakfast meat entrepreneur.
In 1958, he turned down what became Dean Martin's role as " Dude " in Rio Bravo, which would have reunited him with his co-stars from Red River, John Wayne and Walter Brennan.
Dean turned to acting after his TV show ended in 1966.
In the famous tale: Chonguita the Monkey Wife from Filipino Popular Tales by Dean S. Fansler a woman was turned into a monkey and only when she got married a beautiful man could go back human.
The script was originally conceived by Jo Heims, a former model and dancer turned secretary, and was polished by Dean Riesner.
Sodano turned 80 on 23 November 2007, and is ineligible to participate in any future conclaves, though he remains Dean of the Sacred College of Cardinals.
Michael Douglas took on the role of Nick Curran after Peter Weller, Tom Berenger, Richard Dean Anderson, Don Johnson, Wesley Snipes, Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Harrison Ford, Eric Roberts, Kevin Costner, Mel Gibson, Robert De Niro, Sean Penn, Liam Neeson, Anthony Edwards, John Heard, Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Charlie Sheen, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ray Liotta, Sylvester Stallone, Jack Nicholson, Bruce Willis, Al Pacino, Martin Sheen, Nicolas Cage, Dennis Quaid, Richard Gere, Jeff Bridges and John Travolta all turned down the role.
In 2005, Dean turned over control of the organization to his brother, Jim Dean, when he became DNC Chair.
In 2004, Modine appeared in Funky Monkey as ex-football star turned spy Alec McCall, who teams up with super-chimp Clemens and his friend Michael Dean ( Seth Adkins ) to take down the villainous Flick ( Taylor Negron ).
For the 7600, Cray once again turned to his refrigeration engineer, Dean Roush, formerly of the Amana company.
While Susannah, Jake, and Callahan are in New York, Roland and Eddie Dean are sent by the magic doorway to Maine in 1977, with the goal of securing the ownership of a vacant lot in New York from its current owner, a man named Calvin Tower ( who first appears in The Waste Lands as the proprietor of The Manhattan Restaurant of the Mind, where he sells Jake a copy of Charlie the Choo-Choo, a book that has turned out to be important to the ka-tet's quest ).
The final plans include a £ 70, 000 play area for which funding has been secured from the lottery, a £ 50, 000 MUGA for which funding is being sought by the Friends of Dean Bank Park but has since been turned down due to it not been a community led group.
However, Dean turned the offer down because he didn't feel that he had earned it.
With the cooperation of American Motors, in 1969 he modified an AMX coupe into the AMX-400 show car which was later used in a 1972 episode of the TV mystery series Banacek, and a Cadillac Eldorado turned into a station wagon for Dean Martin.
A huge crowd turned up at Sligo Railway Station to give Dean a hero's welcome.
When leaving the station, instead of turning right to take the shortest route to her home in Flower and Dean Street, she turned left towards Aldgate.
) MacDonald's funeral was held in secret at Dean Cemetery, Edinburgh, but 30, 000 people turned up to pay their last respects.
Arrington was married to ex-competition diver turned Hollywood talent agent Dean Panaro.
On December 19 at WCW's flagship pay-per-view Starrcade, the Revolution ( Shane Douglas, Perry Saturn, Dean Malenko, and Asya ) defeated Jim Duggan and the newly reunited Varsity Club ( Kevin Sullivan, Rick Steiner, and Mike Rotunda ) after the Club turned on Duggan during the match.
Matt is currently seeing local resident Anne Merai Harrison ( Sanaa Lathan ) -- whose husband Chris ( Dean Cain ), a former professional quarterback turned security guard, abuses her.
He invites his old band to join him including professional back-up singer Tryshia ( Grace Garland ), failed rock singer turned Mary Kay Cosmetics salesperson, Vicki ( Amy Coleman ), studio engineer Jim ( Dean Bradshaw ) and, unexpectedly, a young Texas gospel singer, Buddy ( Stephen Bienskie ).
Dean joked that Britton's precision ensured that the laces on the ball were turned away when Dean had to head it.

Dean and from
Dean leaned from the saddle and gave him a mighty whack on the back.
In 1998, Pensacola Christian College produced a widely distributed videotape, arguing that this " leaven of fundamentalism " was passed from the 19th-century Princeton theologian Benjamin B. Warfield ( 1851 – 1921 ) to Charles Brokenshire ( 1885 – 1954 ), who served BJU as Dean of the School of Religion, and then to current BJU faculty members and graduates.
Anthropologist Dean Snow stated that though Franklin's Albany Plan may have drawn some inspiration from the Iroquois League, there is little evidence that either the Plan or the Constitution drew substantially from this source and argues that "... such claims muddle and denigrate the subtle and remarkable features of Iroquois government.
* History of Cambodian Civil War from the Dean Peter Krogh Foreign Affairs Digital Archives
* Cuba's Economic Struggles from the Dean Peter Krogh Foreign Affairs Digital Archives
* Modernizing China from the Dean Peter Krogh Foreign Affairs Digital Archives
* Central America Video Links from the Dean Peter Krogh Foreign Affairs Digital Archives
The Dean of the College of Cardinals, the primus inter pares of the College of Cardinals, is elected by the cardinal bishops holding suburbicarian sees from among their own number, an election, however, that must be approved by the pope.
In Lois and Clark, Kent ( Dean Cain ) is a stereotypical wide-eyed farm kid from Kansas with the charm, grace and humor of George Reeves, but without the awkward geekiness of Christopher Reeve.
* The Contras and U. S. Funding from the Dean Peter Krogh Foreign Affairs Digital Archives
* U. S. Policy Towards the Contras from the Dean Peter Krogh Foreign Affairs Digital Archives
* End of the Soviet Union from the Dean Peter Krogh Foreign Affairs Digital Archives
The various debates in the mainstream scientific literature prompted the editors of ' Proceedings of the IEEE ' to invite Robert Jahn, then Dean of the School of Engineering at Princeton University, to write a comprehensive review of psychic phenomena from an engineering perspective.
Dean L. Kamen ( born April 5, 1951 ) is an American entrepreneur and inventor from New Hampshire.
* Dean Koontz's novels included quotations from The Book of Counted Sorrows, which did not exist until, at the urging of his fans, he created it.
Dean graduated from Fairmount High School, and is buried in Park Cemetery in Fairmount.
* History of the Invasion of Grenada from the Dean Peter Krogh Foreign Affairs Digital Archives
* Historical Context of the Iran-Iraq War from the Dean Peter Krogh Foreign Affairs Digital Archives
Immediately prior to insertion, the clinician will perform a pelvic exam to determine the position of the uterus .< ref name =" Dean 2011 "> p. 150: Mechanism of action Although the precise mechanism of action is not known, currently available IUCs work primarily by preventing sperm from fertilizing ova .< sup > 26 </ sup > IUCs are not abortifacients: they do not interrupt an implanted pregnancy .< sup > 27 </ sup > Pregnancy is prevented by a combination of the " foreign body effect " of the plastic or metal frame and the specific action of the medication ( copper or levonorgestrel ) that is released.
Attesting the team's popularity, DC Comics published the best-selling The Adventures of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis comic books from 1952 to 1957, after which DC featured Lewis solo in The Adventures of Jerry Lewis until 1971.
Jan and Dean were a rock and roll duo, popular from the late 1950s through the mid 1960s, consisting of Jan Berry and Dean Torrence.
After Torrence returned from a six-month compulsory stint in the US Army Reserve, Berry and Torrence began to make music as " Jan and Dean.

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