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Dear and Sir
" The letter would commence: " Dear Sir < Joseph >".
The letter reads: " Dear Sir, I wish to complain in the strongest possible terms about the song which you have just broadcast about the lumberjack who wears women's clothes.
On hearing this, Clarke sent a facetious letter to NASA's chief administrator: " Dear Sir, on checking my records, I see that I have never received payment for this work.
Dear Sir, – I am not surprised at your friend's anger, but he and you should know that to denounce the murders was the only course open to us.
When addressing a letter to the holder of a particular position without knowing the name or gender of the addressee, it is common to write " Dear Sir or Madam ,".
When writing to a newspaper editor, the correct English usage is to omit the " Dear " and commence simply " Sir ," or " Madam ," etc.
It is often used in formal correspondence ( Dear Sir, Right Reverend Sir ).
:: Dear Sir,
My Dear Sir
: Dear Sir
" Dear Sir / Madam,
* " The Sleepwalker ", a song by Cat Power from Dear Sir
*" Oh, Judge, Your Honor, Dear Sir, Sweetheart "/" Freddy, Freddy " ( 1961 Liberty 55314 )
* Dear Sir — 1924 ( music by Jerome Kern )
Dear Sir ( Prof.
He is frequently referred to by his idiolect " Panie Kochanku " (" My Dear Sir ") to distinguish him from his earlier namesake ( 1669 – 1719 ).
* " Radziwiłł, Karol Stanisław ' Panie Kochanku '" (" Karol Stanisław ' My Dear Sir ' Radziwiłł "), Encyklopedia Polski ( Encyclopedia of Poland ), Kraków, Wydawnictwo Ryszard Kluszczyński, 1996, ISBN 83-86328-60-6, p. 564.
* Sir Geoffrey Dear QPM
In letter-writing, where others might use the phrase Dear Sir or Madam, many Quakers would instead write Dear Friend, and in such letters, rather than finishing yours faithfully would finish either yours in truth or yours in friendship.
The text reads as follows :< p > Dear Sir: Please give the proposition we are enclosing your most earnest consideration.
" Dear Sir: It has come to the attention of this office that you may be in violation of the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1966 by the manner in which you are installing partitions in taxicabs and / or police cruisers .“
It began: " Dear Sir, I am extremely sorry to inform you that the barrack erected on Skerryvore Rock has totally disappeared.

Dear and About
* Trespassing For Dear Life: What About Operation Rescue ?, 1989 ASIN B00071L36M
He also appeared in episodes of ALF, Campus Ladies, Entourage, Everybody Loves Raymond, Frasier, Friends, Greek, How I Met Your Mother, Mad About You, Married ... with Children, Murphy Brown, NYPD Blue, Reba, Reno 911 !, That ' 70s Show, Veronica Mars, Yes, Dear, and Desperate Housewives.
* Latrobe is featured prominently in the 2008 feature length Kurt Kuenne documentary entitled Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father.
* These American TV Shows were shown on TF1: Ghost Whisperer ( Ghost whisperer ), 7th Heaven ( 7 à la maison ), Strong Medicine ( La vie avant tout ), Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles ( Terminator: les chroniques de Sarah Connor ), Law & Order ( New York police judiciaire ), Bionic Woman ( Bionic woman ), One Tree Hill ( Les frères Scott ), Private Practice ( Private practice ), Las Vegas ; Will & Grace ; What About Brian ; Yes, Dear ( Oui chérie!
Prominent U. S. examples include Dear Abby, Ann Landers, and in a more modern form, Carolyn Hax's " Tell Me About It.
Thomas Vinterberg, who had gained worldwide recognition with The Celebration ( 1998 ), made two very expensive English-language flops, It's All About Love ( 2003 ) and Dear Wendy ( 2005 ), then tried to retrace his roots with a smaller Danish-language production, En mand kommer hjem ( 2007 ), which also flopped painfully, selling only 28. 472 tickets.

Dear and two
After Major's challenger, John Redwood, was defeated, Powell wrote to him, " Dear Redwood, you will never regret the events of the last week or two.
In December 1978, after over two years without a studio release, Gaye issued the personal Here, My Dear album, inspired by the fallout of his first marriage to Anna Gordy.
Kreviazuk released two more videos from the album, " Dear Life " and " Far Away ", as well as an additional radio release, " Souls ", which was also remixed and was released as a promo vinyl for the M1 & Steve Fernandez Remix.
* A 2000 episode of the series Yes, Dear (" The Good Couple ") featured two of the main characters, Greg and Kim, inadvertently becoming social with a swinging couple.
Dear John ( 1986 – 87 ), in which he realistically played the part of a divorcé returning to single life, lasted for two series, and around the same time he appeared in the ITV Yorkshire Television sitcom Farrington of the F. O.
Dave Davies contributed the song " Dear Margaret " to the vinyl record — the cassette and CD of the album also contained two further Dave Davies songs, " Bright Lights " and " Perfect Strangers ".
For a while, the two continued to see each other whenever the narrator had leave but eventually he received a Dear John letter from her.
The show concept borrowed some elements from the British comedy series Father, Dear Father, also featuring a father living with his two daughters and large dog.
Cole followed with two albums, Dark Dear Heart ( 1997 ) and Romantically Helpless ( 2000 ), which veered further from jazz by introducing pop elements to Cole's sound.
Sarah Ruhl, one of the most celebrated and honored playwrights of her generation, returns to Yale Rep with the world premiere of Dear Elizabeth, chronicling the remarkable thirty-year friendship between two of the most celebrated and honored American poets of the 20th century: Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell.
With postmarks from Maine to Key West, and as far away as London and South America, Dear Elizabeth is a lyrical and moving portrait of two lives that unfold in letters.
In 1984, during the run of Facts of Life, Fields released two singles on the Critique Records label: the disco / Hi-NRG " He Loves Me He Loves Me Not " ( which became a minor club hit ), and " Dear Michael "( which became a minor R & B hit reaching # 50 ).
Leonard has three children: a daughter named Jessie ( for whom Madonna's song " Dear Jessie " was written ), and two sons, Sean, who plays keyboards, and Jordan, who plays bass.
Alongside recording his own material, Hebden has also performed remixes for a number of artists including Aphex Twin, Anti-Pop Consortium, Bonobo, Beth Orton, Born Ruffians, Explosions in the Sky, Super Furry Animals, Radiohead, Manic Street Preachers, Matthew Dear, Sia, Nathan Fake, Bloc Party, Andrew Bird, Kings of Convenience, Battles, Juana Molina, Madvillain, The xx, Foals, and Black Sabbath, as well as producing two albums by psychedelic improvisational group Sunburned Hand of the Man.
A letter from Barclays Bank dated 21 June 1956 reads " Dear Mr Wagner, I have pleasure in enclosing two copies of the Draft for £......... credited to your account, which the Bank will be pleased if you will accept as a souvenir of this most successful transaction ".
Three of his songs (" Way Back Home " ( 1949 ), " Happy Times " and " Dear Hearts and Gentle People ") were featured in two hit video games, Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, published by Bethesda Softworks.
In 1993, Wild Life was remastered and reissued on CD as part of ' The Paul McCartney Collection ' series with singles " Give Ireland Back to the Irish " and " Mary Had a Little Lamb " as well as B-sides " Little Woman Love " and " Mama's Little Girl " — all recorded in 1972 except for " Little Woman Love ", which was a Ram outtake — as bonus tracks, and also two hidden tracks: " Bip Bop Link " ( an acoustic guitar piece ) between " I Am Your Singer " and " Tomorrow "; and " Mumbo Link " ( an instrumental jam ) after " Dear Friend ".
; Disc two ( Hear, My Dear Sessions 1976-78 )
In 1995, the band released two EPs ; Dear M. F., which featured a cover version of Traffic's " Dear Mr. Fantasy "; and Ride Like Hell.
" He left two Confederate officers who had been wounded and captured by Averell's troops, a sack of coffee, and the following message: " Dear Fitz, Here's your coffee.
I want you to buy me as soon as possible for if you do not get me somebody else will the servents are very disagreeable thay do all thay can to set my mistress against me Dear Husband you not the trouble I see the last two years has ben like a trouble dream to me it is said Master is in want of monney if so I know not what time he may sell me an then all my bright hops of the futer are blasted for there has ben one
Most recently, Sherri has collaborated with her husband, Max Bemis, on two tracks from Say Anything's self-titled album, the interlude on Two Tongues ' self titled album, and three songs on Say Anything's Anarchy, My Dear.
In 1968, Cargill starred in Father, Dear Father on ITV ( written specifically for him ) as Patrick Glover, a thriller writer and an inept father of two teenage daughters, played by Natasha Pyne ( Anna ) and Ann Holloway ( Karen ).

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