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Depressed and situation
Depressed by his financial situation, loss of eyesight and devastated by the death of his wife in 1887, he became very lonely.

Depressed and ("
Tracks included parodies of Supertramp (" Scatological Song " by Supertrash ), Michael Jackson (" Up the Wall " by Jack Michaelson ), Status Quo (" Boring Song " by Status Quid ), The Police (" Too Depressed to Commit Suicide " by The PeeCees ), David Bowie (" Quite Ahead of My Time " by David Bowwow ), Gary Numan (" Are Trains Electric?
# Disney On Broadway-Be Depressed (" Be Our Guest ", Menken-Ashman )

Depressed and
* 1932 Gandhi and Dr. B. R. Ambedkar agree to the Poona Pact, which reserved seats in the Indian provincial legislatures for the " Depressed Classes " ( Untouchables ).
Mahatma Jyotirao Phule established Satyashodhak Samaj, Vitthal Ramji Shinde ( 1873 1944 ), fought for the eradication of untouchability through his Depressed Classes Mission.
# " Cinnamon Girl " ( Depressed Mode Mix ) ( Neil Young ) 3: 50
# " Cinnamon Girl " ( Depressed Mode mix ) ( Young ) 3: 52

Depressed and when
Depressed growth rates of many crops have been observed when channels exceed 12 metres in length.
Depressed and angry, when Sensor broke her free, she used her anger to trap Universo in a similar illusion.
Depressed, Joe goes to a bridge to commit suicide, but Brandy appears and says that she had told Joe his parents were dead just to protect him when she found out what horrible people they were.
Depressed, alone, and deeply missing her husband ( feelings further exacerbated when her husband's dog, Whisky, dies ), May goes on a binge of eating, drinking, smoking, watching television, and stealing from her own company's stores, culminating in a drunken car ride and near-fatal car accident.
Depressed, Willow goes into one of the dorm rooms to lie on a bed, but when the lights come back on, she finds herself next to the body that was mutilated by the demon.
He was instrumental in foundation of the ' All-India Depressed Classes League ', an organization dedicated to attaining equality for untouchables, in 1935 and was elected to Bihar Legislative Assembly in 1937, that is when he organized, rural labour movement.

Depressed and two
Depressed he ends up drunk and succumbs to the advances of another girl, and the two sleep together.

Depressed and .
Depressed people, according to this theory, have views such as, " I never do a good job ", " It is impossible to have a good day ", and " things will never get better.
* Gower, Calvin W. " The CCC Indian Division: Aid for Depressed Americans, 1933-1942 ," Minnesota History 43 ( Spring 1972 ) 7-12
Depressed by the death of his wife Aliza in November 1982, he gradually withdrew from public life, until his resignation in October 1983.
Depressed economic conditions in the Maritime Provinces have also resulted in de-population of those provinces in the 20th century, with heavy migration into Ontario.
Depressed by the failure, he moved to Paris where he became friends with André Breton, and became involved in the surrealist group.
Depressed, he moved briefly to Alhambra, California as a guest of his old friend Clyde Forsythe.
The Depressed or four-centred arch is much wider than its height and gives the visual effect of having been flattened under pressure.
Depressed and discouraged, he begins to lose some of his certainty about his job as Santa.
Depressed by events across his domains, he became increasingly concerned with religious affairs.
Since the release of Fasciinatiion, three of the band members, Clark Baechle, Todd Fink and Jacob Thiele have been quietly, with little advertising, performing under the name Depressed Buttons, playing remixes of other artists, and DJing for various small clubs and venues.
" Depressed by the unavoidable war that would come between Jordan and the Yishuv, one Jewish Agency representative wrote, " will not remain faithful to the 29 November Partition borders, but will not attempt to conquer all of our state.
Prozac Nation ( sub-titled Young and Depressed in America: A Memoir ), an autobiography published in 1994 and written by Elizabeth Wurtzel, describes the author's experiences with major depression, her own character failings and how she managed to live through particularly difficult periods while completing college and working as a writer.
Depressed by the outing, Homer stops by Moe's Tavern, where he sees a commercial for Dr. Marvin Monroe's Family Therapy Center.
Depressed after the death of his wife Alice in August 2003, Quine committed suicide by heroin overdose in his New York home on May 31, 2004.
Depressed and yearning to return to wrestling, Hogan called Superstar Billy Graham in 1978 with hopes that Graham could find him a job wrestling outside of Florida ; Graham agreed and Hogan soon joined Louie Tillet's Alabama territory.
Depressed after his latest breakup, Allen returns to Cape Cod, where he briefly encounters eccentric scientist Dr. Walter Kornbluth ( Eugene Levy ) and again falls into the sea.

Joseph and laments
In Joseph Heller's 1961 novel Catch-22, the protagonist Yossarian laments the death of his friend Snowden, saying, " Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?

Joseph and situation
The situation was especially pronounced in Nazi Germany, Francoist Spain and the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin.
The political, administrative and economic reforms of the Habsburg rulers Maria Theresa of Austria and Joseph II improved the economic situation of the peasantry, and were well received by the emerging bourgeoisie, which was however still weak.
In response, another physicist named Joseph Polchinski sent them a letter in which he argued that one could avoid questions of free will by considering a potentially paradoxical situation involving a billiard ball sent through a wormhole which sends it back in time.
Paul Kruger, leader of the South African Republic, ( Transvaal ), issued an ultimatum of withdrawal in response to the British ultimatum by Joseph Chamberlain for uitlander rights, which escalated the situation to a state of war
When he learned in March that Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph Foveaux was returning to Sydney with orders to become acting Lieutenant-Governor, Paterson left Foveaux to deal with the prevailing situation.
The ICC investigated the situation, and on 14 October 2005, issued indictments against Lord's Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony, and four other commanders, ( Vincent Otti, Raska Lukwiya ( indictment terminated, deceased ), Okot Odhiambo and Dominic Ongwen ) for war crimes.
Reuben, being the eldest, took control of the situation and didn't want his brothers to kill Joseph so he suggested that they throw him into a nearby pit.
Leopold, who had succeeded Joseph as Emperor in 1790, saw the situation surrounding his sister, Marie Antoinette, and her children, with greater and greater alarm.
When Emperor Franz Joseph finally resolved the confusing constitutional situation, and following completion of the Salzburg-Tyrol Railway in 1875, the town's trade and industry flourished.
Joseph Stalin was well aware of the domestic political situation in Finland based on Soviet intelligence information, and thus did not anticipate that the establishment of the People's Republic would cause any revolutionary action or popular uprisings against the existing Finnish Government.
In economics and commerce, the Bertrand paradox — named after its creator, Joseph Bertrand — describes a situation in which two players ( firms ) reach a state of Nash equilibrium where both firms charge a price equal to marginal cost.
In the book Sacco references Joseph Conrad's Under Western Eyes, Heart of Darkness, and Edward Said's Orientalism to draw links between the situation he is witnessing and colonialism.
This situation was typified in the late 1950s and early 1960s by the three dominant figures of British pop: publisher and manager Larry Parnes ( one of the first people to combine publishing with artist management ), composer Lionel Bart and the managing director of EMI, Sir Joseph Lockwood ( 1904 91 ).
The situation resulting from the Jameson raid was one of the greatest delicacy and difficulty, and Joseph Chamberlain, now colonial secretary, selected Milner as Lord Rosmead's successor.
Although the Coalition was revived in the ministry of Joseph Wirth from 1921 to 1922, the pro-democratic elements never truly had a majority in the Reichstag from this point on, and the situation gradually grew worse with the continued weakening of the DDP.
Vavilov's message was seen as a hopeful sign for the future ICMs and the situation improved further after Joseph Stalin's death in 1953.
Maturin receives a coded report from Dr Amos Jacob regarding the Chilean situation and takes the Ringle to England, where Sir Joseph Blaine updates him — the Chileans have split into two factions ( northern and southern ), with the southerners retaining the services of Sir David Lindsay to command the Chilean navy.
The early Corcels had severe quality issues and sales suffered accordingly, but after Ford do Brasil received a new head ( Joseph W. O ' Neill ) in 1970 the decision was made to ameliorate the situation.
Leopold, who had succeeded Joseph as Emperor a year earlier, saw the situation surrounding his sister, Marie Antoinette, and her children, with greater and greater alarm.
Taking charge of their situation, Joseph is led to the community of Irish living in the area and speaks to the man in charge, Boss Kelly.
His proficiency in modelling secured him the situation of general assistant and artist of the Western Museum, kept by a Louisiana naturalist of French extraction named Joseph Dorfeuille, where his ingenious representation of the infernal regions to illustrate the more striking scenes in the poem of Dante met with extraordinary success.
The Service first became involved in the situation in 1900 when MHS physician Joseph J. Kinyoun, stationed in San Francisco, confirmed by bacteriological analysis that the death of a laborer in the city's Chinatown section was due to bubonic plague.
If the situation is reversed, Matthew's genealogy is that of Mary, Luke's of Joseph, then there is a problem with the curse on the Solomonic line, dating from the time of Jechoniah where Jeremiah pronounced that no descendant of Jeconiah would again sit on the throne of Israel.
Situational ethics, or situation ethics, is a Christian ethical theory that was principally developed in the 1960s by the then Episcopal priest Joseph Fletcher.

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