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Description and Movie
Description: Movie Poster for Back to the Future II
Description: Movie poster for The Seven Year Itch.
Description: The Lizzie McGuire Movie movie poster.
Description: Movie poster for Mr. Mom.

Description and poster
Description: Shrek movie poster
Description: A film poster for An American Werewolf in London
Description: Mulan movie poster
Description: The Day After Tomorrow movie poster
Description: Mean Girls film poster
Description: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets movie poster.
Description: Promotional poster for The Aviator
* Description: Film poster for Devdas ( 2002 )
Description: Armageddon movie poster, American release
Description: Psycho movie poster.
Description: Promotional poster for Back to the Future III ( caption: " They've saved the best trip for last … But this time they may have gone too far.
Description: The promotional poster for the 1996 movie Jerry Maguire.
Description: Singin ' in the Rain movie poster.
Description: A promotional poster for the film Cheaper by the Dozen ( 2003 ).
* Description: Theatrical poster for Sympathy for Lady Vengeance
* Description: Promotional poster for the Möhring Kronleuchter ( en: candelabra ) factory, letterpress technique, cropped by me
* Description: Promotional poster for the " Ankerbrot-Werke " factory, printed by J. Weiner, Vienna
Description: Big Fat Liar film poster

Description and from
* Grzega, Joachim: “ On the Description of National Varieties: Examples from ( German and Austrian ) German and ( English and American ) English .” In: Linguistik Online 7 ( 2000 ).
* Description from the Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures
* Description of Inland Waterways in the Congo from the UN Joint Logistics Centre
The court of N ' Gangue M ' voumbe Niambi, from the book Description of Africa ( 1668 )
* Description of operating principle ( with animation ) from HowStuffWorks
* Description of Audiation from the Gordon Institute for Music Learning
& Puerta, Pablo ( 2003 ): Description of the earliest fossil penguin from South America and first Paleogene vertebrate locality of Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina.
* Description of characteristics, from Flora of China
Major General Thomas Hardwicke ’ s 1821 presentation of an article titled " Description of a new Genus of the Class Mammalia, from the Himalaya Chain of Hills Between Nepaul and the Snowy Mountains " at the Linnean Society in London is usually regarded as the moment the red panda became a bona fide species in Western science.
Their findings, recorded in the Description de l ' Égypte, include detailed maps that depict the discovery of an ancient canal extending northward from the Red Sea and then westward toward the Nile.
* Description and Examples of the villanelle from a web page for a course taught by poet Alberto Ríos.
An early description of the opossum comes from explorer John Smith, who wrote in Map of Virginia, with a Description of the Countrey, the Commodities, People, Government and Religion in 1608 that " An Opassom hath an head like a Swine, and a taile like a Rat, and is of the bignes of a Cat.
Description of Israelite captives from the kingdoms of Kingdom of Israel ( Samaria ) | Israel and Kingdom of Judea | Judea, as they were portrayed on the Southern wall of Shoshenq I's Temple of Amun in Karnak ( dated 925 / 6 BCE )
Other possible sources are the anonymous play King Leir ( published in 1605 ); A Mirror for Magistrates ( 1574 ), by John Higgins ; The Malcontent ( 1604 ), by John Marston ; The London Prodigal ( 1605 ); Arcadia ( 1580 – 1590 ), by Sir Philip Sidney, from which Shakespeare took the main outline of the Gloucester subplot ; Montaigne's Essays, which were translated into English by John Florio in 1603 ; An Historical Description of Iland of Britaine, by William Harrison ; Remaines Concerning Britaine, by William Camden ( 1606 ); Albion's England, by William Warner, ( 1589 ); and A Declaration of egregious Popish Impostures, by Samuel Harsnett ( 1603 ), which provided some of the language used by Edgar while he feigns madness.
* Description of the Bacchanalia and the Senate's ruling from Fordham
* Description of the sinking of the Forfarshire and Grace Darling ’ s part in the rescue, from The Tragedy of the Seas, 1841, from Google Book Search
In 1987, a request from the U. S. Department of Defense led to the development of VHDL ( VHSIC Hardware Description Language, where VHSIC is Very High Speed Integrated Circuit ).
" Description of a new species of subfossil eagle from Madagascar: Stephanoaetus ( Aves: Falconiformes ) from the deposits of Amphasambazimba ," Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington, 107: 421-428.
" From Olaus Magnus ' A Description of the Northern Peoples from 1555.
" From Olaus Magnus ' A Description of the Northern Peoples from 1555.
* Web Services Description Language ( WSDL ) from the W3C
" Crunchy Frog " is a fictional confection originating from a Monty Python sketch titled " Trade Description Act ", inspired by the British law Trade Descriptions Act 1968.
* Description and history of Clerkenwell from an 1868 Gazetteer

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