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Designed and by
Designed by famous yacht designer L. Francis Herreshoff, this is essentially the same pattern as an admiralty anchor, albeit with small diamond shaped flukes or palms.
Designed by I. M. Pei, the building is high with two masts reaching high.
Designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect I. M. Pei, the building is high with two masts reaching high.
Designed by the American architect John Russell Pope, it was completed in 1938.
Designed by Secretary of State Dulles, it held the U. S. would be " prepared to use armed force ... counter aggression from any country controlled by international communism ".
Designed by Daniel Asher Alexander and constructed originally between 1806 and 1809 by local labour, to hold prisoners of the Napoleonic Wars, it was also used to hold American prisoners from the War of 1812.
Designed by Ken and Lew Norris, the Bluebird K7 was an all-metal jet-propelled 3-point hydroplane with a Metropolitan-Vickers Beryl jet engine producing of thrust.
Designed by the Indigenous People ’ s Technology and Education Center ( I-TEC ) of Florida, a Christian ministry, the 1100-pound ' Maverick ' vehicle is powered by a engine that can also drive a five-bladed pusher propeller.
Designed by world-famous British architect Norman Foster, the 2 billion euro mega-project will feature three, 200-metre long finger quays and a sweeping kilometre-long curved breakwater to surround them, totaling over 300, 000 square metres of infill.
Designed as a single-stage-to-orbit ( SSTO ) reusable winged launch vehicle, it was to be fitted with a unique air-breathing engine, the RB545 called the Swallow, to be developed by Rolls Royce.
Designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Christian de Portzamparc, the museum reflects Hergé's huge corpus of work which has, until now, been sitting in studios and bank vaults.
Designed by Abel Lafleur and made of gold plated sterling silver on a white / yellow marble base.
Designed to put forward news from across Europe with his own Marxist interpretation of events, Marx remained one of its primary writers, accompanied by other fellow members of the Communist League who wrote for the paper, although despite their input it remained, according to Friedrich Engels, " a simple dictatorship by Marx ", who dominated the choice of content.
Designed by William Welles Bosworth, these imposing buildings were built of reinforced concrete, a first for a non-industrial – much less university – building in the US.
Designed by Adrian Fisher
Designed by Adrian Fisher
Designed by Minotaur Designs, Adrian Fisher, Randoll Coate and Graham Burgess, 1991
Designed by Adrian Fisher, 1981
Designed by Minotaur Designs Randoll Coate, Adrian Fisher and Graham Burgess
Designed by Adrian Fisher
Designed by Jack Rouse Associates and Adrian Fisher

Designed and E
Designed by E. J.
Designed in the style of a fortified castle by local architect E. G. Trobridge
While Annuit cœptis and Novus ordo seclorum appear on the reverse side of the great seal, E pluribus unum appears on the obverse side of the seal ( Designed by Charles Thomson ), the image of which is used as the national emblem of the United States, and appears on official documents such as passports.
Designed by Walter de ' Silva, in the UK, the Mark IVF is available in seven different trim levels, ranging from the basic Polo E model to the Polo GTI.
Designed by Will E. Chambers, the logo shows the place of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church in the rapidly changing urbanized society and its relation to God's people.
Designed by the architect T. E.
Designed by Sir Alexander Meadows Rendel, the girder work weighing a massive 3, 300 tons was manufactured in London by the firm of Westwood, Baillie and erected by F. E.
Designed in a ' country house ' style by E. Vincent Harris, Mardon Hall opened in 1933, and was extensively refurbished in 1996, but retains its wood-panelled library and grand staircase.
Designed by E. Vincent Harris, the library was constructed between 1930 and 1934, but because of its traditional neoclassical architecture it is often mistakenly thought to be much older.
Designed by Elijah E. Myers, it was constructed in the 1890s from Colorado white granite, and opened for use in November 1894.
Designed by architect Arthur E. Pearce, the 48 ft tall fountain was built by the Royal Doulton company to commemorate Queen Victoria's reign.
Designed by Mr. Joseph E. Beres and Mr. John Q. Ebert as the first fully integration of the cost, market, and income approaches to valuation of urban commercial properties.
Designed for quick delivery as well as low cost, the A11 used many stock parts from other vehicles: a Ford V8 engine, a Fordson gearbox, a steering mechanism similar to the one used in Vickers light tanks, and suspension adapted from the Mk IV Dragon artillery tractor that was itself based on the Vickers 6-Ton Tank Model E.
Designed by state architect William E. Haugaard and funded with Works Progress Administration money, the building, often dubbed " the most famous asylum building on Long Island ," was completed in 1939 and would be used as an infirmary for the facility's geriatric patients, as well as for patients with chronic physical ailments.
Designed by architects Félix Candela, A. Peyri and E. Castañeda Tamborell, the structure has three floors, which house complete facilities for athletes, judges, officials, organizers, as well as services for radio, television and the press.
Designed by former David Brown Ltd. tractor designer Dr. H E Merritt, who had been involved in tank design during the war.
Designed by architect A. E. Doyle, its white terra-cotta exterior set a design trend in downtown Portland, leading to the famed “ wall of white ” on S. W.
Designed for training large numbers of flying cadets, Lubbock Field consisted of three 6, 500 ' asphalt runways arranged in a triangular ( N / S, NE / SW, E / W ) pattern.

Designed and .
Designed for summer comfort are the shoes illustrated.
Designed with Digital Rights Management ( DRM ) abilities for copy protection.
Designed with a retarder, slow drying medium, or other proprietary mediums that allow the paints to be reopened, these paints can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, or even a few weeks to dry completely.
Designed with the same form-and-fit factors as the previous generation of semiactive guided Sparrow missiles, it is a fire-and-forget missile with active guidance.
Designed for use in marine service owing to its corrosion resistance, hardness and toughness.
Designed to be lightweight and easy to carry and use, utility knives are commonly used in factories, warehouses, construction projects, and other situations where a tool is routinely needed to mark cut lines, trim plastic or wood materials, or to cut tape, cord, strapping, cardboard, or other packaging material.
Designed and flight tested in Liberal, KS in 1970.
Designed to conduct comprehensive studies of the universe, the telescope will enable scientists to study exotic phenomena such as exploding stars, quasars, and black holes.
Designed to Japanese specifications and ordered from the London Yarrow shipyards in 1885, she was transported in parts to Japan, where she was assembled and launched in 1887.
Designed to be portable, it was ported to many platforms, which helped its survival.
Designed as a ship's prow, the tomb is located at the main entrance to the Cemetery of Rimini.

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