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Despite and relatively
Despite Connecticut's relatively small size, it features wide regional variations in its landscape ; for example, in the northwestern Litchfield Hills, it features rolling mountains and horse farms, whereas in the southeastern New London County, it features beaches and maritime activities.
Despite its relatively recent approval by the Food and Drug Administration and the guideline recommendations, digoxin use is decreasing in patients with heart failure, likely the result of several factors.
Despite this discovery until relatively recently it was believed that the majority of DNA viruses belonged to the double stranded clade.
Despite its long neck and legs, the giraffe's body is relatively short.
Despite growing unrest and severe economic strains, the 1932 presidential elections in Honduras were relatively peaceful and fair.
Despite its small size, Hong Kong has a relatively large number of mineral occurrences.
Despite its many rivers, Iraq ’ s fishing industry has remained relatively small and based largely on marine species in the Persian Gulf.
Despite a relatively successful career in film and stage, Alexander never managed to repeat his Seinfeld-level of success in television.
Despite the regular holding of relatively free and fair elections to the National Assembly, Kuwait is not a democracy by the usual definition of the term because the prime minister is not responsible to parliament.
Despite its small size and relatively short existence, the exact nature of the kingdom and its origins, customs, laws, and population is still debated.
" Despite the relatively low altitude of the Biqa Valley ( the highest point of which, near Baalbek, is only ) more snow falls there than at comparable altitudes west of the Lebanon Mountains.
Despite protests from opposition parties, the country has remained relatively stable since.
Despite its northern location, the climate is relatively mild compared to other locations in similar latitudes, or even somewhat farther south, mainly because of the Gulf Stream.
Despite important protections for investment included in CAFTA-DR, the investment climate has become relatively insecure since Ortega took office.
Despite these advances, China's telecommunications infrastructure has not been able to keep up with demand and has not spread to the relatively poorer regions.
Despite the historically connectional structure of Presbyterianism, this issue is, surprisingly, relatively new.
Despite their relatively low elevations, seldom surpassing 1, 300 m, the mountains of the Sierra Morena are rugged.
Despite its roots, savate is a relatively safe sport to learn.
Despite the ubiquity of EULAs agreements, under which a single click can be taken as consent to the entire text, relatively little caselaw has resulted from their use.
Despite the predicted blowout, and the fact that San Diego did not have as much national appeal nor a relatively large core fan base, the telecast of the game on ABC still had a Nielsen rating of 41. 3.
Despite long neglect, willful vandalism and some ill-judged restoration, the Alhambra endures as an atypical example of Muslim art in its final European stages, relatively uninfluenced by the direct Byzantine influences found in the Mezquita of Córdoba.
Despite being sparsely populated, however, the interior was relatively urbanized in that the capital of each department usually contained about half the inhabitants.
Despite a relatively high standard of primary health care and education, infant mortality is still 83 out of 1, 000 live births, and it is estimated that malnutrition affects one in three of Zanzibar's people.
Despite the preeminence of Tikunei haZohar and despite the topmost priority of Torah study in Judaism, much of the Zohar has been relatively obscure and unread in the Jewish world in recent times, particularly outside of Israel and outside of Chasidic groups.
Despite its prominence in the industry, the grape is a relatively new variety, the product of a chance crossing between Cabernet franc and Sauvignon blanc during the 17th century in southwestern France.

Despite and good
Despite generally good levels of income, we see greater price pressures than ever before -- traveling back along the chain from consumer to distributor to manufacturer.
Despite the 45-degree weather the game was clicked off in 1:48, thanks to only three bases on balls and some good infield play.
Despite losing fan favorite Grace to free agency, and the lack of production from newcomer Todd Hundley, skipper Don Baylor's Cubs put together a good season in 2001.
Despite their altercation, Underwood and Bowie remained good friends, and Underwood went on to create the artwork for Bowie's early albums.
Despite this, Jellicoe succeeded in positioning his ships to good advantage, relying on other closer cruisers for final knowledge of the German's position, but necessitating last-minute decisions.
Despite losing this match, Essendon's performance was good enough for its players to be awarded Brownlow Medal votes – best-on-ground was Brent Stanton ( 3 votes ), followed by Jason Johnson ( 2 votes ) and Andrew Lovett ( 1 vote ).
Despite Francis ' different religion, he felt that they were good people, much like Europeans, and could be converted.
Despite his womanizing tendencies Joey is an innocent and caring character with good intentions.
Despite receiving some criticism from his peers, he continued to front the BBC's coverage of the Masters and The Open, where he put his language skills to good use by giving an impromptu interview in Spanish with Argentinian Andrés Romero.
Despite the fact that Brite's first novel was criticized by some mainstream sources for allegedly " lack a moral center: neither terrifyingly malevolent supernatural creatures nor ( like Anne Rice's protagonists ) tortured souls torn between good and evil, these vampires simply add blood-drinking to the amoral panoply of drug abuse, problem drinking and empty sex practiced by their human counterparts ", many of these so-called " human counterparts " identified with the teen angst and goth music references therein, keeping the book in print.
Despite his difficult relationship with the Senate, Tiberius's first years were generally good.
Despite the good news off the field, and winning four out of five games to start the season, the Wizards just missed out on a playoff berth with a loss to the New York Red Bulls on the final day, finishing with a 10 – 14 – 8 record.
Despite the controversy, many designers who allowed her to borrow clothing noted that the arrangement was good for their businesses as well as for the American fashion industry overall.
Despite the classical precedents, which Machiavelli was not the only one to promote in his time, Machiavelli's realism and willingness to argue that good ends justify bad things, is seen as a critical stimulus towards some of the most important theories of modern politics.
Despite Qatar's support of Hamas and its good relations with Hizbullah, Israeli leaders have maintained direct contact with the emirate.
Despite questions lingering about the team's struggling offense, the team compiled a 49 – 39 record by the 2009 Major League Baseball All-Star Game, good enough for second place in the NL West.
Despite such criticisms, there is some educational quality to the group's activities and they have helped to foster a good deal of valuable research, especially in the area of medieval crafts.
Despite a good fight by the praetorian guard, his soldiers were defeated.
Despite the charge against him, he seemed to have remained in good standing amongst his peers.
Despite his troubles in 1878, it was another good season for him on the field as he completed a sixth successive double with 1, 151 runs and 152 wickets.
Despite Gabrielle's hopes that she would " be good ", Hope killed Xena's son Solan before being poisoned by Gabrielle herself.
Despite the good intentions and hardwork of its creator ( as well as the keen interest and support from both amateur and professional 2000 AD contributors ), the fanzine's full potential sadly never was realised.
Despite being semi-aquatic and having webbed feet, an adult hippo is not a particularly good swimmer nor can it float.
Despite the fact that Eck was thus virtually forced to abandon his position, he succeeded, through his good memory and his dialectic skill, in confusing the heavy-witted Karlstadt and carried off the nominal victory.
Despite initial good fortune, the ship is driven south off course by a storm and eventually reaches Antarctica.

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