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Despite and troubles
Despite these troubles Andronikos III secured the extension of Byzantine control over Thessaly in 1333 and Epirus in 1337, by taking advantage of succession crises in these principalities.
Despite its troubles, in 2000 Aon bought Reliance Group's accident and health insurance business, as well as Actuarial Sciences Associates, a compensation and employee benefits consulting company.
Despite these troubles, the band returned to Grieghallen to begin work on their next album, Yersinia Pestis.
Despite the off-field troubles, Carlton continued to thrive on-field, and Parkin led the team to back-to-back premierships in 1981 and 1982, with victories in the Grand Finals against Collingwood and respectively.
Despite the troubles, McLain had another productive season in 1969, winning 24 games and won a second consecutive Cy Young Award, tying with Baltimore ’ s Mike Cuellar, marking the first time two players had shared the award.
Despite being largely unaffected by the troubles there were occasional events in Carrickfergus.
Despite its legal troubles, SST continued to release records by artists including Minutemen, Saccharine Trust, and Meat Puppets.
Despite domestic club troubles, he continued to make progress at international level, scoring the winning goal for the England Under-21 side in a 3 – 2 win over Switzerland.
Despite occasional financial troubles ( he filed for bankruptcy in 1878 ), his political career prospered.
Despite overcoming the inevitable troubles with each other, their relationship ends when Julia's ex, Joe, a soldier, returns from the front line believing Julia to still be his girlfriend.
Despite their 1928 championship, the team experienced troubles in 1929.
Despite his early legal troubles, and the seemingly fatal stigma of being falsely labeled a pedophile, Sotos continues to garner support for his ideas and literary output.
Despite his troubles outside of the ring, Spadafora repeatedly expressed his intention to return to the ring.
Despite the Maroons ' financial troubles, they continued to play competitive hockey well into the 1930s.
Despite his domestic troubles Robert decided to intervene in the civil war in Flanders between Baldwin V, Count of Flanders and his father Baldwin IV whom the younger Baldwin had driven out of Flanders.
Despite these troubles the Russian Bolsheviks were eventually successful in overthrowing the imperial government but only after countless cases of them being exiled, imprisoned and executed.
Despite his physical limitations and alcohol-related troubles, Hank was intelligent and had an exceptional knowledge of rock music trivia, especially late 60s — early 70s rock music ( Hank had been regularly listening to rock radio stations since he was four or five years old ).
Despite starting as a backup, Roy replaced Greg Moffet after he had equipment troubles during a game.
Despite their financial troubles, Wrexham went on to win the 2004 – 05 Football League Trophy by defeating Southend United 2 – 0 after extra time, in Wrexham's first appearance at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.
Despite this, she is also extremely gifted and adaptable, and this frequently gets her out of troubles.
Despite delays and the troubles some units had in moving, the overall attack was going well, until the center was held up at the Benjamin Chew House.
Despite the troubles Yes was experiencing at the time, Howe was voted " Best Overall Guitarist " in Guitar Player magazine five years in a row ( 1977 – 1981 ) and was inducted into Guitar Player's " Gallery of Greats " in 1981.
Despite his relatively good bowling form, Pakistani coach Waqar Younis insisted that the bowling attack must not become reliant on Akhtar, as he is 35 years of age and fitness troubles continue to affect him.
Despite the funding troubles, Metro planned to seek contractors in March 1982 for a $ 60 million contract to tunnel under the Anacostia River, a $ 60 million contract to build the Anacostia Station, and a $ 100 million contract to build the Navy Yard Station.

Despite and 1878
Despite political complications that arose from time to time ( such as an ill-fated scheme by the British Colonial Office to enforce a confederation in Southern Africa in 1878, and tensions with the Afrikaner-dominated Government of Transvaal over trade and railroad construction ), economic and social progress in the Cape Colony continued at a steady pace until the outbreak of the Anglo-Boer Wars in 1899.
Despite initially amicable relations, in 1878 the two religious leaders had a dispute motivated by Sheikh Sharif's resentment of his former student's growing popularity.
Despite its illegality due to the Anti-Socialist Laws of 1878, the Social Democratic Party of Germany's use of the limited universal male suffrage were " potent " new methods of struggle which demonstrated their growing strength and forced the dropping of the Anti-Socialist legislation in 1890, Engels argued.
Despite support from Emperor Alexander II of Russia, Boker was recalled in 1878.
Despite a London Free Press account about the Tecumsehs on 21 June 1939 ( Fred Goldsmith Invented The Curve Ball ), that stated the team defeated the Chicago White Sox in three straight games to win the title series in 1878, it appears the writer was in error, instead referring to a two-game series in 1877 between the Tecumsehs and the Chicago White Stockings.
Despite this record, Short was hired as a scout for the United States Army cavalry and worked in that capacity from 1878 to 1879.

Despite and was
Despite the clarity of his presentation, his idea was not of Einsteinian calibre.
Despite the rejection of the traditional accounts on many points of detail, as late as 1948 it was still possible to postulate a massive and comparatively sudden ( beginning in ca. 450 ) influx of Germans as the type of invasions.
Despite several years of front-page stories, the average citizen was unable to get a complete picture of McCarthy until he saw on the television screen what the reporters had been seeing all along but had no effective way of communicating.
Despite the successful rehabilitation of over a half million disabled persons in the first eleven years after 1943, the existing program was still seen to be inadequate to cope with the nation's backlog of an estimated two million disabled.
Despite extensive attempts to obtain highly pure reagents, serious difficulty was experienced in obtaining reproducible rates of reaction.
Despite the fact that he was regarded as an outstanding engineer, he seemed to be a very poor administrator, although no one quite knew what was wrong with him.
Despite his apprehensions about his personal safety, Palfrey's reception in New Orleans was more than cordial.
Despite the warning, there was a unanimous vote to enter a candidate, according to Republicans who attended.
Despite the 45-degree weather the game was clicked off in 1:48, thanks to only three bases on balls and some good infield play.
Despite efforts by Washington last week to play down the significance of the meeting, it clearly was going to be one of the crucial encounters of the cold war.
Despite his dissatisfaction with McClellan's failure to reinforce Pope, Lincoln was desperate, and restored him to command of all forces around Washington, to the dismay of all in his cabinet but Seward.
( Despite common belief, he did not take a day from February ; see the debunked theory on month lengths ) According to a Senatus consultum quoted by Macrobius, he chose this month because it was the time of several of his great triumphs, including the conquest of Egypt.
Despite popular opinion, Limbo, which was elaborated upon by theologians beginning in the Middle Ages, never entered into the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church, yet, at times, the church incorporated the theory in its ordinary belief.
Despite this, Babbage's work fell into historical obscurity and the Analytical Engine was unknown to builders of electro-mechanical and electronic computing machines in the 1930s and 1940s when they began their work, resulting in the need to re-invent many of the architectural innovations Babbage had proposed.
Despite his lack of formal qualifications, Ampère was appointed a professor of mathematics at the school in 1809.
Despite being quite religious, he was also interested in mathematics and science, and sometimes is claimed to have contradicted the teachings of the Church in favour of scientific theories.
Despite the service he rendered to the Qajar government, Hasan Ali Shah was dismissed from the governorship of Kerman in 1837, less than two years after his arrival there, and was replaced by Firuz Mirza Nusrat al-Dawla, a younger brother of Muhammad Shah Qajar.
Despite Frankish advances in the years that followed, Alaric was not afraid to take the military initiative when it presented itself.
Despite his success against the Gepids, Alboin had failed to greatly increase his power, and was now faced with a much stronger threat from the Avars.
Despite Van Buren's defeat, Johnson was instrumental in keeping Greene County in the Democratic column.
Despite this relative peace, the king was still forced to deal with a number of Danish raids and incursions.
Despite the legend of his divorce and remarriage, Amram was also held to have been entirely sinless throughout his life, and was rewarded for this by his corpse remaining without any signs of decay.

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