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Despite and troubles
Despite these troubles Andronikos III secured the extension of Byzantine control over Thessaly in 1333 and Epirus in 1337, by taking advantage of succession crises in these principalities.
Despite its troubles, in 2000 Aon bought Reliance Group's accident and health insurance business, as well as Actuarial Sciences Associates, a compensation and employee benefits consulting company.
Despite his troubles in 1878, it was another good season for him on the field as he completed a sixth successive double with 1, 151 runs and 152 wickets.
Despite these troubles, the band returned to Grieghallen to begin work on their next album, Yersinia Pestis.
Despite the off-field troubles, Carlton continued to thrive on-field, and Parkin led the team to back-to-back premierships in 1981 and 1982, with victories in the Grand Finals against Collingwood and respectively.
Despite the troubles, McLain had another productive season in 1969, winning 24 games and won a second consecutive Cy Young Award, tying with Baltimore ’ s Mike Cuellar, marking the first time two players had shared the award.
Despite being largely unaffected by the troubles there were occasional events in Carrickfergus.
Despite its legal troubles, SST continued to release records by artists including Minutemen, Saccharine Trust, and Meat Puppets.
Despite domestic club troubles, he continued to make progress at international level, scoring the winning goal for the England Under-21 side in a 3 – 2 win over Switzerland.
Despite occasional financial troubles ( he filed for bankruptcy in 1878 ), his political career prospered.
Despite overcoming the inevitable troubles with each other, their relationship ends when Julia's ex, Joe, a soldier, returns from the front line believing Julia to still be his girlfriend.
Despite their 1928 championship, the team experienced troubles in 1929.
Despite his early legal troubles, and the seemingly fatal stigma of being falsely labeled a pedophile, Sotos continues to garner support for his ideas and literary output.
Despite the Maroons ' financial troubles, they continued to play competitive hockey well into the 1930s.
Despite his domestic troubles Robert decided to intervene in the civil war in Flanders between Baldwin V, Count of Flanders and his father Baldwin IV whom the younger Baldwin had driven out of Flanders.
Despite these troubles the Russian Bolsheviks were eventually successful in overthrowing the imperial government but only after countless cases of them being exiled, imprisoned and executed.
Despite his physical limitations and alcohol-related troubles, Hank was intelligent and had an exceptional knowledge of rock music trivia, especially late 60s — early 70s rock music ( Hank had been regularly listening to rock radio stations since he was four or five years old ).
Despite starting as a backup, Roy replaced Greg Moffet after he had equipment troubles during a game.
Despite their financial troubles, Wrexham went on to win the 2004 – 05 Football League Trophy by defeating Southend United 2 – 0 after extra time, in Wrexham's first appearance at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.
Despite this, she is also extremely gifted and adaptable, and this frequently gets her out of troubles.
Despite delays and the troubles some units had in moving, the overall attack was going well, until the center was held up at the Benjamin Chew House.
Despite the troubles Yes was experiencing at the time, Howe was voted " Best Overall Guitarist " in Guitar Player magazine five years in a row ( 1977 – 1981 ) and was inducted into Guitar Player's " Gallery of Greats " in 1981.
Despite his relatively good bowling form, Pakistani coach Waqar Younis insisted that the bowling attack must not become reliant on Akhtar, as he is 35 years of age and fitness troubles continue to affect him.
Despite the funding troubles, Metro planned to seek contractors in March 1982 for a $ 60 million contract to tunnel under the Anacostia River, a $ 60 million contract to build the Anacostia Station, and a $ 100 million contract to build the Navy Yard Station.

Despite and outside
Despite the efforts of his successor Emperor Yohannes IV to establish a relationship with the United Kingdom, Ethiopia was ignored by the world powers until the opening of the Suez Canal, and more important, the Mahdist War, drew outside attention to her once more.
Despite being incomprehensible to outsiders, the slang became popular in MIT's computing environments outside the club.
Despite efforts and considerations of expanding his political domain, Kemp never held a fundraiser outside of his suburban Western New York district until well into his eighth term in Congress.
Despite these official acts, violence broke out between the two groups, and Boniface was seized by the Prefect's police and taken to a lodging outside the walls where he was detained under the surveillance of the Prefect's agents.
Despite this, Trudeau found himself an outsider – a French Catholic living for the first time outside of Quebec in the predominantly Protestant American Harvard University .< This isolation deepened finally into despair, and led to his decision to continue his Harvard studies abroad.
Despite the clear collapse of their power, and the decline of their kingdom around them, nobles continued to play kingmakers on a regular basis, with occasional intervention from Ptolemaic Egypt and other outside powers.
; Cosmopolitan: Despite the dominance of humanity, a large number of aliens was always implied to exist, inside and outside of Charted Space.
Despite the controversy, five years after the premiere Paul McCullough of Take One observed that Night of the Living Dead was the " most profitable horror film ever [...] produced outside the walls of a major studio ".
Despite the relative popularity of the soundtracks, they have not been licensed for release outside of Japan and are only available by importing them.
Despite this broad interpretation, the courts seem willing to find areas to be outside of the curtilage if they are in any way separate from the home ( by a fence, great distance, other structures, even certain plants ).
Despite the preeminence of Tikunei haZohar and despite the topmost priority of Torah study in Judaism, much of the Zohar has been relatively obscure and unread in the Jewish world in recent times, particularly outside of Israel and outside of Chasidic groups.
Despite the legal usage of the Old Ruthenian language ( the predecessor of both modern Belarusian and Ukrainian languages ) which was used as a chancellery language in the territory of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the literature was mostly non-existent, outside of several chronicles.
Despite that, Frowde became vital to OUP's growth, adding new lines of books to the business, presiding over the massive publication of the Revised Version of the New Testament in 1881 and playing a key role in setting up the Press's first office outside Britain, in New York in 1896.
Despite rumors to the contrary, the brown recluse spider has not established itself in California or anywhere outside its native range.
Despite a technical edge, the Archimedes only ever met a moderate success beyond the education sector, becoming a ' minority ' platform outside of certain niche markets.
Despite the ISP's excellent anti-virus software, subscribers are frequently targets for virus attacks from outside the country.
Despite this, the weapon went unused in World War I until February 26, 1915, when it was briefly used against the French outside Verdun.
" Despite the fact that the group had neither performed outside the Bay Area nor appeared on TV, the album garnered considerable attention in the USA and sold well enough to earn a gold record award.
Despite its unique flavor square sausage is rarely seen outside Scotland and in fact is still fairly uncommon in the Highlands.
Despite this, there were only a small number of protestors outside.
Despite not having entered any contest, he promptly told Mario about the mansion and the two agreed to meet up outside it that evening.
Despite forming part of the built up area of London the parish remained outside the statutory metropolitan area established in 1855 and the County of London established in 1889.
Despite some critical reviews of the structure, the building has been called “ a fitting backdrop for the world's largest collection of Jimi Hendrix memorabilia .” The outside of the building which features a fusion of textures and colors, including gold, silver, deep red, blue and a " shimmering purple haze ," has been declared " an apt representation of the American rock experience.
Despite falling outside of city limits, and having a post office explicitly named " Warrington ," mail going to the addresses in the Warrington ZIP code ( 32507 ) fall under the jurisdiction of Pensacola.

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