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Despite and its
Despite the increasing rate of exogamous marriages, the population has been able to sustain, at least to some degree, the consciousness of its intermediate status in society.
Despite an ambiguity due to its failure clearly to define `` relative costs '', the above exposition of fully distributed costing goes about as far as one can go toward expressing the basic philosophy of the practice.
Despite its rather long intellectual history, alienation is still a promising hypothesis and not a verified theory.
Despite pronouncements at the highest levels of government on the importance of free competition, Armenia is next to last in the effectiveness of its anti-monopoly policy according to the 2010 results of the World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report.
Despite popular opinion, Limbo, which was elaborated upon by theologians beginning in the Middle Ages, never entered into the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church, yet, at times, the church incorporated the theory in its ordinary belief.
Despite its inauspicious beginning, the CPU thrived.
* Despite its heritage, Applesoft lacked commands common to most other Microsoft BASIC interpreters, such as INSTR ( which searched for a substring in a given string ; this had to be done manually with loops and the MID $ function ), PRINT USING ( which formatted numbers with commas and currency signs according to a format string ), and INKEY $ ( which checked for a keypress without stopping the program as Applesoft's GET command — analogous to the INPUT $ function — did, although a PEEK location did provide this functionality ).
Despite its troubles, in 2000 Aon bought Reliance Group's accident and health insurance business, as well as Actuarial Sciences Associates, a compensation and employee benefits consulting company.
Despite its interest in foreign investment to diversify the economy, the Bahamian Government responds to local concerns about foreign competition and tends to protect Bahamian business and labor interests.
Despite its rapid growth, the economy of Benin still remains underdeveloped and dependent on subsistence agriculture, cotton production, and regional trade.
Despite its pro-Western orientation, Botswana participated in the 1980 Summer Olympics.
Despite the outstanding victories, Germany was near defeat, which meant that Bulgaria would be left without its most powerful ally.
Despite its label as an England side, the team which toured South Africa in 1891 contained several Scots.
Despite its popularity with young consumers, it is critically discussed in European media, NGOs, political parties, and market surveillance regarding its nutritional values, choking hazards, and traces of unwanted chemical substances.
Despite its on-field success, it was one of the four teams contracted out of existence by the National League after the 1899 season.
Despite questions of its source, the prayer carries out an important function in the narrative as a whole.
Despite its toxicity, a considerable fraction of petroleum oil entering marine systems is eliminated by the hydrocarbon-degrading activities of microbial communities, in particular by a remarkable recently discovered group of specialists, the so-called hydrocarbonoclastic bacteria ( HCCB ).
Despite its secretive nature, the northern bobwhite is one of the most familiar quails in eastern North America because it is frequently the only quail in its range.
Despite its invisible interior, the presence of a black hole can be inferred through its interaction with other matter and with light and other electromagnetic radiation.
Despite the long recognition of its distinction from younger Ordovician rocks and older Precambrian rocks, it was not until 1994 that this time period was internationally ratified.
Despite its faintness, Capricornus has one of the oldest mythological associations, having been consistently represented as a hybrid of a goat and a fish since the Middle Bronze Age.
Despite its small size, 31 Caltech alumni and faculty have won the Nobel Prize and 66 have won the National Medal of Science or Technology.

Despite and legal
Despite the legal status of the Dublin Region, the term " County Dublin " is still in common usage.
Despite the differences between comparative law and these other legal fields, comparative law helps inform all of these areas of normativity.
Despite this legal status, the ELDR party has yet to achieve significant grassroots involvement and retains much of the character of a mere confederation of national political parties.
Despite the downturn, Hong Kong ’ s economic strengths, including a sound banking system, virtually no public debt, a strong legal system, ample foreign exchange reserves, rigorous anti-corruption measures and close ties with the mainland China, enable it to quickly respond to changing circumstances.
Despite its decline in facial popularity, realists continue to influence a wide spectrum of jurisprudential schools today, including critical legal studies, feminist legal theory, critical race theory, sociology of law and law and economics.
Despite the coin's legal tender status, economic sanctions against South Africa for its policy of apartheid made the Krugerrand an illegal import in many Western countries during the 1970s and 1980s.
Despite such criticisms of Marbury v. Madison, judicial review has been accepted in the American legal community.
Despite its growing dominance in the constitutional hierarchy, the Premiership was given little formal recognition ; the legal fiction was maintained that the Sovereign still governed directly.
Despite this legal framework, Évolués still faced substantial discrimination in Africa and the Metropole alike.
Despite some significant political differences between them, all of these administrations share similar legal structures, much of which are predicated on the judicial systems of previous Somali administrations.
Despite the relative ease of executive agreements, the President still often chooses to pursue the formal treaty process over an executive agreement in order to gain congressional support on matters that require the Congress to pass implementing legislation or appropriate funds, and those agreements that impose long-term, complex legal obligations on the U. S.
Despite the seniority and added prestige, the Chief Justice's vote carries the same legal weight as each of the other eight justices.
Despite the deep-seated norm against legal proceedings, litigation in the Chinese courts has increased dramatically, especially in recent years.
Despite the newly elevated role of courts in Chinese society, there still remains some consensus about defects in China ’ s legal system in regards to progressing towards the rule of law.
Despite the legal disputes surrounding this invention, it is unquestionable that Campbell was the first to actually construct a telephone circuit using loading coils.
Despite the legal usage of the Old Ruthenian language ( the predecessor of both modern Belarusian and Ukrainian languages ) which was used as a chancellery language in the territory of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the literature was mostly non-existent, outside of several chronicles.
Despite the legal and political complexities, the territory historically occupied by the Tlingit can be reasonably designated as their modern homeland, and Tlingit people today envision the land from around Yakutat south through the Alaskan Panhandle and including the lakes in the Canadian interior as being Lingít Aaní, the Land of the Tlingit.
Despite Cicero's legal defence ( Pro Milone ) he is found guilty and exiled in Massilia ( modern Marseille ).
Despite a protracted legal battle with Random House in 1996, she has since published many books: both fictional, non-fictional and autobiographical.
Despite the legal restriction among countries party to the international treaty, coca chewing and drinking of coca tea is carried out daily by millions of people in the Andes as well as considered sacred within indigenous cultures.
Despite the above legal wrangling, Archie Comics never took any action against Kurtzman or Elder for their 1954 Mad magazine story " Starchie ".
Despite the lack of legal necessity for such evidence in many jurisdictions, according to press reports collecting evidence of adultery or other " bad behaviour " by spouses and partners is still one of the most profitable activities investigators undertake, as the stakes being fought over now are child custody, alimony, or marital property disputes.
Despite some off-season legal issues, the Oilers were again the top team in the NHL during the 1985 – 86 regular season, with 56 wins and 119 points.
Despite this, on September 25, the SEC announced that Texas A & M was being accepted unconditionally — regardless of legal threats.

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