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Despite and significant
Despite centuries-old cultural ties to the Arab World, the Chadian Government maintained few significant ties Arab states in North Africa or Southwest Asia in the 1980s.
Despite the severity of this boundary event, there was significant variability in the rate of extinction between and within different clades.
Despite the consensus of public health professionals regarding the benefits of vaccination, among chiropractors there are significant disagreements over the subject, which has led to negative impacts on both public vaccination and mainstream acceptance of chiropractic.
Despite its small size ( roughly from its northernmost to southernmost points ), there is significant variation in mean temperature and amount of snowfall between Sussex County and New Castle County.
Despite these uncertainties, there is agreement that destruction of rainforests remains a significant environmental problem.
Despite this legal status, the ELDR party has yet to achieve significant grassroots involvement and retains much of the character of a mere confederation of national political parties.
Despite its many faults, the wheellock was a significant improvement over the matchlock in terms of both convenience and safety, since it eliminated the need to keep a smoldering match in proximity to loose gunpowder.
Despite these commonalities, there are significant variations in interpretation.
Despite the significant resources mobilized and self-sacrifice of the participants, a series of missteps by several successive unwilling or incompetent chief commanders appointed by the Polish government ultimately led to the defeat of the insurgents by the Russian army.
Despite the levity of the speech, it has garnered significant backlash.
Despite some errors in field observations, he made a significant contribution to the understanding of bird anatomy and behavior through his field notes.
Despite significant differences in chemical composition, these molecules have some common features in chemical and physical properties.
Despite some clear differences, no significant friction currently exists between tribal groups, and the concept of a Malawian nationality has begun to take hold.
Despite major signings, including Joe Jordan, Gordon McQueen, Gary Bailey, and Ray Wilkins, the team failed to achieve any significant results ; they finished in the top two in 1979 – 80 and lost to Arsenal in the 1979 FA Cup Final.
Despite a significant technological advantage, the Cetagandans are finally driven off at great cost after many years of occupation and guerrilla warfare, in large part due to the leadership of General Count Piotr Vorkosigan, Miles ' paternal grandfather.
Despite New Mexico's arid image, heavily forested mountain wildernesses cover a significant portion of the state, especially towards the north.
Despite these efforts the army is still not in a position to provide forces with the appropriate " level of training and discipline " without significant risk, according to Janes.
Despite his short time as Pope he made a significant contribution to the organization of the Catholic Church.
Despite significant research, prognosis of this disease has changed little over time.
Despite this, reruns of sports broadcasts have found a niche, and networks such as MSG Network, ESPN Classic and NFL Network currently have a significant portion of programming time devoted to reruns of live sportscasts.
Despite significant strategic advances into Federation space, they were eventually driven back to their own borders, and suffered a devastating wartime catastrophe on Remus.
Despite this low level of use, scandium offers significant benefits.
Despite some significant political differences between them, all of these administrations share similar legal structures, much of which are predicated on the judicial systems of previous Somali administrations.
Despite a number of significant differences, many Western fans do not make a distinction between shōnen manga and seinen manga.

Despite and efforts
Despite his defense of himself in the final paper of the Englishman and in his speech before the House, their efforts were successful.
Despite their efforts, the problems seemed to grow graver all the time.
Despite efforts by Washington last week to play down the significance of the meeting, it clearly was going to be one of the crucial encounters of the cold war.
Despite Hahn's efforts, the contributions of Meitner and Frisch were not recognized.
Despite his love and efforts towards international peace, Carnegie faced many dilemmas on his quest for world peace.
Despite strenuous efforts from the Culloden < nowiki >'</ nowiki > s boats, the brig Mutine and the 50-gun HMS Leander under Captain Thomas Thompson, the ship of the line could not be moved, and the waves drove Culloden further onto the shoal, inflicting severe damage to the ship's hull.
Despite strenuous efforts, Captain Hood's isolated ship came under heavy fire and was unable to cut off the trailing Justice as the French survivors escaped seawards, Zealous being struck by a number of French shot and losing one man killed.
Despite these efforts, Cairo's population has doubled since the 1960s, reaching close to seven million ( with an additional ten million in its urban area ).
Despite Cotton Mather's efforts, he never became quite as well known and successful in politics as his father.
Despite efforts at containment, the upheaval in Eastern Europe inevitably spread to nationalities within the USSR.
Despite success in reuniting large sections of the wider Christadelphian community and periodic efforts at reuniting smaller offshoots, there are still a number of groups who remain separate from other bodies of Christadelphians.
Despite the efforts of his successor Emperor Yohannes IV to establish a relationship with the United Kingdom, Ethiopia was ignored by the world powers until the opening of the Suez Canal, and more important, the Mahdist War, drew outside attention to her once more.
Despite heroic efforts, Old Prussian sovereignty would eventually collapse after a succession of wars instigated by Pope Honorius III and his frequent calls for crusade.
Despite considerable research efforts by seismologists, scientifically reproducible predictions cannot yet be made to a specific day or month.
Despite those efforts, he failed to gain control over Hungary and Bohemia in the Bohemian War ( 1468-1478 ) and was even defeated in the Austrian-Hungarian War ( 1477-1488 ) by the Hungarian King Matthias Corvinus in 1485, who managed to maintain residence in Vienna until his death five years later ( see Siege of Vienna ( 1485 )).
Despite his efforts to rise above the rank of private — he even called upon Frank Capra to intercede on his behalf — he never achieved officer's status or any commendations during his six months of service.
Despite some efforts, no suitable substitutes with the stability and low cost of gelatin have been found.
Despite the efforts of the growers, coffee prices plunged on the international market from a high of more than US $ 2. 25 per kilogram in the mid-1970s to less than US $ 0. 45 per kilogram in the early 1990s.
Despite British efforts to curb immigration, during the 14 years of the Aliyah Bet, over 110, 000 Jews secretly entered Palestine.
Despite these efforts the regime lacked a broad popular base or a mass movement supporting it.
Despite the efforts of philologists from all parts of the world, and despite the use of modern cryptographic analysis, the signs remain undeciphered.
Despite these efforts, the rank is still below regional peers and an unfavourable investment climate persists.
Despite efforts to restore ( or at least improve ) the popularity of the Conservative party, Labour remained far ahead in the opinion polls as the 1997 election loomed, despite the economic boom that had followed the exit from recession four years earlier, and the swift fall in unemployment.
Despite efforts and considerations of expanding his political domain, Kemp never held a fundraiser outside of his suburban Western New York district until well into his eighth term in Congress.

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