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Despite and suffering
Despite suffering from antenna problems, Galileo conducted the first asteroid flyby near 951 Gaspra and discovered the first asteroid moon, Dactyl, around the asteroid 243 Ida.
Despite suffering from a serious flare-up of his chronic colitis, Lawrence decided to go, but he became ill while in Geneva, and was rushed to the hospital at Stanford University.
" Despite the risk of confusion, opium tincture, like many end-stage medications, is indispensable for intractable diarrhea for terminally ill patients, such as those suffering from AIDS and cancer.
Despite being frail, undernourished and suffering from a hacking cough, which did not prevent him from smoking cigarettes, in the spring of 1892 Crane began a romance with Lily Brandon Munroe, a married woman who was estranged from her husband.
Despite suffering from stage fright, he continued to work after the war, beginning his professional career in the summer of 1946 in a touring show called For the Fun of It.
Despite the change, the team continued to struggle during the second half of the season, suffering through a 3 – 31 stretch from January through March.
For all that, in June 1961 Bray still decided to move and despite his recent marriage “ lmost every day went round, often spending a good part of the day or a large part of the evening there .” “ Oddly enough, this side of his life was well known about in Paris … natural reserve and well-developed sense of decorum were allied to his fear of giving offence to Suzanne .” Anthony Cronin notes that strangely – or perhaps not so strangely – during this time he was often to be found talking “ fervently and seriously about suicide .” Despite his unwillingness to do much about it he was clearly suffering badly from guilt.
Despite spending much of the 1990s suffering from financial problems and drug addiction, Rowland made plans to reform Dexys together with Big Jim Paterson, although these resulted in no more than a solitary TV performance in 1993.
Despite suffering some 6, 000 casualties, the battle was a clear victory for the French commander ; yet typical of the period it proved far from decisive.
Despite these measures, an intruder broke into the residence in the early hours of 30 December 1999, attacking Harrison and his wife Olivia, leaving him suffering a punctured lung, seven stab wounds, and head injuries.
Despite the London side suffering relegation during his loan period, McCarthy impressed enough to earn a move and he was signed permanently in May 1990 for £ 200, 000.
Despite suffering from poor health, Day traveled around the world to preach the power of God's love and the way of pacifism.
Despite suffering several minor strokes, Fender continued to produce guitars and basses.
Despite suffering from diabetes, he carefully concealed the condition for most of his career.
Despite grueling rehearsals over the next few days, and suffering from exhaustion, Sullivan conducted the opening performance on 5 January 1884 and collapsed from exhaustion immediately afterwards.
Despite suffering a cut over one eye and an early knockdown, Del Valle rallied late to win a close, but unanimous decision.
Despite suffering a rebuke by the king for being the only person ever to have entered this castle without having been summoned, Sir Orfeo entertains the fairy king by playing his harp and the fairy king, pleased with Orfeo's music, offers him the chance to choose a reward: he chooses Heurodis.
Despite suffering losses in the battles with rival states such as Wei, the Qin rulers were actively pursuing reforms to the legal, economic and social systems of Qin.
Despite its terse writing style, it raised the awareness of Europeans living in Europe at the time that the wealth that they enjoyed was the result of suffering in other parts of the world.
Despite his suffering, York said, " I've been blessed.
Despite suffering a bad stomach upset, Chappell hit 204, an innings described by Wisden as " masterly ".
Despite suffering the injury, Gough bowled on briefly, taking the wicket of culprit McLaren.
Despite being a neighbour to many Dockland developments, Canning Town remains among the 5 per cent most deprived areas in the UK with local people suffering from poor health, low education and poverty.
Despite suffering a defeat by government forces under Dong Zhuo, Han Sui maintained the support of the Qiang people and maintained his territory in Liang Province.

Despite and heavy
Despite heavy casualties the Prussians attempted to storm the great battery, whilst the Danes, under Count Scholten, attempted to drive the French infantry out of the copses beyond the village.
Despite strenuous efforts, Captain Hood's isolated ship came under heavy fire and was unable to cut off the trailing Justice as the French survivors escaped seawards, Zealous being struck by a number of French shot and losing one man killed.
Despite his heavy drinking his liver showed no sign of cirrhosis.
Despite some initial success, bolstered by heavy advertising, the brand did not prove popular and was eventually withdrawn from sale.
Despite some increases in heavy industry in the economy during the 1970s and 1980s, Paraguayan industry was generally small-scale.
Despite heavy criticism from other religious groups, there are signs that Satanistic beliefs have become more socially tolerated.
Despite the heavy influence he drew from American hip hop in his debut album, Maxinquaye, he fights against typical sexual representations by, for example, dressing as a woman on the side sleeve of his album cover.
Despite the anime series itself being on hold, Sunrise gave artist Katsu Aki the existing production and character designs, resulting in the first manga series having the heavy shōnen feel and curvaceous Hitomi that was originally planned for the anime series.
Despite discussion of programs to require payments for resources ( especially water ) and to collect fines from heavy polluters, however, little has been accomplished.
Despite heavy lobbying in favour of one of the existing projects, it soon became apparent that private industry could not turn out a car for only 990RM.
Despite Von Kuhl's caution, two divisions, thirteen heavy batteries and twelve field batteries of artillery, three fighter squadrons and four other air force units were transferred from the Fourth Army.
Despite this, they won a complete victory, routing the enemy army from the field and inflicting heavy losses.
Despite his best efforts he was typically cast as a " heavy " ( villain ) or gangster.
Despite repeated assaults and heavy fighting, the Turks were unable to breach the defences and were forced to raise the siege after 22 days.
Despite its promising appearance and engineering novelty the Pipit did not fly as well as expected, the elevator being criticised as heavy while the rudder was weak and the type was longitudinally unstable.
Despite having inflicted heavy casualties against the Somalis, the two Delta snipers were too outnumbered and outgunned.
Despite the heavy bombardment, many of the German defenders had survived, protected in deep dugouts and they were able to inflict a terrible toll on the infantry.
Despite the heavy industrial component, services account for 74. 9 % of GDP, while agriculture accounts for only 1 % of GDP.
Despite this, there are also smaller parades and demonstrations on 1 July, the date which maps the old style date of the Boyne to the new style in the usual manner and which also commemorate the heavy losses of the 36th ( Ulster ) Division on the first day of the Battle of the Somme in July 1916.
Despite the demand for electrical consumer goods and large investments in heavy engineering and nuclear power, profits began to fall for the first time in the face of increasing competition and internal disorganisation.
Despite heavy preparations for defence against an amphibious assault, the Allied invasion took place well to the west in Normandy on D-Day.
Despite this, Philip resumed his march, and his troops became confused and disoriented due to heavy fog.
Despite the listing and the pool becoming closed to the public, the buildings were subjected to heavy vandalism.
Despite recent Republican dominance at the local office level, Clermont has seen heavy union and non-partisan influence in its politics.

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