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Despite and controversy
Despite this controversy, many properties of diatomic astatine have been predicted.
Despite the controversy however, EastEnders pulled in rating highs of 9 – 10 million throughout the duration of the storyline.
Despite the great controversy that accompanied this switch, he remained one of the most popular politicians in West Germany.
Despite the controversy, many designers who allowed her to borrow clothing noted that the arrangement was good for their businesses as well as for the American fashion industry overall.
Despite the controversy, the Giants finished 10 – 6, and Taylor recorded 15. 5 sacks after his return from the suspension.
Despite President Clinton's optimism, the events of 1998 did not entirely resolve the controversy of the Charter.
Despite the controversy, the United Nations proceeded to created a mandate in Kosovo, in which the province technically remained a part of Serbia ( or the FRY as it was then ), but was completely autonomous.
Despite his age, he was uncommonly energetic, and throughout some two decades pursued settlement and church endeavors, always engaged in controversy and confrontation with Bay Colony leaders.
Despite the controversy, five years after the premiere Paul McCullough of Take One observed that Night of the Living Dead was the " most profitable horror film ever [...] produced outside the walls of a major studio ".
Despite some of these findings, some researchers question whether TMD therapy can reduce symptoms in the ear, and there is currently an ongoing debate to settle the controversy.
Despite great success on the field, Cobb was no stranger to controversy off it.
Despite winning four terms as President, Blatter has often been dogged by controversy and allegations of corruption.
Despite the controversy, dopamine antagonists remain a standard and successful treatment for schizophrenia.
Despite controversy concerning the neurotoxicity of dopamine and L-DOPA, it remains the most common treatment for Parkinson's disease.
Despite Nestorius ' agenda of prosecuting Cyril, Theodosius intended for the council to focus strictly on the christological controversy.
Despite a falling out between the organisers ( see controversy below ) a successful event was held in Alexandra Palace the next year in 2000.
Despite the fact that the allegations were backed by successive UN Special Rapporteurs and a Canadian Government investigation, Bildt succeeded in winning the public controversy in Sweden, allowing Lundin Oil to pursue its activities in Sudan.
Despite the extensive cuts, the film was still negatively received by audiences, and remained an object of extreme controversy.
Despite a summer of controversy and protest from the du Pont family, Manual's first two graduating classes and the four major local newspapers, the board replaced him with Harry Brownell on July 2.
Despite the club's fortunes in attracting investors, it continues to be mired in controversy from previous ownership regimes and has been subject to proceedings from former investors Carlos Dunga and Antonio Caliendo.
Despite whatever controversy the work may have generated, and its critical reception amongst other scholars, The Golden Bough had a tremendous effect on the literature of the period.
Despite some controversy, the movie received critical acclaim and the award at the movie festival in Sochi, a Special Jury Award and the FIPRESCI Award at an international festival in Turin, the awards in Cottbus, and the Grand Prix in Trieste.
Despite the banning controversy, The Monocled Mutineer was released by the BBC on video in the early 1990s, and on DVD in 2007.
Despite receiving an award from Action for Children's Television, favorable reviews, and a ranking in Time magazine's " Best of ' 87 " feature, Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures was canceled by CBS following the controversy.

Despite and Friday
Despite this fall, she was still determined to attend Margaret's funeral at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, two days later on Friday of that week.
Despite struggling on Friday nights at 9 PM in its brief first season, NBC renewed the series because of its impressive 18-49 demographics.
On Friday 13 February, the flooded areas were visited by the young Queen Elizabeth II Despite severe loss of life in nearby Canvey Island, only one person in Thurrock died as a result of the floods.
Despite Lane's resignation, Friday Night Football proved a huge success for Channel Nine, in no small part due to the presence of, in his own words, " the biggest name on the Nine Network ", McGuire himself.
Despite airing in the so called Friday night death slot, it peaked at # 2 in the ratings ( behind All in the Family ).
Despite her own faults, she consistently shows King Friday when he is wrong about something and frequently goes to extremes ( such as physically moving her museum or modifying a comet ) to do so.
Despite initial strong ratings, the show failed to capitalise on this despite the demise of TFI Friday ( also a Ginger production ) and figures slowly dropped.
Despite a forecast for severe thunderstorms, though, the sun shone relentlessly for most of that Friday because of a fourth element: a stable air mass at about 2, 000 feet, which served as a " lid " on the brew beneath.
Despite being ruled out by medical officers for six weeks, he convinced his coach Neil Balme to pass him in the club fitness test and wore a chest guard in order to play the following Friday night.
* Jewish Settlements, Outposts Expanding Despite Pledges Growth Most Striking in Gaza Strip, Report Says, By John Ward Anderson, Washington Post Foreign Service, Friday, July 23, 2004 ; Page A26
Despite these cuts, His Mouse Friday, the only Tom and Jerry cartoon to be completely taken off the airwaves in some countries due to claims of racism, is included, unedited with the exception of zooming-in as on the North American set.
Despite, as guitarist Robert Davis put it, having enough hometown popularity to " play in front of 1, 500 people every Friday night ," the band set their sights for L. A. Orco began playing L. A. venues but had a tough time early on, being kicked out of a rented one-room bedroom and having a dismissive manager with whom they periodically spoke with.
Despite initially strong ratings, the show failed to capitalize on the demise of TFI Friday ( also a Ginger production ), and figures slowly dropped.
Despite heavy rain early Friday morning, the track was dry for the first practice and remained that way all weekend.
Despite her distaste for the film, she consented to a cameo appearance in Friday the 13th Part 2.
Despite the fall from glory, the seventeenth century Kong Friday Mosque survived and the city was largely rebuilt in a traditional Sudano-Sahelian architectural style and features a Qur ' anic school.
Despite this, not all teams opt to take advantage of the third driver rule, with some teams saying that it was too expensive to run a third car on a Friday.
Despite Landen's non-existence, Thursday still has her son ( Friday Next ) who is now two years old.
Despite being the highest rated show in its Friday evening slot ( consistently achieving over 7 million viewers ), CBS did not commission a second season.
Despite airing right after Sanford and Son on Friday nights, the show was canceled at the end of the season due to low ratings.
Despite a very promising debut from Witt, Parramatta were soundly beaten 44-12 by the Sydney Roosters in a Friday night game at Parramatta Stadium.

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