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Despite and lip
Despite paying lip service to the campaign, the GLC set a legal rate on schedule, passed by moderate Labour councillors with the support of Conservative opposition members.
Despite his lip problems, Hackett could still play occasional short solos, and he can be heard playing a famous one with the Glenn Miller Orchestra on " A String of Pearls.
Despite lip service paid to classical forms of poetry, drama, writing, sculpture, and painting, strong encouragement was given to the use of new techniques and forms in so-called " proletarian art ," including the use of photography, cinematography, and collage.

Despite and service
Despite the service he rendered to the Qajar government, Hasan Ali Shah was dismissed from the governorship of Kerman in 1837, less than two years after his arrival there, and was replaced by Firuz Mirza Nusrat al-Dawla, a younger brother of Muhammad Shah Qajar.
Despite the much-vaunted capabilities, the Phoenix was rarely used in combat, with only two confirmed launches and no confirmed targets destroyed in US Navy service, though a large number of kills were claimed by Iranian F-14s during the Iran – Iraq War.
Despite the advent of a regular television service in the Federal Republic in 1952, cinema attendances continued to grow through much of the 1950s, reaching a peak of 817. 5 million visits in 1956.
Despite his efforts to rise above the rank of private — he even called upon Frank Capra to intercede on his behalf — he never achieved officer's status or any commendations during his six months of service.
Despite a great deal of local opposition the town lost its rail service in 1969, when as part of the controversial Beeching Axe the ' Waverley Line ' from Carlisle to Edinburgh via Hawick was closed.
Despite the need to start back at the bottom of the naval hierarchy, Cook realised his career would advance more quickly in military service and entered the Navy at Wapping on 7 June 1755.
Despite the advent of file-sharing technologies such as BitTorrent, as well as the increased use of blogs, formal discussion forums, and social networking sites, coupled with a growing number of service providers blocking access to Usenet ( see main article ), newsgroups continue to be widely used.
Despite popular conceptions promoted by movies and television, many US police departments prefer not to maintain officers in non-patrol bureaus and divisions beyond a certain period of time, such as in the detective bureau, and instead maintain policies that limit service in such divisions to a specified period of time, after which officers must transfer out or return to patrol duties.
Despite her years of service, she had never received a regular salary and was for years denied compensation.
Despite pictures in the press, the case was subsequently dropped after the public prosecution service decided that Schmidt's actions had not been a threat to public health.
Despite his refusal of official approval, the pope nonetheless allowed the plot to proceed without interfering, and, after the failed assassination of Lorenzo, also gave dispensation for crimes done in the service of the church.
Despite concerns that Sullivan at nearly 12 years of age was too old to give much service as a treble before his voice broke, he was accepted and soon became a soloist and, by 1856, was promoted to " first boy ".
Despite the name's similarity to the FRS allocation, the system is a proprietary design, rather than an official U. S. Federal Communications Commission ( FCC ) allocated service.
Despite the King's best attempts, Caroline retained a strong popularity amongst the masses, and pressed ahead with plans to attend the coronation service on 19 July 1821 as Queen.
Despite his military service, Schiele was still exhibiting in Berlin, Munich and Dresden.
Despite his previous support of the patronage system, Arthur, nevertheless, became an ardent supporter of civil service reform as president.
Despite its image of an industrialised city whose activity depends mainly on military order, the service sector represents 75 % of the economic activity.
Despite its growing obsolescence, the Mosin – Nagant saw continued service throughout the Eastern bloc and the rest of the world for many decades to come.
Despite having the most intensive service, the Vine Street line was one of the first Western Region urban branches to close under the Beeching axe.
Despite having a heavy cold and almost losing his voice, he was recruited immediately for radio announcements and script writing at German radio's English service.
Despite a decline in population in recent decades, Great Bend continues to serve as a service industry and retail commerce center for central Kansas.
Despite the flourishing service, education, medicine, arts and high tech sectors, Pittsburgh still faces many problems, including poverty, crime and pollution.
Despite San Jose's position as the most populous city in the Bay Area, SJC is the smallest of the three Bay Area airports offering scheduled service ( 8. 4 million annual passengers in 2011 ), with less than a quarter of the passengers of the region's major international airport San Francisco International Airport ( SFO ), and fewer passengers than Oakland International Airport ( OAK ).
Despite the addition of service, Frontier Airlines pulled out of SJC in May 2010, citing lack of profitability on its single flight from the airport to Denver, Colorado.

Despite and paid
Despite a booming growth in American periodicals around this time period, fueled in part by new technology, many did not last beyond a few issues and publishers often refused to pay their writers or paid them much later than they promised.
Despite some opposition, the Burgundian and Provençal nobles paid homage to Conrad in Zürich in 1034.
Despite the complexity of making the map, Beck was paid just five guineas for the work.
Despite some opposition, the Burgundian and Provençal nobles paid homage to Conrad in Zürich in 1034.
Despite the lackluster box office receipts from her more recent films, in 1949, she negotiated a four-film contract with Warner Bros., which paid $ 10, 285 per week and made her the highest-paid woman in the United States.
: Despite this, Serling did end up producing an idea from an industry outsider when he paid Madelon Champion $ 500 for the idea on which this episode was based, an idea that came up in a social conversation between the two.
Despite these shortcomings, the failed attempts to gather water and repair the casks that were issued ultimately caused Córdoba to distribute his remaining sailors and abandon his smallest ship, a brigantine paid for on credit.
Despite the rather poetic homage paid to it in the 1968 song, MacArthur Park became known for violence after 1985 when drug-dealing, shoot-outs and the occasional rumored drowning became commonplace, with as many as 30 murders in 1990.
Despite this shift in policy, Philip does not seem to have been particularly bellicose ; early on he noted that having inherited such a large empire, war somewhere across his domains was an inevitable condition, and he appeared genuinely upset when he came to power and contemplated how much the people of Castile had paid ' in blood ' to support the wars of his royal predecessors.
Despite the group's success, however, Brown felt the group was never rightfully paid the money they felt they had earned from their success, later saying " the most I saw from all the tours and all of the records we sold was $ 500 and a VCR.
Despite the competition, and later competition from the railways, the canal company paid dividends to its shareholders until the turn of the 19th century, although profits fell steadily from the 1860s.
Despite a general consensus, codified in the federal Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act, that emergency care must be provided even to the indigent, it is not widely accepted in the United States that the availability of broader health care should be considered a right and paid for by public funds.
Despite NTL Ireland turning a profit, in May 2005, NTL sold their Dublin, Galway, and Waterford cable business ( which they had acquired in 1999 for € 825 million from the Irish government ) to UGC Europe for € 325 million — this after having spent in excess of € 100 million on network infrastructure ( i. e. making a gross loss of € 500 million-more than 50 %-over what they paid ).
Despite this success, Lane's compulsive generosity with her family and friends often found her strapped for cash and forced to work on material that paid well, but did not engage her growing interests in political theory and world history.
Despite being one of the highest paid animators at Disney, Babbitt was sympathetic to the cause of lower echelon Disney artists seeking to form a union.
( Despite the charitable nature of the movie, Fields was paid $ 15, 000 for his appearance, and he was never able to perform in person for the armed services.
Despite this, Communist and other anti-Francoist parties in Spain continue to use a higher death toll among both paid ordinary and convict workers at the shrine.
Despite providing an exciting climax to the season, the race wasn't successful from the hosts ' standpoint, as the promoters barely broke even ; when prize money checks bounced, Charles Moran and Briggs Cunningham paid the money to save face for their country.
Despite the band's comic veneer, Lunceford always maintained professionalism in the music befitting a former teacher ; this professionalism paid off and during the apex of swing in the 1930s, the Orchestra was considered the equal of Duke Ellington's, Earl Hines ' or Count Basie's.
Despite these hindrances, Gian Gastone, aged 52, commenced his reign with a burst of ebullience, releasing prisoners, abolishing exorbitant taxes, " Pensions on the Creed "— monies paid to converts to Christianity — and public executions.
Despite the equalisation of rates, the dispute regarding the moneys paid for outdoor relief would continue for some years until the abolition of the Poor Law Unions, and therefore Poplar's power to provide outdoor relief, under the Local Government Act 1929.
Despite a conservative political climate in the United States, the magazine quickly a critical mass of subscribers, with its paid circulation rising to 2, 500 in 1950 and to 6, 000 in 1954.
Despite its short life, the Popular Front government passed much important legislation, including the 40-hour week, paid holidays for the workers, collective bargaining on wage claims and the nationalisation of the arms industry.
Despite the Treasury refusing to help by extending the coal and wine dues which paid for the Board, it went ahead with the plans, but saw its Private Bill rejected by the House of Commons.

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