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Despite and popularity
Despite its popularity with young consumers, it is critically discussed in European media, NGOs, political parties, and market surveillance regarding its nutritional values, choking hazards, and traces of unwanted chemical substances.
Despite this campaign Chaplin was a favourite with the troops, and his popularity continued to grow worldwide.
Despite Confucianism losing popularity to Taoism and Buddhism, Neo-Confucianism combined those ideas into a more metaphysical framework.
Despite the drop on popularity of the romantic dramas, some of them have enjoyed big box office and critical success, as the controversial, groundbreaking Brokeback Mountain ( 2005 ) for example, that won several awards and Slumdog Millionaire ( 2008 ), a critically acclaimed romantic-drama that has been nominated for ten Academy Awards, and went on to win eight of them, including Best Picture.
Despite considerable popularity amongst the people, Madero ´ s administration soon encountered opposition both from more radical revolutionaries and from remnants of the former regime.
Despite the disdain of the British media, Brooks's overall popularity in the country was evident, with a top disc jockey, Nick Barraclough, referring to Brooks as Garth Vader ( a play on Darth Vader ) for his " invasion " of the charts and his success in the country genre.
Despite the initial popularity of the measure, the newspapers praised Cleveland's veto.
Despite Australian rules football's huge popularity in the state of Tasmania, the state does not have a team in the Australian Football League.
Despite more than a century of exposure to Western classical music and two centuries of British colonialism, classical music in India has never gained more than ' fringe ' popularity.
Despite efforts to restore ( or at least improve ) the popularity of the Conservative party, Labour remained far ahead in the opinion polls as the 1997 election loomed, despite the economic boom that had followed the exit from recession four years earlier, and the swift fall in unemployment.
Despite its decline in facial popularity, realists continue to influence a wide spectrum of jurisprudential schools today, including critical legal studies, feminist legal theory, critical race theory, sociology of law and law and economics.
Despite the rise in popularity of feature films in 1912 – 1913 from independent producers and foreign imports, the MPPC was very reluctant to make the changes necessary to distribute such longer films.
Despite the popularity of Gayoom, those connected to the former President hired ex-SAS mercenaries in 1980 to carry out a coup to oust him.
Despite coup attempts in 1980, 1983, and 1988, Gayoom's popularity remained strong, allowing him to win three more presidential terms.
Despite serious domestic turmoil, the patriotism engendered by Morocco ’ s participation in the Middle East conflict and by the events in Western Sahara contributed to Hassan ’ s popularity and strengthened his hand politically.
Despite the score's continued popularity, Gone with the Wind failed to win an Oscar for him.
Despite the boycott, Kahane's popularity grew among the Israeli public, especially among working-class Sephardi Jews.
Despite this, Najibullah was not the only choice the Soviets had ; a GRU report claimed he was unfit to be leader considering the fact that he was a Pashtun nationalist, a stance which could decrease the regimes popularity even more.
Despite the lesser radio play and popularity, some nu metal bands still gain commercial success.
Despite his popularity, Francia trampled on human rights, imposing a police state based on espionage, threats and force.
Despite the relative popularity of the soundtracks, they have not been licensed for release outside of Japan and are only available by importing them.
Despite its popularity the game can be deadly, leaving players ' bodies catatonic in the real world.
Despite the popularity of the DISCiPLE and + D systems, most software released for them took the form of utility software.
Despite ZZ Top's popularity and success in the 1970s, it wasn't until the 1980s that they started winning major awards and honors.

Despite and these
Despite these facts the question ``::
Despite these achievements, the influence of Aristotle's errors is considered by some to have held back science considerably.
Despite being able to crawl on land, many of these prehistoric tetrapodomorph fish still spent most of their time in the water.
Despite these facts, most mathematicians accept the axiom of choice as a valid principle for proving new results in mathematics.
Despite these activities, for some time, the Alemanni seem to have continued their pagan cult activities, with only superficial or syncretistic Christian elements.
Despite these troubles Andronikos III secured the extension of Byzantine control over Thessaly in 1333 and Epirus in 1337, by taking advantage of succession crises in these principalities.
Despite these constraints especially those deputies that are elected directly normally try to keep close contact with their constituents and to help them with their problems, particularly when they are related to federal policies or agencies.
Despite the failure of Philip's Bastarnae strategy, the suspicion aroused by these events in the Roman Senate, which had been warned by the Dardani of the Bastarnae invasion, ensured the demise of Macedonia as an independent state.
Despite significant efforts, British control of Northern European waters rendered these ambitions impractical in the short term, and the Royal Navy remained firmly in control of the Atlantic Ocean.
Despite these shortcomings, and his promise to step down at the end of the transition, Bozizé contested the 13 March 2005 presidential elections in which all of the leading opposition candidates were allowed to run except for Patassé.
Despite these achievements, Attlee's government failed to introduce the comprehensive education for which many socialists had hoped ( as a means of making the educational system less meritoric ).
Despite these problems, one of the main achievements of Attlee's government was the maintenance of near full employment.
Despite these efforts, Cairo's population has doubled since the 1960s, reaching close to seven million ( with an additional ten million in its urban area ).
Despite rejecting these terms, Constantius still tried to avert war with the Sassanid Empire by sending two embassies to Shapur II.
Despite these complaints, Clement is generally not considered a heretic in the Catholic Church, but such concerns about his orthodoxy led to him being removed from the Roman martyrology in 1586, and he is not revered as a saint in contemporary Roman Catholicism.
Despite the differences between comparative law and these other legal fields, comparative law helps inform all of these areas of normativity.
Despite the lack of complexity, there does seem to be forethought and skill in making these tools and should be considered such.
Despite the recession of the late 1950s, the company sold $ 94, 000 worth of these modules during 1958 alone, turning a profit at the end of its first year.
Despite these improvements, a second invasion by the former Katangan gendarmerie, known as Shaba II in May – June 1978, was only dispersed with the despatch of the French 2e régiment étranger de parachutistes and a battalion of the Belgian Paracommando Regiment.
Despite these uncertainties, there is agreement that destruction of rainforests remains a significant environmental problem.
Despite these advances in Cognitive psychology, there is still much to be discovered in terms of the operating mechanisms of declarative memory.
Despite these grand designs Domitian was determined to govern the Empire conscientiously and scrupulously.

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