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Despite and regard
Despite the honey bee's painful sting and the stereotype of insects as pests, bees are generally held in high regard.
Despite rising investments, foreign investors still regard Vietnam as a risky destination, as confirmed by recent survey by the Japan External Trade Organization of Japanese companies operating in Vietnam.
Despite the name, the grandfather paradox does not exclusively regard the impossibility of one's own birth.
Despite the apparent evils of Baudelaire, author of Les fleurs du mal, he had once remarked, in regard to the artist, that " The more a man cultivates the arts, the less randy he becomes ... Only the brute is good at coupling, and copulation is the lyricism of the masses.
Despite the healthy fear with which the worshipers ( and even the Loa themselves ) regard him, he is also viewed as a necessary evil ; there must always be a Kalfu to balance Legba, and a force of overwhelming creativity and expression, even if that expression often takes horrifying forms.
Despite his apparent malevolence, Svidrigaïlov is similar to Raskolnikov in regard to his random acts of charity.
Despite the re-branding, the ' Scottish Executive ' still uses the original description for a number of purposes ( s. 44 of the Scotland Act defines the nature of the body but does not use the words " shall be known as " with regard to a name as is the case with various other bodies whose names are thus fixed by statute ).
About three years later his seigniory of Saint-Simon in Vermandois was erected into a duchy, and he was created a peer of France. Despite the estrangement of later years, he had a true regard for the King, and brought his son up to revere him as the model of kingship.
Despite having had to reprimand Charbonneau with regard to his duties ( October 27, 1805 ) and having intervened in a marital dispute in which Charbonneau hit his wife ( Sacagawea ) ( August 14 of that year ), Clark offered to set up Charbonneau and his family in St. Louis after the expedition.
Despite a reputation for hard work, Chongzhen's paranoia, impatience, stubbornness and lack of regard for the plight of his people doomed his crumbling empire.
Despite the fact that he overthrew the kingdom of Goryeo, and purged officials who remained loyal to the old regime, many regard him as a revolutionary and a decisive ruler who disposed the inept, obsolete and crippled governing system to save the nation from many foreign forces and conflicts.
Despite his criminal conviction for embezzlement, followers of the Bund continued to hold him in high regard, in line with the classical precepts of Fuhrerprinzip common to all Nazis.
Despite the high regard he was held in during his lifetime, his present fame does not match the esteem bestowed on Caravaggio, Bernini, and Borromini.
Despite the improvements in performance seen across a range of studies, one limitation of the contextual interference effect is the uncertainty with regard to the cause of performance improvements as so many variables are constantly manipulated.
Despite his regard for Chad, Theodore ordered him to ride on long journeys and went so far as to lift him into the saddle on one occasion.
Despite this, recent Theosophists and Anthroposophists have tried to incorporate the facts of geology and paleontology into their cosmology and spiritual evolution ( in Anthroposophy Hermann Poppelbaum is a particularly creative thinker in this regard ).
Despite the early public criticism, Jenkins has established himself as one of the most recognisable figures in Welsh rugby and many rugby fans hold him in extremely high regard.
Despite ( or perhaps because of ) his constant toadying, Melchett views Darling with a great deal of contempt, and although claiming to regard him as a son, takes pains to point out that he's certainly not a favorite, but rather a " sort of spotty, illegitimate sprog that no one really likes ".
Despite their models being small and often quite underpowered ( especially with regard to American and other German opponents ) Porsche enjoyed some success in the race, mainly class wins, which was a testament to the reliability engendered by the Volkswagen Beetle ancestry of their cars.
Despite being noted as one of Akira Kurosawa's most critically renowned postwar films, Nora Inu was once not held in such high regard by the director himself.
Despite this, however, Trevor Bannister held him in very high regard, saying of him that he was a " wicked old man but a wonderful man.
Despite the fact that she smokes somebody's cigarettes in every episode, usually Sally's, she doesn't regard herself as a smoker.
Despite his relatively low ODI average, Jayawardene is considered to be one of the best batsmen produced by Sri Lanka and is generally held in high regard as a legend of the modern game along with team-mate Kumar Sangakkara.
Despite having fought for independence by Nehru ’ s side, and without regard for his own advanced age ( Rajaji was 80 by then ), Rajaji decided to act to block Nehru ’ s onslaught on freedom.

Despite and which
Despite popular opinion, Limbo, which was elaborated upon by theologians beginning in the Middle Ages, never entered into the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church, yet, at times, the church incorporated the theory in its ordinary belief.
Despite the frequency with which this name is used as a polemical label, there has been no historically continuous survival of Arianism into the modern era.
Amalric was pious and attended mass every day, although he also " is said to have absconded himself without restraint to the sins of the flesh and to have seduced married women …" Despite his piety he taxed the clergy, which they naturally opposed.
Despite this all of the games released on ROM were packaged as ' serial ROMS ', from which the micro would load programs into main memory in exactly the same way as if it were loading from tape.
* Despite its heritage, Applesoft lacked commands common to most other Microsoft BASIC interpreters, such as INSTR ( which searched for a substring in a given string ; this had to be done manually with loops and the MID $ function ), PRINT USING ( which formatted numbers with commas and currency signs according to a format string ), and INKEY $ ( which checked for a keypress without stopping the program as Applesoft's GET command — analogous to the INPUT $ function — did, although a PEEK location did provide this functionality ).
Despite the outstanding victories, Germany was near defeat, which meant that Bulgaria would be left without its most powerful ally.
Despite the fundamental importance and frequent necessity of statistical reasoning, there may nonetheless have been a tendency among biologists to distrust or deprecate results which are not qualitatively apparent.
Despite its label as an England side, the team which toured South Africa in 1891 contained several Scots.
Despite this, many knockoffs have been found, including college T-shirts which show Calvin and Hobbes binge drinking or Calvin urinating on a logo.
Despite the failure of Philip's Bastarnae strategy, the suspicion aroused by these events in the Roman Senate, which had been warned by the Dardani of the Bastarnae invasion, ensured the demise of Macedonia as an independent state.
Despite their embrace of the principle of rectilinear inertia and the recognition of the kinematical relativity of apparent motion ( which underlies whether the Ptolemaic or the Copernican system is correct ), natural philosophers of the seventeenth century continued to consider true motion and rest as physically separate descriptors of an individual body.
Despite the setbacks, Chaplin was soon writing a new film script, The Freak, a story of a winged girl found in South America, which he intended as a starring vehicle for his daughter, Victoria Chaplin.
Despite these shortcomings, and his promise to step down at the end of the transition, Bozizé contested the 13 March 2005 presidential elections in which all of the leading opposition candidates were allowed to run except for Patassé.
Despite a general selling of state property and contrary to neoliberal prescriptions, the regime retained the lucrative state owned mining company CODELCO which stands for about 30 % of government income.
Despite these achievements, Attlee's government failed to introduce the comprehensive education for which many socialists had hoped ( as a means of making the educational system less meritoric ).
Despite this, Chicago engaged St. Louis in a see-saw battle for first place into August, but the Cardinals played to a torrid 20 – 6 pace that month, designating their rivals to battle in the Wild Card race, from which they were eliminated in the season's final week.
Despite the club's poor record, several Rockies hitters gained notoriety for their exploits at the plate, assisted by the thin and dry air of Denver, which purportedly allows balls to carry farther than they would at sea-level ballparks.
Despite the ambiguity of Locke's definition of property, which limited property to " as much land as a man tills, plants, improves, cultivates, and can use the product of ", this principle held great appeal to individuals possessed of great wealth.
Despite the consensus of public health professionals regarding the benefits of vaccination, among chiropractors there are significant disagreements over the subject, which has led to negative impacts on both public vaccination and mainstream acceptance of chiropractic.
Despite this, by September 1960, following the four-way division of the country, there were four separate armed forces: Mobotu's ANC itself, numbering about 12, 000, the South Kasai Constabulary loyal to Albert Kalonji ( 3, 000 or less ), the Katanga Gendarmerie which were part of Moise Tshombe's regime ( totalling about 10, 000 ), and the Stanleyville dissident ANC loyal to Antoine Gizenga ( numbering about 8, 000 ).
Despite the critical role that dendrites play in the computational tendencies of neurons, very little is known about the process by which dendrites orient themselves in vivo and are compelled to create the intricate branching pattern unique to each specific neuronal class.
Despite his unprecedented use of Army troops to enforce a federal desegregation order at Central High School in Little Rock, Eisenhower was criticized for his reluctance to support the civil rights movement to the degree which activists wanted.

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