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Despite and their
Despite his defense of himself in the final paper of the Englishman and in his speech before the House, their efforts were successful.
Despite their adherence to the status quo, the forces of organized religion were compelled to make adjustments as increasing civilization augmented human knowledge.
Despite their efforts, the problems seemed to grow graver all the time.
Despite the excitement being caused by the trial and sentence of John Brown, Rhode Islanders turned their attention to the state elections.
Despite the opposition of the city newspapers, the Pratt Hall meeting `` brought together a very respectable audience, composed in part of those who had been distinguished for years for their radical views upon the subject of slavery, of many of our colored citizens, and of those who were attracted to the place by the novelty of such a gathering ''.
Despite being able to crawl on land, many of these prehistoric tetrapodomorph fish still spent most of their time in the water.
Despite this, Babbage's work fell into historical obscurity and the Analytical Engine was unknown to builders of electro-mechanical and electronic computing machines in the 1930s and 1940s when they began their work, resulting in the need to re-invent many of the architectural innovations Babbage had proposed.
Despite these activities, for some time, the Alemanni seem to have continued their pagan cult activities, with only superficial or syncretistic Christian elements.
Despite their avowed claim to appeal to the entire state, in 2009 the Diamondbacks moved their Triple-A Pacific Coast League farm team, the Tucson Sidewinders, to Reno, where they are now known as the Aces.
Despite their dedication to their jobs, however, the citizens of Mega Tokyo tend to dislike and distrust members of the A. D. Police, seeing them as corrupt and ineffectual.
Despite several differences in definitions, their importance becomes apparent as different methods of analysis when applied to acid – base reactions for gaseous or liquid species, or when acid or base character may be somewhat less apparent.
Despite having no experience with women, their other signature traits are a shared obsession with sex, and their tendency to chuckle and giggle whenever they hear words or phrases that can even remotely be construed as sexual or scatological.
Despite the presence of more than 9, 000 UN forces ( UNOCI ) in Côte d ' Ivoire since 2004, ethnic conflict continues to spread into neighboring states who can no longer send their migrant workers to work in Ivorian cocoa plantations.
Despite these constraints especially those deputies that are elected directly normally try to keep close contact with their constituents and to help them with their problems, particularly when they are related to federal policies or agencies.
Despite their difficulties in New Zealand the tour proved a raging success on-field for the British and Irish.
Despite Orkney ’ s protestations, Cadogan insisted on compliance and, reluctantly, Orkney gave the word for his troops to fall back to their original positions on the edge of the plateau of Jandrenouille.
Despite the opposition of some of their number, the Israelites assemble and send away their foreign wives and children.
Despite their appearance at the end of the Book of Judges, certain characters ( like Jonathan, the grandson of Moses ) and idioms present in the epilogue show that the therein " must have taken place ... early in the period of the judges.
Despite their trials, God will not desert his people.
Despite being short on cash at times, he often refused money that his friends offered him out of their own pockets.

Despite and proximity
Despite his long association with and close proximity to the Buddha, Ananda was only a stream-winner prior to the Buddha ’ s death.
Despite its many faults, the wheellock was a significant improvement over the matchlock in terms of both convenience and safety, since it eliminated the need to keep a smoldering match in proximity to loose gunpowder.
Despite its proximity to Albany the county has remained relatively rural.
Despite its proximity to Texas ( which has no state personal income tax ), Miller County residents are not exempt from Arkansas's state personal income tax unless they reside within the city limits of Texarkana.
Despite its close proximity to Toledo, Bedford Township is part of the Monroe Metropolitan Area and part of the larger Detroit-Ann Arbor-Flint CSA.
Despite its small size, Lordstown continues to grow slowly ; people seeking housing in the area are drawn to its rural appearance, abundance of buildable land, and proximity to downtown Warren.
Despite its proximity to the Irish Sea, the temperature regime is similar to areas further inland, owing to the shelter provided by the Pennines to the northeast and the Welsh Mountains to the southwest.
Despite the fact that Warren Hastings overlooked the island before settling upon Penang in 1786, the Riau Archipelago was an attractive choice just to the south of the Malay Peninsula, for its proximity to Malacca.
Despite such great differences, many religious structures are located in close proximity with one another.
Despite the close proximity, many inhabitants of the Black Country resist hints at any relationship to people living in Birmingham, which may be called " Brum-a-jum " ( Birmingham's colloquial name is Brummagem, a corruption of its older name of Bromwichamand hence West Bromwich ) or Birminam ( missing the g and h out and saying it the way it's spelt ).
Despite the proximity of the blast to his face, he retained his sight.
Despite its proximity to both Brooklands and Wisley airfields ( both active until the early 1970s ), Cobham saw relatively few aircraft crashes.
Despite its proximity to Liège, the territory of Herstal did not become part of the Bishopric of Liège until 1740, date at which the prince-bishop Georges-Louis de Berghes bought it from Frederick II of Prussia.
Despite its proximity to the University of Warwick on Coventry's southern outskirts, it has only a small student population of mostly postgraduate students, although many staff at the university choose to live in Kenilworth.
Despite its proximity to lead mines and salt springs, the majority of its population came as farmers during the 1750s and 1760s, and they primarily grew wheat, corn and tobacco.
Despite its proximity to Earth it is a dim magnitude 15 and can only be seen through large telescopes.
Despite the proximity to the large winter numbers in Great Britain, only very small numbers occur in Ireland and France.
Despite its proximity to the Earth, this star is too dim to be seen with the naked eye.
Despite its close proximity to Camberley, Sandhurst is also home to a large and well-known out-of-town mercantile development.
Despite this history of participation, relations between African Americans and Jews have sometimes been strained by their close proximity and class differences, especially in New York and other urban areas.
Despite its close proximity, it was not directly involved in the pottery industry, and it strongly opposed attempts to add it in 1930 with a postcard poll showing residents opposing it by a majority of 97. 4 %.
Despite its proximity, there was no infrastructure for basic services including schooling for children.
Despite their proximity, the two villages have historically been divided, Skelmorlie in Ayrshire and Wemyss Bay in Renfrewshire.
Despite the close proximity of the Head Office, Bank Road closed in 2007 as part of a restructuring exercise.

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