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Despite and modest
Despite the recent modest and stable growth, Djibouti is faced with many economic challenges, particularly job creation and poverty reduction.
Despite its modest critical and commercial success in Italy, and its warm reception by French critics, it failed to interest North American distributors.
Despite being modest in number ( perhaps 7, 000 units total as of 1988 ), Lisp machines commercially pioneered many now-commonplace technologies – including effective garbage collection, laser printing, windowing systems, computer mice, high-resolution bit-mapped graphics, computer graphic rendering, and networking innovations like CHAOSNet.
Despite its modest length ( 74 km ), it is the third largest river in Europe in terms of average discharge ( after the Volga and the Danube ).
Despite the economy's general expansion after 1983, however, inflation threatened its modest gains, as did serious fiscal and balance-of-payments deficits and the growing debt.
Despite only modest military successes, Henry and his allies now controlled the south-west, the Midlands and much of the north of England.
Despite its modest beginnings in the 18th century, it would radically change human society and the environment.
Despite a modest increase in specific impulse, implementation is limited due to the increased hazards of the high-explosive additives.
Despite their relatively modest height compared with some continental ranges, walking and climbing in the Scottish mountains may be made treacherous by their latitude and exposure to Atlantic and Arctic weather systems.
Despite this modest start, in less than two years Watson had risen to a vice-presidency at Thompson.
Despite only modest military successes, Henry and his allies now controlled the south-west, the Midlands and much of the north of England.
Despite Jacob Rothkowitz's modest income, the family was highly educated, and able to speak Russian, Yiddish and Hebrew.
Despite modest success, Rothko still needed to supplement his income, and in 1929 he began giving classes in painting and clay sculpture at the Center Academy, where he remained as teacher until 1952.
Despite its modest population, Traverse City functions as the major commercial nexus for a seven-county area totaling over and, along with cross-peninsula counterpart Alpena, is one of Northern Lower Michigan's two anchor cities.
Despite a quiet, modest manner, and his politically moderate stance, he was a witty, often scathing speaker.
Despite a steady but modest income from selling cheeses and shoes, Hannah Stone had to beg her husband for money to buy clothing and other necessities for the family.
Despite an appearance on ABC-TV's popular Thank Your Lucky Stars, the single peaked at a modest No. 35 in the UK, a relative failure compared to début releases of Epstein's most successful artists ( The Beatles, Gerry & The Pacemakers and Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas ).
Despite the modest chart success of those singles and of Upstairs at Eric's ( which reached No. 92 on the album chart ), by 1989 ( seven years after its release ), word of mouth helped to push the album to platinum status for sales of over one million copies.
Despite the fact that the initial WebTV sales had been modest, Mundie expressed that Microsoft was impressed with WebTV and saw significant potential both in WebTV's product offering and in applying the technology to other Microsoft consumer and video product offerings.
Despite involving many of Hong Kong's top stars, the film's profits had been modest, so Wong was not given the opportunity to follow it up, yet as he moved onto other films, he had always retained the dream of doing so.
Despite its modest 8. 4: 1 compression, it was as strong as many earlier engines with higher gross power ratings ; yet like all other 1972-model engines, it could perform on low-octane regular leaded, low-lead or unleaded gasolines.
Despite its modest budget, Trafic was still very much a Tati film, carefully staged and choreographed in its scenes and effects.
Despite their modest income, Mary Adelaide had expensive tastes and lived an extravagant life of parties, expensive food and clothes, and holidays abroad.
Despite the modest incomes of the Duke and Duchess, they lived remarkable lives of social engagements, leading to the build-up of large debts.

Despite and initiative
Despite Frankish advances in the years that followed, Alaric was not afraid to take the military initiative when it presented itself.
Despite this, some towns, like Alcácer do Sal in 1217, were conquered from the Moors by the private initiative of noblemen.
Despite such voyages ceasing with his death in 1817, his private initiative served to arouse public interest.
Despite the hostility of the mainstream official press and intimidation by Soviet Estonian authorities, dozens of local citizens ' committees were elected by popular initiative all over the country.
Despite the objections of his subordinates, Hooker withdrew his men to the defensive lines around Chancellorsville, ceding the initiative to Lee.
Despite this noticeable executive action, Chamberlain was mistrustful of central authority and bureaucracy, preferring to give local communities the responsibility to act on their own initiative.
Despite the fact that he supported Sadat's peace initiative, King Hussein refused to take part in the peace talks ; Begin offered Jordan little to gain and Hussein also feared he would isolate Jordan from the Arab world and provoke Syria and the PLO if he engaged in the peace talks as well.
Despite extensive restrictions, limitations, and hardships, Decembrists believed that they could improve their situation through personal initiative.
Despite large reductions in Soviet conventional forces since 1956, the construction of the Berlin Wall, made under initiative of the East German authorities, created a source of tension with the West.
Despite a restructuring initiative introduced in 2006 the turnaround could not be achieved in 2007 or in the first half of 2008 leading to the winding up of proceedings.
Despite his irresponsibility and highly destructive urges, Hammer always ends up getting his man ( or woman ), often through sheer luck, brute force, the initiative of his partner, or some times a flash of brilliance.
Despite having the initiative, the 6th Army failed to obtain a quick victory.
Despite that record, the IGAD initiative promulgated the 1994 Declaration of Principles ( DOP ) that aimed to identify the essential elements necessary to a just and comprehensive peace settlement ; i. e., the relationship between religion and the state, power-sharing, wealth-sharing, and the right of self-determination for the south.
Despite forming one of the two legislative chambers of the Union, it has weaker powers than the Council in some limited areas, and does not have legislative initiative.
Despite having condemned this legislation as unworkable after an anti-grizzly bear hunting initiative by her husband, proponent Paul George failed to gather and submit sufficient signatures, Carr threw the energies into this campaign which, although it too failed to gather sufficient signatures in all but four ridings, The nearly 100, 000 signatures gathered created the largest voting reform organization in the province and increased awareness and support amongst Greens and non-Greens alike for electoral reform.
Despite 12, 000 Nordhorners ’ protest signatures gathered by the Pro Grafschaft initiative, the project was endorsed by a majority of the local politicians and in the end put into action.
Despite the support of over half of the Members of the United Nations, a number of major international powers have expressed opposition to the initiative, including India, China, Indonesia, and Malaysia.
Despite these accusations and perceptions, all official PSI documentation and press releases state that PSI does not target any particular state, and that individual nations within the initiative are able to make self-determinations on what shipments are targeted.
Despite the initiative of starting a new trade union international in direct competition with the previously existing Amsterdam international, the Profintern in its initial phase continued to insist that its strategy was not to " snatch out of the unions the best and most conscious workers ," but rather to remain in the existing unions in order to " revolutionize " them.
Despite legislation that capped Chicago charters at 30, former CPS schools chief Arne Duncan and Mayor Daley allowed many new charter schools to open under the auspices of a single charter within the Renaissance 2010 initiative.
Despite a super majority Republican Legislature that opposed virtually every executive initiative, the Gutierrez-Bordallo administration was successful in guiding the island through the rough waters of economic downturns throughout the region.

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