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Detailed and analysis
* Detailed analysis from Sparknotes
* Detailed video analysis
Detailed computer analysis has been done to determine the ideal strategy, but this requires memorizing large tables ; a close approximation can be done with only a few rules of thumb: when playing in a casino and in doubt, a player can always ask that his hand be set house way.
Detailed analysis of the type used in his 42-line Bible has revealed irregularities in some of the characters that cannot be attributed to ink spread or type wear under the pressure of the press.
* Detailed plot summary and analysis of The Rose Tattoo
Detailed socio-demographic analysis and information about Kingston can be found in the Kingston Community Profile, 2009: A Socio-Demographic Analysis of Kingston, Ontario Canada published by the Social Planning Council of Kingston and District ( SPCKD ).
* Detailed analysis and recordings review of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata
Detailed analysis of call similarity suggests that the Asiatic and Ethiopian races diverged from the western subspecies early in evolutionary history, and that Italian Red-billed Choughs are more closely allied to the North African subspecies than to those of the rest of Europe.
Detailed with an analysis of the paradoxes for organizational learning in schools, two mechanisms for professional development and organizational learning, ( 1 ) steering information about teaching and learning and ( 2 ) encouraging interaction among teachers and workers, are defined as critical for effective organizational learning.
Detailed analysis of the generator makes it clear that the source of randomness is thermal, not quantum.
* Hellas: Net: The Erechteum: Detailed analysis
Detailed analysis of these deposits suggests that the slope failure did not occur as a single event but a series of smaller failures over a period of hours or days.
* University of Strathclyde ESRU -- Detailed analysis of marine energy resource, current energy capture technology appraisal and environmental impact outline
Detailed analysis of Beard's historiography.
Detailed theoretical analysis proved that the Smoluchowski theory is valid only for sufficiently thin DL, when particle radius a is much greater than the Debye length:
* Detailed description and analysis
* Detailed plot summary and analysis of " The Glass Menagerie "
Detailed analysis by Feynman and others showed why it cannot actually do this.
* Detailed summary and analysis of the play
Detailed analysis of impacts, adaptation, and enhanced sequestration are quite complicated and beyond the scope of this report.
Detailed analysis of the origin and modification of the flint artefacts leads to the conclusion that the assemblage was probably a product of geomorphological processes rather than human work, but a single cut-marked bone suggests a human presence.
Detailed analysis of the conflict with Mao after the Zunyi Conference.
* Detailed medical analysis of the drug
Detailed analysis of the Voyager 2 images revealed azimuthal variations in the brightness of the λ ring.

Detailed and shows
The Nutrition Source, a website maintained by the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health, summarizes the current evidence on the impact of dietary fat: " Detailed research — much of it done at Harvard — shows that the total amount of fat in the diet isn't really linked with weight or disease.
Detailed in their lyrics, liner notes, comprehensive website and now television series, The Aquabats have developed a small but elaborate universe surrounding this mythology, describing the band's fictional adventures as well as conceiving an extensive roster of enemies and allies, many of whom are the subjects of specific songs and have appeared as part of the band's stage shows in mock fight scenes or comedic skits.
Detailed geological mapping shows that the distribution and orientation of vents and feeder dykes within the volcano have shifted from a triple rift system ( typical of most oceanic island volcanoes ) to one consisting of a single north-south rift.
Detailed study shows that the specimen of Suchomimus was a subadult about 11 meters ( 36 ft ) in length and weighing between 2. 9t and 4. 8t, but scientists think that it may have grown to about 12 meters ( 40 ft ) long, approaching the size of Tyrannosaurus.
Detailed demographic data on the Northern Aché population ( based on extensive interviews with survivors ) shows that 38 % of the population died from contact related respiratory disease during this time period.

Detailed and class
ISBN 978-0-14-043631-0 ( Detailed history of Darwin's views on race, sex, and class )

Detailed and is
Detailed information on record lengths of the giants is given in the section that follows.
Detailed morphological and molecular studies have shown that the group is not actually monophyletic, with proposed floral homologies of the gnetophytes and the angiosperms having evolved in parallel.
Detailed studies have been made in the anthropological and sociological customs of patrilineal succession, is also known as gavelkind, where only male children can inherit.
Detailed photography and text revealed that the railway is still largely in good condition, despite some natural decay.
Detailed information on the nutrients provided by a large range of foodstuffs is available in the USDA National Nutrient Database.
# Detailed knowledge exchange and integrations are difficult when the acquired firm is large and high performing.
Detailed Thermal Emission Imaging System | THEMIS daytime infrared image mosaic of Olympus Mons. Olympus Mons lies at the edge of the Tharsis bulge, a vast volcanic plateau that is very ancient.
In 2009 Margulis co-authored with seven others a paper stating " Detailed research that correlates life histories of symbiotic spirochetes to changes in the immune system of associated vertebrates is sorely needed " and urging the " reinvestigation of the natural history of mammalian, tick-borne, and venereal transmission of spirochetes in relation to impairment of the human immune system.
* Detailed Design: the process of refining and expanding the preliminary design of a system or component to the extent that the design is sufficiently complete to begin implementation.
Detailed balance ensures that there exists at least one asymptotic distribution and that this asymptotic distribution is.
Detailed photographs of the floor show that it is covered in a criss-crossing array of cracks and small hills.
Detailed balance says that the total probability of going from m to n in the stationary distribution, which is the probability of starting at m times the probability of hopping from m to n, is equal to the probability of going from n to m, so that the total back-and-forth flow of probability in equilibrium is zero along any hop.
Detailed information on John Stark is not easy to find.
Tactical Questioning is the initial screening of detainees, Detailed Interviewing takes place is the more advanced questioning of subjects.
Detailed acoustic analyses have highlighted a number of factors in a person ’ s voice that are used, one of which is the way that gay and straight men pronounce “ s ” sounds.
* Detailed Business Area Analysis: The purpose of a DBAA project is to provide detailed models as a solid basis for system design.

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