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Detailed and history
* The Big Apple Detailed research findings on the term's history from amateur etymologist Barry Popik
* Sejarah Indonesia — Detailed timeline of events in Indonesian history
* Detailed history about Severn and Keats in the years 1819-1821
* Detailed history of Miao Shan Legend of Miao Shan
* Detailed history of Kemptown
* Detailed Slovak history timeline until 1714
** Detailed history of Charles Yerkes ' involvement in the Chicago elevated railways and street car system
In 2009 Margulis co-authored with seven others a paper stating " Detailed research that correlates life histories of symbiotic spirochetes to changes in the immune system of associated vertebrates is sorely needed " and urging the " reinvestigation of the natural history of mammalian, tick-borne, and venereal transmission of spirochetes in relation to impairment of the human immune system.
* Chapel of the Ascension, Jerusalem Detailed description, history and photos
* Detailed Timeline ( Chronology ) of Israeli history and the Israeli-Arab Conflict
* Detailed history of the Baltic Germans in Estonia
* Detailed history of the Baltic Germans in Latvia
* Detailed information about the history and buildings of Leicester Square from the Survey of London
* Cannes – A Festival Virgin's Guide – Detailed festival history and information for attendees
* Detailed history of Lowell on the Lowell Public Library's website
* Detailed history of the township
* Detailed history by The Daily Star
* Detailed history of Cumberland, from History of the State of Rhode Island, by Albert J. Wright, 1878.
Detailed analysis of call similarity suggests that the Asiatic and Ethiopian races diverged from the western subspecies early in evolutionary history, and that Italian Red-billed Choughs are more closely allied to the North African subspecies than to those of the rest of Europe.
* Detailed history of the Medway Towns
* Detailed history of Bodhgaya by Ven.
* Detailed history of mid career
* Detailed history of early BBC TV broadcasts, with archive photos 2003-09-14
Detailed examinations of the history of the mathematical developments of non-European civilizations, such as the mathematics of ancient Japan, Iraq, Egypt, and of Islamic, Hebrew, and Incan civilizations, have also been presented.

Detailed and National
Detailed map of Isle Royale National Park
Detailed information on the nutrients provided by a large range of foodstuffs is available in the USDA National Nutrient Database.
Detailed information on database laws in each state can be found at the National Conference of State Legislatures website.
* Detailed article, maps, and boundary data from The National Atlas of the United States
Detailed Continuity of Operations Plans provided for monitoring the whereabouts of certain key government officials who would assume the National Command Authority if the President and / or Secretary of Defense were killed in an enemy attack.
* Receives support from the National Institutes of Health for the project, “ Modeling Disease Dynamics on Large, Detailed, Co-Evolving Networks ,” which supports ongoing work to develop high-performance computer models for the study of very large networks, which aids policymakers in making public health policy decisions.
Detailed information is published on the Office of National Statistics website.
Detailed standard definitions of gross fixed capital formation ( GFCF ) are provided by the United Nations System of National Accounts ( UNSNA ) and the IMF Balance of Payments system.
The results are published in a UN Yearbook, National Accounts Statistics: Main Aggregates and Detailed Tables, which currently ( and until the 2008 revision comes into force ) follows the 1993 recommendations.
* Detailed description of the 1836 race and information on the creation of The Grand National
* National Museum of Australia: Detailed description of Batman Land Deed

Detailed and Council
Detailed socio-demographic analysis and information about Kingston can be found in the Kingston Community Profile, 2009: A Socio-Demographic Analysis of Kingston, Ontario Canada published by the Social Planning Council of Kingston and District ( SPCKD ).
* Detailed article on the Guardian Council from Encyclopaedia Iranica
Detailed proposals and planning permission were submitted to Fingal County Council ( under whose jurisdiction Dublin Airport lies ) and approved in April 2006.
* Detailed plans followed in the 1990s with final approval from the High Council of Public Works ( Consiglio Superiore dei Lavori Pubblici ).
* ESO Council Gives Green Light to Detailed Study of the European Extremely Large Telescope Spaceref. com

Detailed and under
Detailed analysis of the type used in his 42-line Bible has revealed irregularities in some of the characters that cannot be attributed to ink spread or type wear under the pressure of the press.
Detailed map of Fredericksburg, OhioThere were 184 households out of which 34. 8 % had children under the age of 18 living with them, 57. 1 % were married couples living together, 8. 7 % had a female householder with no husband present, and 29. 9 % were non-families.
Detailed demographic data regarding income and household size has not yet been released for the 2010 Census, however the 2000 census recorded 3, 512 households out of which 36. 9 % had children under the age of 18 living with them, 57. 5 % were married couples living together, 7. 7 % had a female householder with no husband present, and 31. 3 % were non-families.
Detailed planning, training and military operations were conducted by Jacob Esterline, Colonel Jack Hawkins and Colonel Stanley W. Beerli under the direction of Richard Bissell, and his deputy Tracy Barnes.
The bookseller and publisher Zedler published this book in Leipzig under the name " Great Complete Encyclopaedia of All Sciences and Arts Which So Far Have Been Invented and Improved by Human Mind and Wit: Including the Geographical and Political Description of the Whole World According to All Monarchies, Empires, Kingdoms, Principalities, Republics, Free Sovereignties, Countries, Towns, Sea Harbors, Fortresses, Castles, Areas, Authorities, Monasteries, Mountains, Passes, Woods, Seas, Lakes ... and also a Detailed Historical and Genealogical Description of the World's Brightest and Most Famous Family Lines, the Life and Deeds of the Emperors, Kings, Electors and Princes, Great Heroes, Ministers of State, War Leaders ... ; Equally about All Policies of State, War and Law and Budgetary Business of the Nobility and the Bourgeois, Merchants, Traders, Arts.
# Detailed information concerning all persons under police surveillance, as ordered.

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