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Dick and Smith
Dick Carroll and his accordion ( which we now refer to as `` Freida '' ) held over at Bahia Cabana where `` Sir '' Judson Smith brings in his calypso capers Oct. 13.
* 1944 – Dick Smith, Australian entrepreneur and adventurer
When asked in an interview why Smith was chosen, Dick replied, " his complicity with the network's homophobic agenda rises to a level of hypocrisy that I felt was worthy of reporting.
" Memorable Colts Jimmy Orr, Billy Ray Smith, Bubba Smith, Willie Richardson, Dick Szymanski and Lou Michaels contribute to the poetry.
** Dick Smith of Dick Smith Foods tows a fake iceberg to Sydney Harbour.
* Dick Smith ( disambiguation )
Dick Robinson was also the owner of the Harry Smith Collection which was based at Hyde Hall.
The following seasons saw the Cavaliers gradually improve their on-court performance, thanks to season-by-season additions of talented players such as Bingo Smith, Jim Chones, Jim Cleamons and Dick Snyder.
Also that year, the band performed a show in Chatsworth, California which featured surprise video tributes by Dick Clark, Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith.
With funds donated by Dick Smith, the Foundation established the Mungo Visitors Centre and Laboratory in 1983.
Two ex-convicts, Richard (" Dick ") Eugene Hickock and Perry Edward Smith, were soon arrested, tried, and convicted of the killings.
* Dick Smith ( 1939 –), MLB outfielder and first baseman
This is most likely due to Dick Smith Electronics, being a leading electronics and hobbyist retailer at the time, pushing the Sorcerer quite heavily.
Notable artists who have played at The Trades Club include: Acid Mothers Temple, Bogshed, Ali Farka Touré, Astralasia, Bhundu Boys, Chumbawamba, Damo Suzuki, sicknote, Dreadzone, Dick Gaughan, notsensibles, Steve Tilston, Jah Wobble, The Unthanks, The Selecter, Dennis Rollins, Didier Malherbe, Maghribibeat, 3 Daft Monkeys, Andy Sheppard, Drum Machine Daevid Allen, Tetchi, Eat Static, Transglobal Underground, Zion Train Curved Air and Patti Smith, who donated her fee to the town's flood appeal.
* 1987 " How Excellent Is Thy Name " ( Dick & Melodie Tunney, Paul Smith )
As a result, original members Verdine White, Ralph Johnson and Andrew Woofolk returned to the band with new members guitarist / vocalist Sheldon Reynolds, lead guitarist Dick Smith, and drummer Sonny Emory.
* Episode 19 Fantasy Island, Dick Smith
The crew on board the Orbiter Challenger included the spacecraft commander, Dick Scobee, pilot Michael J. Smith ( USN ), mission specialists Dr. Ronald McNair, Lieutenant Colonel Ellison Onizuka ( USAF ), Dr. Judith Resnik, and fellow civilian payload specialist, Christa McAuliffe.
The other Challenger crew members were commander Dick Scobee, pilot Michael J. Smith, mission specialists Ronald McNair, Judith Resnik, and payload specialists Gregory Jarvis and Christa McAuliffe.
Dick the Butcher & Smith the Weaver seizing the Clerk of Chatham by Henry Bunbury ( caricaturist ) | Henry William Bunbury ( 1795 )
The crew of Engine 51 was Chester " Chet " Kelly ( Timothy " Tim " Donnelly ), Marco Lopez ( Marco Lopez, an actor using his real name, is often thought to be an actual LACoFD firefighter ), Mike Stoker ( LACoFD firefighter Mike Stoker as himself ), Captain Dick Hammer ( LACoFD Captain Richard Hammer as himself, later John Smith, first season ), Captain Henry " Hank " Stanley ( Michael Norell, remaining seasons ).

Dick and Electronics
( Formerly ' Dick Smith Electronics ')
* Tandy – Similar to Dick Smith Electronics stores, but smaller and lacking the hobbyist components ( Tandy brand is being phased out, becoming smaller Dick Smith stores ).
The Mall now boasts a food-court, Big W, 80 new specialty shops such as EB Games, Dick Smith Electronics, Beach Street Surf Scene, and many more.
The new Point Cook Town Centre has been constructed on the corner of Dunnings Road and Boardwalk Boulevard, with the development including a main street retail and commercial town centre, up to 135 specialty shops, as well as Coles, Aldi, Target, Harris Scarfe, Dick Smith Electronics, Growers Fresh, Pharmacy Select and Reject Shop outlets.
The Junction shops are located on the corner of Windsor Road and Briens Road and features a number of retailers for home furnishings, hardware, car accessories ( Supercheap Auto, Repco ), electricals like Dick Smith Electronics and food outlets Subway, Hungry Jacks, Winning Appliances and Hog's Breath.
The new extension, dubbed ' Chadstone Place ', featured a Woolworths Supermarket, First Choice Liquor, Aldi and a Dick Smith Electronics Concept Store along with an airport-style waiting area bus interchange, two new health clubs ( Contours and Fitness First Platinum ) and a crèche.
* Dick Smith Electronics
Original Dick Smith Electronics store in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales
Dick Smith ( formerly Dick Smith Electronics ) is an international electronics retailer, founded in 1968 by Richard " Dick " Smith.
On Sept 27th 2012, Woolworths announced that they would sell off Dick Smith Electronics for $ 20M to the private equity firm Anchorage Capital Partners.
The profile of Dick Smith Electronics grew.
Though many CB radio stores closed when interest waned from the early 1980s, Dick Smith Electronics survived thanks to strong sales in other areas.
Today there are about 200 company-owned Dick Smith Electronics stores, with authorised stockists in country areas.
Die-hard enthusiasts often bemoaned that Dick Smith Electronics was becoming like Tandy, a competitor in the consumer electronics business which generally stocked non-technical / non-hobbyist ranges with a small range of over-priced components in bubble-packs.
With the takeover, some Tandy stores were closed while others became Dick Smith Electronics stores.
Both stores have overlaps in their product range with DSE ( Dick Smith Electronics ) products being available in Tandy outlets.
The late 1990s saw the company establish " Dick Smith Electronics Powerhouse " super-stores across the east-coast of Australia.
In early 2008, following Woolworths ' review of its consumer electronics division, Dick Smith Electronics renovated its highly profitable Hornsby DSE store as a " concept " under the branding " Dick Smith Technology ".
After a dramatic increase in sales for the store, the Hornsby concept store ended the Christmas period of sales as the highest-selling Dick Smith Electronics store in the country. Inside the first Dick Smith concept store Hornsby DSE following its rebranding as Dick Smith Technology

Dick and has
-- The best 2-year-old pacing mile up to date at Ben White Raceway has been that of Mary Liner ( Mainliner-Highland Ellen ), a member of the Dick Williams stable, who was clocked 2:25.
The abbreviation " andy ", coined as a pejorative by writer Philip K. Dick in his novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep ?, has seen some further usage, such as within the TV series Total Recall 2070.
Many states have Arbor Day although only Victoria has Arbor Week, which was suggested by Premier Dick Hamer in the 1980s.
" J. Patton of The Bent Cover praised Jeter for " try to emulate Philip K. Dick ", adding, " This book also has all the grittiness and dark edges that the movie showed off so well, along with a very fast pace that will keep you reading into the wee hours of the night.
Researcher Dick Raynor has also questioned Edward's claims about finding a deeper bottom to Loch Ness, which he refers to as " Edwards Deep ".
She has appeared in a number of television movies, including Like Mother, Like Son, Run a Crooked Mile, Heartsounds, The Gin Game ( based on the Broadway play ; reuniting her with Dick Van Dyke ), Mary and Rhoda, Finnegan Begin Again.
The countdown show, ranking the top songs of the previous week, has been a staple of weekend radio programming since 1970 ; current hosts of countdown shows in various formats include Rick Dees, Ryan Seacrest, Jeff Foxworthy, Kix Brooks, Bob Kingsley, Crook & Chase, Randy Jackson, Walt Love, Al Gross, Dick Bartley, and ( via reruns ) Casey Kasem.
Uncle Dick has a wooden arm ; in the final Comic Relief ( 2001 ) episode, it transpires that a nurse had mistakenly placed a drip in the false arm for 18 hours after a trip to hospital after trying to remove a kidney stone with a wire coat hanger.
There has been only one update to the Mark I seen on screen, the Mark II played by Andy Dick in the episode " Message in a Bottle ", which supposedly had a " better " bedside manner than the Mark I, as well as possibly some updated medical information.
It has been suggested that Vice President Dick Cheney has been at Mount Weather from time to time, as it is the quintessential " secure undisclosed location ".
In early 2011 the Council of Europe has viewed a report on the alleged criminal activities and the alleged organ harvesting controversy by Dick Marty ; however, Mr. Marty refused to testify before the judges because of the lack of evidence.
To date, Dick Bruna has published 120 children's book titles, the most recent being " Queen Miffy " in 2007.
Since January 2009, however, he has provided narration for The Legend of Dick and Dom, a CBBC fantasy series set in the Middle Ages.
The Dutch artist Dick Bruna, creator of Miffy, has suggested that Hello Kitty is a copy of Miffy ( in Dutch: Nijntje ), being rendered in a similar style, stating disapprovingly in an interview for the British paper The Daily Telegraph:
Although he hates taking orders, Dick has no intention of becoming an officer.
Cryer has written for many noted performers, including Dave Allen, Stanley Baxter, Jack Benny, Rory Bremner, George Burns, Jasper Carrott, Tommy Cooper, Les Dawson, Dick Emery, Kenny Everett, Bruce Forsyth, David Frost, Bob Hope, Frankie Howerd, Richard Pryor, Mike Yarwood, The Two Ronnies and Morecambe and Wise.
Occasionally the story has the setting for the question being a Hendrix appearance on the Dick Cavett Show, which is also untrue, as the clip from the show in question ( in 1969 ) contains no mention of any other guitar players.
Dick Whittington and His Cat are characters in an English story adapted to the stage in 1605, which since the 19th century has become one of the most popular pantomime subjects, very loosely based on the historical Richard Whittington, a medieval Lord Mayor of London.
Kara has many boyfriends, including Richard ( Dick ) Malverne, Jerro the Merboy from Atlantis, and Brainiac 5, a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.
This idea, that Robin is in fact Dick Grayson, is further supported in Teen Titans in an episode in which Starfire travels to the future, and Robin has taken the identity of Nightwing.
Dick Cheney, the then Vice President, has stated:
The brothers have worked independently as well ; Dick has appeared as an actor in films, including a rare dramatic role as a Nevada state senator in Martin Scorsese's Casino.
There has been many new subdivisions such as communities off Warwick Road, Route 39 / 37, Pine Hill, Beaver Bog, Dick Fin, and Shortwoods Road.
The City of East Point owns the velodrome and has a long-term partnership with the The East Point Velodrome Association, Inc. ( EPVA ) to manage the Dick Lane Velodrome, and continue its use as one of the premier facilities of its kind.

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