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Different and classes
Different parallel classes get different points and these points are called points at infinity.
Different classes of antiretroviral drugs act on different stages of the HIV life cycle.
Different classes are represented in different colours.
Different nations may have different weight classes and different age categories for their levels of men's and women's freestyle and men's Greco-Roman competition.
Different classes of loads ( for example, lighting, fixed motors, and traction / railway systems ) required different voltages, and so used different generators and circuits.
Different classes may share speed limits and easement, or may be segregated.
Different combinations of the above variations produce many classes of automaton.
Different social classes in different eras boast different fashion trends, the colour yellow or red is usually reserved for the emperor.
Different languages have different word classes as open class and closed class – for example, in English, pronouns are closed class and verbs are open class ( see for example the contentious topic of gender-neutral pronouns in English and how common verbing is ), while in Japanese, pronouns are open class, while verbs are closed class – to form a new verb, one suffixes 〜 する (- suru, " to do ") to a noun – for example, " to exercise " is 運動する – " to do exercise ".
Different pesticide classes may have different effects on a pest.
Different classes can then be shaped separately to achieve a desired effect.
Different classes have different functions:
Different parts of an API ( e. g. different classes or packages ) are often linked by common syntactic and semantic conventions ( e. g. by the same asynchronous execution model, or by the same way object attributes are accessed ).
; Question classes: Different types of questions ( e. g., " What is the capital of Lichtenstein?
Different form classes can occupy a specifier position, typically determiners and possessors in noun phrases ( N ″), and an auxiliary verb in a verb phrase ( V ″).
Different classes of users are listed below, with users in chronological order according to when they are believed to have adopted the motto although actual dates of adoption are often unclear.
Different parallel classes of lines of A will receive different points at infinity.
Different classes of genoa have overlaps ; a number 1 genoa may be a 150 %, and a number 2 genoa, 125 %.
:* Different chemical classes will have different regression parameters, hence extrapolations to other chemical classes ( applying a regression equation derived from one chemical class to a second chemical class ) are not reliable.
Different classes have different special abilities and restrictions ; for instance, a thief character may be used to detect and disarm traps, can unlock some containers and doors, and can do other things as well.
Different leaders believed that the Sokol was a mass-based institution defined by its working class members, while others viewed it more as a middle class apparatus by which to educate and raise the national consciousness of the working classes.
Different classes of dyes are used for different types of fiber and at different stages of the textile production process, from loose fibers through yarn and cloth to completed garments.
Different segments may be created for different program modules, or for different classes of memory usage such as code and data segments.

Different and have
To be Katharine Ross, and work in a nicer shop somewhere, at a little more money so she could have prettier clothes, and learn ladies' manners and all like that, and get to know different people than up to now, not just the ones like her here, with foreign-sounding names, the ones went to the same church and -- Different place, different job, different people, she'd be all different too.
To his Harvard colleague, Josiah Royce, whose philosophic position differed radically from his own, James could write, `` Different as our minds are, yours has nourished mine, as no other social influence ever has, and in converse with you I have always felt that my life was being lived importantly ''.
Different cultures through history have depicted blindness in a variety of ways ; among the Greeks, for example, it was a punishment from the gods, for which the afflicted individual was often granted compensation in the form of artistic genius.
Different strategies have evolved in different animals, depending on the animals ' needs.
Different racquets have playing characteristics that appeal to different players.
Different types of biological membranes have diverse lipid and protein compositions.
Different patterns of wood bracing have been used through the years by luthiers ( Torres, Hauser, Ramírez, Fleta, and C. F.
Different grades of cream are distinguished by their fat content, whether they have been heat-treated, whipped, and so on.
Different release strategies between government have led to an international project ( IPUMS ) to co-ordinate access to microdata and corresponding metadata.
* Different scientists and their discoveries have led to the development of the current model of an atom.
Different drum sounds have different uses in music.
Different regiments and companies would have distinctive and unique drum beats which only they would recognize.
Different materials usually have different densities, so density is an important concept regarding buoyancy, purity and packaging.
Different programs can have different definitions of the same class, including only what they need.
Different individuals or nations may have different real opportunity costs of production, say from differences in stocks of human capital per worker or capital / labour ratios.
Different nations have different versions of the game.
Different types of lights have vastly differing efficiencies and color of light.
Different compounds can have the same empirical formula.
Different researchers have postulated that without the aid of modern computer graphics, early investigators were limited to what they could depict in manual drawings, so lacked the means to visualize the beauty and appreciate some of the implications of many of the patterns they had discovered ( the Julia set, for instance, could only be visualized through a few iterations as very simple drawings hardly resembling the image in Figure 3 ).
Different groups of people have responded to feminism, and both men and women have been among its supporters and critics.
Different people have different sensitivities to the reflex, but some people learn to suppress the reflex.
Different opinions have been expressed about the extent of the Median kingdom.
Different views regarding the nature of the mind have led to different conceptions of suggestion.

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