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Different and computer
Richard Dawkins in his book River Out of Eden used the computer bootstrapping concept to explain how biological cells differentiate: " Different cells receive different combinations of chemicals, which switch on different combinations of genes, and some genes work to switch other genes on or off.
Different researchers have postulated that without the aid of modern computer graphics, early investigators were limited to what they could depict in manual drawings, so lacked the means to visualize the beauty and appreciate some of the implications of many of the patterns they had discovered ( the Julia set, for instance, could only be visualized through a few iterations as very simple drawings hardly resembling the image in Figure 3 ).
Different parts of a computer program all use their own temporary values, and therefore compete for the use of the registers.
Different computer architectures vary greatly as to the number of addressing modes they provide in hardware.
Different models of the 7631 allowed the 1301 to be used with a 1410 or 7000 series computer or shared between a 7000 and a 1410 or between two 7000's.
Different countries have different needs for computer literate people due to their society standards and level of technology.
Different types of sensors built into the computer system report to the BMC on parameters such as temperature, cooling fan speeds, power status, operating system ( OS ) status, etc.
Different economic parameters, such as tax rates and investment rates, could be entered by setting the valves which controlled the flow of water about the computer.
Different areas, such as linguistics, relational algebra, and computer science incur renaming actions with different detailed activity, however the principles behind are all the same — change the name of something.

Different and operating
Different operating systems and programming languages may have different string representations of NaN.
Different operating systems handle shared libraries in different ways, and some platforms do not use shared libraries at all.
Different bearing types have different operating speed limits.
Different font backends can be used, allowing cross-platform support, so that Pango-rendered text will appear similar under different operating systems, such as Linux, Apple's Mac OS, and Microsoft Windows.
Different operating systems use different boot disk contents.
Different group companies, such as the operations in the headquarters and national operating companies began the process around the same time, however the exact dates vary for each group company.
Different operating systems use different forms of memory protection or separation.
Different operating systems set the default refresh rate differently.
; System metadata: Different operating systems have different ways of storing configuration information.
Different operating systems, and different versions of the same operating system, set different defaults for these values.
Different programming languages use different calling conventions, and so can different platforms ( CPU architecture + operating system ).
Different operating systems all use the same filename, but the files are not necessarily compatible between operating systems.
Different manufacturers choose slightly different ratios to fine-tune operating characteristics in context of anticipated application requirements.
* Different operating speed for each process recipe

Different and systems
Different state constitutions ( fundamental laws ) establish different political systems, but four major types of heads of state can be distinguished:
Different computing systems are equipped with different kinds of access control mechanisms-some may even offer a choice of different access control mechanisms.
Different systems of succession have been used, such as proximity of blood, primogeniture, and agnatic seniority ( Salic law ).
Different spatial scales are studied to determine how systems on local, regional, and global levels impact weather and climatology.
Different designs use different systems at this point.
Different pulse systems are used, varying from country to country.
Different deductive systems may be constructed so as to yield other interpretations, depending on the presumptions of the derivation rules ( i. e. belief, justification or other modalities ).
Different classes of loads ( for example, lighting, fixed motors, and traction / railway systems ) required different voltages, and so used different generators and circuits.
( Different ACL systems have a variety of different conventions regarding who or what is responsible for editing the list and how it is edited.
Different churches have different systems of clergy, though churches with similar polity have similar systems.
Different ( historical, religious ...) backgrounds have also begot significantly different dynastic and nobiliary systems, which are poorly represented by the ' closest ' western analogy.
Different datums assign slightly different coordinates to the same location, so in large scale maps, such as those from national mapping systems, it is important to match the datum to the projection.
Different manufacturers use different technology, but most systems measure an electrical characteristic, and use this to determine the glucose level in the blood.
Different aspects of climbing each have their own grading system, and many different nationalities developed their own, distinctive grading systems.
Different grading systems consider these factors in different ways, so no two grading systems have an exact one-to-one correspondence.
Different forms of climbing draw on varying forms of protection and the systems that are created from its elements.
Different citation systems and styles are used in scientific citation, legal citation, prior art, and the arts and the humanities.
Different voting systems use different types of votes.
*** Different systems of numerals
Different rack systems: from the left, Rack railway # Riggenbach | Riggenbach, Rack railway # Strub | Strub, Rack railway # Abt | Abt and Rack railway # Locher | Locher.
Different player systems have different perforation sizes, channel layouts and spool fittings though the majority conform to one or two predominant formats latterly adopted as the industry standard.

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