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Different and configurations
Different configurations can be purchased from Unicomp, including updated 104 / 105-key layouts, a " Linux " model ( where the Ctrl and Caps Lock keys, and the ESC and tilde keys, are swapped ), models with integrated Trackpoint pointing sticks or integrated trackballs, and POS-specific models, such as those with built-in magstripe readers.
Different configurations exist:
Different phase configurations use additional voltage and current coils.
Different flow configurations for reedbed treatment.
Different configurations are designated using a four digit code, similar to the numbering system used on Delta rockets.
Different double-ender configurations could package the same game with different counterparts.

Different and states
Different plate designs were used by Bavaria, W├╝rttemberg, Baden, and the other German states.
Different states have different laws and classifications on the level of transgression attached to a citation for boating under the influence.
Different states in the US vary on their labor and licensing laws.
Different states have different processes for declaring a child as adjudicated.
Different states have made provisions to this right throughout history, generally regarding the issue of self-defense.
Different animals employ different precocial and altricial strategies ; there is no clear distinction between the two states, and a wide range of intermediate states.
Different states used the word " socialism " with different meanings.
Different organolithium aggregation states are encountered in the simple deprotonation of the terminal alkyne ( phenylthio ) acetylene by n-butyllithium in THF at-135 ┬░ C, a process that can be followed by < sup > 7 </ sup > Li NMR spectroscopy:
Different experts have differing views on exactly which states are regional powers.
Different states ' dram shop acts also differ as to whether a person who becomes intoxicated and injures themselves has a cause of action against the establishment that served them.
Different law applies to dangerous dogs and female dogs as in different states they are prohibited to run at large at all times.
Different rates of VAT apply in different EU member states.
Different FQH states all have the same symmetry
Different processes may be in different states, some talking to the preferred DNS server and some talking to alternative DNS servers.
Different centuries and different states gave it a fluctuating character.
Different states of the United States have different laws.
Different layers, or strata, of the atmosphere, located at only small distances from each other, are frequently found to be in different electric states.
Different irrigation schemes have come up in above three states.

Different and body
# Different " nerve plexus within the body.
Different forms of " property " require different amounts of enforcement: intellectual property requires a great deal of state intervention to enforce, ownership of distant physical property requires quite a lot, ownership of carried objects requires very little, while ownership of one's own body requires absolutely no state intervention.
Different antelope have different body types, which can affect movement.
Different body types and organs require different amounts of radiation.
Different meters use various methods to determine the body fat to weight ratio.
Different ligands form coordination complexes which give the technetium enhanced affinity for particular sites in the human body.
Different type of grave pits were undercut to form an earthen overhang and body was placed below this ; and then top of grave was filled with bricks to form a roof structure over the grave.
Different parts of the body have different degrees of tactile acuity, with extremities such as the fingers, face, and toes being the most sensitive.
Different body parts are represented by partially overlapping areas, lined up along a fold called the central sulcus.
Different tribes may choose governance structures for themselves, but most tribes, using the democratic governments in which a Tribal Council or the equivalent functions as a legislative body and an elected or appointed Chairman has an executive role comparable to a President or Prime Minister.
Different religions and cultures have various funeral rites that accompany the disposal of a body.
Different parts of the body are emphasized by different groups.

Different and correspond
Different antibody idiotypes, each having distinctly formed complementarity determining regions, correspond to the various " locks " that can match " the keys " ( epitopes ) presented on the antigen molecule.
Different spans of time on the GTS are usually delimited by changes in the composition of strata which correspond to them, indicating major geological or paleontological events, such as mass extinctions.
Different forms and colors correspond to various geographical locations.
Different taps on the winding correspond to different voltages, measured from the common end.
Different shifts correspond to different depths.
Different stable orbits correspond to different points in the quotient, but two different semistable orbits may correspond to the same point in the quotient if their closures intersect.
Different shapes correspond to different trade-offs between beneficial characteristics, such as speed, low energy use, and maneuverability.

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