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Different and dialects
* Different dialects of a language may use different phonemes for the same word.
Different earldoms of Rus ' had different dialects of Old East Slavic.
Different orthographies have been developed ( in most cases using variants of the Cyrillic script ), and a number of different grammatical standards exist, based on regional dialects.
Different regions of Mexico will have slightly different dialects and accents of Spanish.
Different scholars ( Arakishvili, Chkhikvadze, Maisuradze ) distinguish musical dialects differently, for example, some do not distinguish Gudamakari and Lechkhumi as separate dialects, and some consider Kartli and Kakheti to be separate dialects.
Different dialects of Gallo are distinguished, although there is a movement for standardisation on the model of the dialect of Upper Brittany.
Different populations in different parts of the North Island ( if any populations of the South Island Kōkako remain they are at present unknown ) have distinctly different songs which many people consider analogous with human " dialects " of a given language.
Different language models were required for different dialects such as Flemish being a variant of Dutch, or Swiss German being a dialect of High-German.
Different dialects of Gan exist, and the representative dialect is the Nanchang dialect.
Different languages and dialects are accorded prestige based upon factors which include " rich literary heritage, high degree of language modernization, considerable international standing, or the prestige of its speakers ".
Different mergers occur in different dialects.
Different groups spoke different dialects ; Pampango, Pangasinan, Ilocano and Tagalog.
Different dialects use different names, and these variations are shown in the infobox to the right.

Different and English
Different languages have different word classes as open class and closed class – for example, in English, pronouns are closed class and verbs are open class ( see for example the contentious topic of gender-neutral pronouns in English and how common verbing is ), while in Japanese, pronouns are open class, while verbs are closed class – to form a new verb, one suffixes 〜 する (- suru, " to do ") to a noun – for example, " to exercise " is 運動する – " to do exercise ".
Anders recorded five solo albums in English Different, Whispers, Down on Sunset, When Will I See You Again and Souled and one of his album was also recorded in Spanish Barcos de Cristal.
Different constructions are acceptable in different registers of English.
Different legislative bodies had rather similar names, not always translated uniformly into English.
In 1803 he published a comparative study of linguistics, Etymology of Certain English Words and on Their Affinity to Words in the Languages of Different European, Asiatic and American ( Indian ) Nations and a text on the origin of the first American people, New Views of the Origin of the Tribes and Nations of America ( 1797 ).
Different words that have the same sound when spoken aloud will have different written forms, comparable to deer and dear in English.
* English Grammar Adapted to the Different Classes of Learners.
Different systems called ' Signed English ' have been developed in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, the UK and the US.
Different languages have different types of vowel reduction, and this is one of the difficulties in language acquisition ; see, e. g., " Non-native pronunciations of English " and " Anglophone pronunciation of foreign languages ".
Another Music in a Different Kitchen is the debut studio album by English pop punk band Buzzcocks.
His most known works are " See You In September " written with Sherman Edwards, " It's Impossible ", which is the English lyric of Armando Manzanero's " Somos Novios ", " Mangos " written with Dee Libbey, " Two Different Worlds " and " Relax Max " written with Al Frisch, " I Need Your Love Tonight " written with Bix Reichner, and " Got a Feeling " for Herman's Hermits.

Different and use
Different armies use different approaches to ammunition supply, which can vary with the nature of operations.
Different languages use different rules to put diacritic characters in alphabetical order.
Different cuisines will use different types of ovens ; for example, Indian culture uses a Tandoor oven, which is a cylindrical clay oven which operates at a single high temperature.
Different sign language " speech communities " use fingerspelling to a greater or lesser degree.
Different aspects of speaking in tongues appear in Acts and 1 Corinthians, such that the Assemblies of God declare that the gift in Acts " is the same in essence as the gift of tongues " in 1 Corinthians " but different in purpose and use ".
Different locking mechanisms are favored by various individuals for reasons such as perceived strength ( lock safety ), legality, and ease of use.
Different approaches also exist regarding allowing " second-generation " descendants of heroes or villains, fully grown over 18 years after an event ( for example Hulkling, other members of the Young Avengers, Runaways, and Secret Warriors ), whereas other books, such as Young Allies use the inherent contradiction to debunk similar claims.
Different traditions and genres of poetry tend to use different meters, ranging from the Shakespearean iambic pentameter and the Homeric dactylic hexameter to the anapestic tetrameter used in many nursery rhymes.
Different designs use different systems at this point.
Different languages use various grammatical forms to indicate passive voice.
Different Internet service providers may use the different VLANs.
Different companies use different materials for the midsoles of their shoes.
Different preparations use the egg white or the whole egg for different effect.
Different countries support different UMTS frequency bands – Europe initially used 2100 MHz while the most carriers in the USA use 850 &# 160 ; MHz and
Different pairs may use different techniques or holds.
Different rules, regulations, and bandplans of the region and local country of operation apply to use of various channels.
Different types of powerline communications use different frequency bands, depending on the signal transmission characteristics of the power wiring used.
Different communications protocols use different conventions for distinguishing between the elements and for formatting the data.
Different compositions are used for different applications ; for memory applications, PZT closer in composition to lead titanate is preferred, whereas piezoelectric applications make use of the diverging piezoelectric coefficients associated with the morphotropic phase boundary that is found close to the 50 / 50 composition.
Different vendors use slightly different terminology for thread-safety, but they typically include:
Different letters may be employed in other languages, for example, French players use F for bishop ( from fou ).
Different languages use different sequences for the logical elements within a sentence and a translator presented with a multiple clause sentence that is half translated is less likely to completely rebuild a sentence.
Different balls are provided for varying temperature and atmospheric conditions and standards of play: more experienced players use slow balls that have less bounce than those used by less experienced players ( slower balls tend to ' die ' in court corners, rather than ' standing up ' to allow easier shots ).

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