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Different and gears
Different types of gears have different ratios of rotation of the motor and the wheel, and they include " 3. 5: 1 ", " 4: 1 ", " 4. 2: 1 ", " 5: 1 ", and " 6. 4: 1 ".
Different depths of hardening is desirable for different purposes: sharp tools need deep hardening to allow grinding and resharpening without exposing the soft core, while machine parts like gears might need only shallow hardening for increased wear resistance.

Different and ranges
Different alloys are used for different temperature ranges.
Different stages of cirque development, with accompanying transformations of mountain shape, are finely illustrated in several ranges around the headwaters of the Arkansas River in central Colorado, where the highest summit of the Rocky Mountains is found ( Mt.
Different species of kangaroo rat may have different seed caching strategies to coexist with each other, as is the case for the Banner-tailed kangaroo rat and the Merriam kangaroo rat which have overlapping ranges.
Different weapon types have different ranges, such as a bow and arrow having a longer range than melee weapons such as a mace.
Different subspecies display geographic variation in fur colour: fur color ranges from light to dark brown, with individual fur color being lighter ventrally and darker on the back and legs.
Different lenses have different glazing restrictions, lens material availabilities, maximum and minimum fitting heights, prescription ranges and as such the variation in quality between higher and lower end varifocal lenses is considerable.
Different bead materials have different properties with respect to frequency and the manufacturer's literature will show the frequency ranges where dissipation is highest.
Different species of bacteria are able to survive at different temperature ranges.

Different and are
Different cards are used for males and females, and a corner is clipped from the cards of adults, and of children when they reach puberty.
To his Harvard colleague, Josiah Royce, whose philosophic position differed radically from his own, James could write, `` Different as our minds are, yours has nourished mine, as no other social influence ever has, and in converse with you I have always felt that my life was being lived importantly ''.
Different fields of study define autocorrelation differently, and not all of these definitions are equivalent.
* Different kings are involved in the two accounts
Different roasting times and temperatures are used to produce different colours of malt from the same grain.
Different countries impose different tests, although generally the requirements are low ; in the United Kingdom there has to be some ' skill, labour and judgment ' that has gone into it.
Different isotopes of a given element are distinguished by their mass numbers, which are conventionally written as a super-index on the left hand side of the atomic symbol ( e. g., < sup > 238 </ sup > U ).
Different formulations are used for printer's ink, so there can be variations in the printed color that is pure cyan ink.
Different grades of cream are distinguished by their fat content, whether they have been heat-treated, whipped, and so on.
Different chemical reactions are used in combinations during in chemical synthesis in order to obtain a desired product.
Different audio and speech compression standards are listed under audio codecs.
Different kinds of data structures are suited to different kinds of applications, and some are highly specialized to specific tasks.
Different quantities can be placed on each side, if they are equal the balance corresponds to an equality ( equation ), if not then an inequality.
Different proper prefaces are provided in the Book of Worship that are appropriate for Holy Days and Seasons of the Church Year.
Different endings ( ouvert ( open ) and clos ( closed )) are provided for the first and second statement of each punctum, so that the structure can be
( Different fiddle traditions had different values, as detailed below ; these explanations are meant to present the differences between fiddle music and violin music generally.
Different emulsions and development processes exist for a variety of image recording possibilities: the two most common of which are black and white, and color.
Different fatty acids are composed of different numbers of carbon and hydrogen atoms.
Different spans of time on the GTS are usually delimited by changes in the composition of strata which correspond to them, indicating major geological or paleontological events, such as mass extinctions.
Different historians take a different view of what it is all about, and what the possibilities of historical and social scientific knowledge are.
Different media are appropriate for different growing techniques.

Different and appropriate
Different codecs will use different chroma subsampling ratios as appropriate to their compression needs.
Different pricing formulae for various options will arise from the choice of payoff function at expiry and appropriate boundary conditions.
Different levels of formality, and actions, will be appropriate in each case.
Different conclusions as to the existence of God often rest on different criteria for deciding what methods are appropriate for deciding if something is true or not, including
Different pigmentation patterns provide appropriate camouflage throughout the seasons, as well as alter heat retention as temperatures change.

Different and for
* Different dialects of a language may use different phonemes for the same word.
Different combinations of woods and construction elements ( for example, how the top is braced ) affect the timbre or " tone " of the guitar.
Different tellings also diverge in the hunter's transgression, which is sometimes merely seeing the virgin goddess naked, sometimes boasting he is a better hunter than she, or even merely being a rival of Zeus for the affections of Semele.
Different cultures through history have depicted blindness in a variety of ways ; among the Greeks, for example, it was a punishment from the gods, for which the afflicted individual was often granted compensation in the form of artistic genius.
Different macromolecules can assemble in larger complexes, often needed for biological activity.
Different magazines were published featuring programs for specific computers, though some BASIC programs were considered universal and could be used in machines running any variant of BASIC ( sometimes with minor adaptations ).
Different societies apply different criteria regarding who is classified as " black ", and often social variables such as class and socio-economic status also play a role, so that relatively dark-skinned people can be classified as white if they fulfill other social criteria of " whiteness " and relatively light-skinned people can be classified as black if they fulfill the social criteria for " blackness " in a particular setting.
Different groups follow slightly different traditions for interpreting and numbering them.
The greatest successes, however, came with the films of the Monty Python team, including And Now for Something Completely Different ( 1971 ), Monty Python and the Holy Grail ( 1975 ) and Monty Python's Life of Brian in 1979.
Different procedures exist for different provincial courts.
Different forms of dance and different movements within each dance may call for differences in the connection.
Different types may significantly differ in their properties, and the optimal mix of storage types is determined by the types and quantities of operations that each storage type needs to perform, as well as considerations like physical space and energy consumption and dissipation ( which may become critical for a large database ).
Different types may significantly differ in their properties, and the optimal mix of storage types is determined by the types and quantities of operations that each storage type needs to perform, as well as considerations like physical space and energy consumption and dissipation ( which may become critical for a large database ).
" Different conditions apply for professional degrees such as the M. D.
Different choices of substances for each half-cell give different potential differences.
Different cuisines will use different types of ovens ; for example, Indian culture uses a Tandoor oven, which is a cylindrical clay oven which operates at a single high temperature.
Different researchers have postulated that without the aid of modern computer graphics, early investigators were limited to what they could depict in manual drawings, so lacked the means to visualize the beauty and appreciate some of the implications of many of the patterns they had discovered ( the Julia set, for instance, could only be visualized through a few iterations as very simple drawings hardly resembling the image in Figure 3 ).
* Fanfare Sounds, Different horns for playing with Sound ( Fanfare )

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