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Different and methods
Different datasets and different methods, not to mention violations of the mentioned assumptions, often result in different cladograms.
Different types of transportation will travel better over different terrain, and some methods of transport cannot cross certain terrains at all.
Different methods of casting on are used for different effects: one may be stretchy enough for lace, while another provides a decorative edging — Provisional cast-ons are used when the knitting will continue in both directions from the cast-on.
Different methods of calculation exist, including Chaldean, Pythagorean, Hebraic, Helyn Hitchcock's method, Phonetic, Japanese, Arabic and Indian.
Different computer operating systems have methods of support for input of different languages such as Chinese, Hebrew or Arabic.
Different methods of radiometric dating vary in the timescale over which they are accurate and the materials to which they can be applied.
Different methods are employed, Global ( ly ) Search And Replace, Conditional Search and Replace, Unconditional Search and Replace.
Different methods for acute treatment of the disease have been shown to not be very successful ; passive immunisation after emergence of symptoms is probably without effect.
Different forms of urbanisation can be classified depending on the style of architecture and planning methods as well as historic growth of areas.
# Formation of plastic parts of the artificial limb – Different methods are used, including vacuum forming and injection molding
Different coaching methods may be done with individuals or with groups, in person, over the phone or online.
Different imaging methods therefore attempt to modify the electron waves exiting the sample in a form that is useful to obtain information with regards to the sample, or beam itself.
Different methods are available to induce steam into the soil in order to kill pests and increase soil health.
Different methods create mode effects that change how respondents answer, and different methods have different advantages.
Different methods of delivery, e. g. small bombs, bomblet clusters and large bombs, were tested and implemented.
Different methods have been proposed.
Different classification methods may have different percentages of error for a given classification project.
Different approaches were tried, but the shortcomings of traditional forecasting methods, such as theoretical approach, quantitative models or trend extrapolation, in areas where precise scientific laws have not been established yet, quickly became apparent.
Different species may employ different methods, but all of them are based on one or more senses ( after all, this is how the organism gather information about the environment ).
Different methods were employed to separate the total measured resistance into components generated by the conical tip ( the " tip friction ") and friction generated by the rod string.
Different methods of eugenics, the study and practice of human selective breeding often with a race as a primary concentration, was still widely accepted in Britain, Germany, and the United States.
Different schools ( training methods ), such as Vaganova, French, and Cecchetti, Russian often use different names for similar arm positions.
Different meters use various methods to determine the body fat to weight ratio.

Different and achieving
Different particle sizes are used for achieving a desired separation of certain molecular sizes.

Different and proportional
Different bodies of the Solar System receive light of an intensity inversely proportional to the square of their distance from Sun.

Different and representation
Different data structures for the representation of graphs are used in practice:
Different stories portray it as being the " creator of the DC universe " and thus transcending all things, with the Presence itself being its representation within creation.
Different strands of the movement developed, with middle class " reformers " aiming to widen the franchise to represent commercial and industrial interests and towns without parliamentary representation, while " Popular radicals " drawn from the middle class and from artisans agitated to assert wider rights including relieving distress.
Different cortical areas have different emphases on the representation of the fovea.

Different and achieve
Different yarns and knitting needles may be used to achieve different end products by giving the final piece a different colour, texture, weight, and / or integrity.
Different groups will work individually or together to achieve results.
Different classes can then be shaped separately to achieve a desired effect.
Different batches of wine can be mixed before bottling in order to achieve the desired taste.
Different levels of compression were used on each size to achieve different power outputs, and the variations are numerous, often differing depending on the country of sale, ranging from 35 to 60 PS ( 26 to 44 kW ).
Different from diode bridge rectifiers, PWM rectifiers achieve bidirectional power flow.
Different scenario cards gave the players specific missions to carry out in order to achieve victory.
" Different weighting patterns ( e. g., Dolph-Chebyshev ) can be used to achieve the desired sensitivity patterns.

Different and either
Different variations of adoptionism hold that Jesus was " adopted " either at the time of his baptism or his ascension.
Stephen King, in his introduction to Different Seasons, a collection of four novellas, has called the novella " an ill-defined and disreputable literary banana republic "; King notes the difficulties of selling a novella in the commercial publishing world, since it does not fit the typical length requirements of either magazine or book publishers.
Despite an average ticket price of approximately $ 150, Van Halen's " A Different Kind of Truth Tour " proved to be a commercial success as well, with nearly all U. S. arena shows " either sold-out, or close to it.
Different reports said it came either through the specially created hole in the wall, that it was pumped through the theater's ventilation system, or that it emerged from beneath the stage.
Different flow rate teats either have more holes or larger holes.
Different files that can execute but do not necessarily conform to a specific hardware binary interface, or instruction set, can be either represented in bytecode for Just-in-time compilation, or in source code for use in a scripting language.
Different groups of the French far right had especial animus against either the Jews, Huguenots ( French Protestants ), or Freemasons.
Different branches, or stirpes of a gens were frequently distinguished by their cognomina, surnames following the nomen, which could be either personal or hereditary.
Different accounts describe the first outbreak of violence, with reports stating that it was either an attack by youth from the Bogside on the RUC, or fighting broke out between Protestants and Catholics.
Different sources say either one of her brothers or her father was sent by al -‘ Azīz as an ambassador to Sicily.
Different fiber types form synapses in different layers, and use either glutamate or substance P as the neurotransmitter.
Different variants are used for either desserts or dinners.
Different estimates of this mixed descent, either by the parent side, it is calculated that some 3, 500, 000 to 5, 000, 000.
Different colonial ascidian species produce sexually derived offspring by one of two dispersal strategies-Colonial species are either broadcast spawners ( long-range dispersal ) or philopatric ( very short-range dispersal ).
Different Protestant and Reformed churches have readopted the holy kiss either metaphorically ( in that members extend a pure, warm welcome that is referred to as a holy kiss ) or literally ( in that members kiss one another ).
Different scripts can then be run in parallel on either of these, communicating to each other through the use of events.
Different colour of trim tiles on either side of the exit stairway ; new red-brown and the original green
Different languages often refer to salty liquorice as either " salmiac liquorice " ( such as salmiaklakrits in Swedish ), or simply " salty liquorice ".
" ( Doctrine and Covenants 27: 2 ) Different congregations may use either commercial bread or homemade bread prepared by members of the congregation.
Different stories surround the meaning of the arrows, said to be shot there by the Lakes people ( Sinixt ) for good luck, either before or after war: On October 19, 1826, while travelling south between Upper and Lower Arrow Lakes, Simpson passed "... The Arrow Rock, so named on account of a round hole in the face full of Arrows, said to have been fired at it by the Indians when practicing the Bow and Arrow before a war excursion.
Different types of antireflective coatings are applied either before or after the photoresist, and help reduce standing waves, thin-film interference, and specular reflections.
Different sources cite Rutter's tournament winnings as $ 2, 100, 000 or $ 2, 115, 000, resulting in total winnings of either $ 3, 255, 102 or $ 3, 270, 102, depending on whether the $ 15, 000 is included.
Different colors of ice may be caused by different compositions or different ice crystal sizes, either of which can indicate different formation mechanisms or different ages.
Different sources give the total number of test explosions that the UK has conducted as either 44 or 45.

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