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Different and methods
Different datasets and different methods, not to mention violations of the mentioned assumptions, often result in different cladograms.
Different types of transportation will travel better over different terrain, and some methods of transport cannot cross certain terrains at all.
Different methods of casting on are used for different effects: one may be stretchy enough for lace, while another provides a decorative edging — Provisional cast-ons are used when the knitting will continue in both directions from the cast-on.
Different methods of calculation exist, including Chaldean, Pythagorean, Hebraic, Helyn Hitchcock's method, Phonetic, Japanese, Arabic and Indian.
Different methods of achieving proportional representation achieve either greater proportionality or a more determinate outcome.
Different computer operating systems have methods of support for input of different languages such as Chinese, Hebrew or Arabic.
Different methods are employed, Global ( ly ) Search And Replace, Conditional Search and Replace, Unconditional Search and Replace.
Different methods for acute treatment of the disease have been shown to not be very successful ; passive immunisation after emergence of symptoms is probably without effect.
Different forms of urbanisation can be classified depending on the style of architecture and planning methods as well as historic growth of areas.
# Formation of plastic parts of the artificial limb – Different methods are used, including vacuum forming and injection molding
Different coaching methods may be done with individuals or with groups, in person, over the phone or online.
Different imaging methods therefore attempt to modify the electron waves exiting the sample in a form that is useful to obtain information with regards to the sample, or beam itself.
Different methods are available to induce steam into the soil in order to kill pests and increase soil health.
Different methods create mode effects that change how respondents answer, and different methods have different advantages.
Different methods of delivery, e. g. small bombs, bomblet clusters and large bombs, were tested and implemented.
Different methods have been proposed.
Different classification methods may have different percentages of error for a given classification project.
Different approaches were tried, but the shortcomings of traditional forecasting methods, such as theoretical approach, quantitative models or trend extrapolation, in areas where precise scientific laws have not been established yet, quickly became apparent.
Different species may employ different methods, but all of them are based on one or more senses ( after all, this is how the organism gather information about the environment ).
Different methods were employed to separate the total measured resistance into components generated by the conical tip ( the " tip friction ") and friction generated by the rod string.
Different methods of eugenics, the study and practice of human selective breeding often with a race as a primary concentration, was still widely accepted in Britain, Germany, and the United States.
Different schools ( training methods ), such as Vaganova, French, and Cecchetti, Russian often use different names for similar arm positions.
Different meters use various methods to determine the body fat to weight ratio.

Different and dating
Different dating methods makes comparison and interpretation difficult.
Different social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIn, and numerous dating sites, use this language to communicate efficiently and effectively, directly corresponding to why social networks and blogs are found to be used the most on the internet.

Different and vary
Different armies use different approaches to ammunition supply, which can vary with the nature of operations.
Different types of imaging techniques vary in their temporal ( time-based ) and spatial ( location-based ) resolution.
Different isomers of octanol vary in efficacy when it comes to antagonizing harmaline-mediated tremors.
Different accounts on how " Please, Please, Please " came together vary, one story from Etta James stated that during her first meeting with Brown in Macon, Brown " used to carry around an old tattered napkin with him, because Little Richard had written the words, ' please, please, please ' on it and James was determined to make a song out of it ...".
Different speech sounds representing the same phoneme are known as allophones, such variation may be conditioned, in which case a certain phoneme is realized as a certain allophone in particular phonological environments, or it may be free in which case it may vary randomly.
Different species vary in their social structure, with some being largely solitary, while others live in groups – in a few species these groups may be fairly large.
Different brands and lots of the same pigment may vary in color.
Different Amish communities vary in the severity and strictness of shunning employed.
Different types of echinacea supplements may vary in their effectiveness.
Different species of wood have different strength levels, and the exact strength may vary from sample to sample.
Different states in the US vary on their labor and licensing laws.
Different objects and creatures capable of flight vary in the efficiency of their muscles, motors and how well this translates into forward thrust.
Different washing machine models vary widely in their use of water, detergent, and energy.
* Different boards: One can vary board size from 8 × 8 to other sizes ( 10 × 10, 8 × 10, unusual board shapes, etc.
Different group companies, such as the operations in the headquarters and national operating companies began the process around the same time, however the exact dates vary for each group company.
Different compilers vary in how complex a function they can manage to inline.
Different versions of the KH-11 vary in mass, with earlier blocks ranging from 13, 000 to 13, 500 kilograms, whilst later blocks have a mass of around 19, 600 kg.
Different regional varieties of Spanish vary in terms of vocabulary as well.
Different computer architectures vary greatly as to the number of addressing modes they provide in hardware.
Different types of pudding vary depending on preparation methods and the ingredients selected.
Different species ( sometimes even different individuals within species ) can vary greatly in temperament, noise, and talking ability.
# Different brands in umbrella branding will have different qualities which will vary and thus it can be an obstacle for smooth functioning of brand as well as firm.
Different tamarin species vary considerably in appearance, ranging from nearly all black through mixtures of black, brown and white.
Different groups vary widely in what to them constitutes separation.

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