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Different and parts
Different parts of their bodies were used for different purposes.
Different studies have come to different conclusions about the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere during different parts of the Mesozoic, with some concluding oxygen levels were lower than the current level ( about 21 %) throughout the Mesozoic, some concluding they were lower in the Triassic and part of the Jurassic but higher in the Cretaceous, and some concluding they were higher throughout most or all of the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous.
Different parts of the world may give different environmental contexts and different people may have different values, which may result in a difference in games.
Different interpretations of quantum mechanics violate different parts of local realism and / or counterfactual definiteness.
# Formation of plastic parts of the artificial limb – Different methods are used, including vacuum forming and injection molding
Different parts may often be stored in separate files, similar to object modules, but dynamically loaded during execution.
Booth secured parts in episodes of Monty Python's Flying Circus and in the Python film And Now for Something Completely Different.
Different applications of the term are not fully isomorphic in the sense described by Douglas Hofstadter as follows: “ The word ‘ isomorphism ’ applies when two complex structures can be mapped onto each other, in such a way that to each part of one structure there is a corresponding part in the other structure, where ‘ corresponding ’ means that the two parts play similar roles in their respective structures .” The lack of such an isomorphism means that various definitions are in some degree mutually inconsistent.
Different murmurs are audible in different parts of the cardiac cycle, depending on the cause of the murmur.
Different parts of the neighborhood are covered by Queens Community Board 9 and 10.
Different visual areas contribute to the processing of visual information coming from different parts of the visual field, and a complex of visual areas located along the banks of the interhemispheric fissure ( a deep groove that separates the two brain hemispheres ) has been linked to peripheral vision.
Different species are able to see different parts of the light spectrum ; for example, bees can see into the ultraviolet, while pit vipers can accurately target prey with their pit organs, which are sensitive to infrared radiation.
Different parts of an API ( e. g. different classes or packages ) are often linked by common syntactic and semantic conventions ( e. g. by the same asynchronous execution model, or by the same way object attributes are accessed ).
Different parts of Shimotsuke were held by a variety of small daimyo during the Sengoku period.
Different stains react or concentrate in different parts of a cell or tissue, and these properties are used to advantage to reveal specific parts or areas.
Different interpretations of quantum mechanics violate different parts of local realism and / or counterfactual definiteness.
Different parts of the neighborhood provide views of downtown L. A., the San Gabriel mountains, tranquil canyons, hillsides, and valleys.
Different parts of a computer program all use their own temporary values, and therefore compete for the use of the registers.
Different floss will suit different mouths, and even different parts of one mouth.
Different parts of the cerebral cortex are involved in different cognitive and behavioral functions.
Different cultures have different terms for colors, and may also assign some color terms to slightly different parts of the human color space: for instance, the Chinese character 青 ( pronounced qīng in Mandarin and ao in Japanese ) has a meaning that covers both blue and green ; blue and green are traditionally considered shades of " 青.
Different parts of the empire moved towards producing different commodities.
Different parts of the East Williamsburg section are served by different post offices.

Different and these
Different fields of study define autocorrelation differently, and not all of these definitions are equivalent.
Different religious traditions may promote distinct norms of behaviour, and these in turn may clash or harmonise with the perceived interests of a state.
Different formalisations of these notions give rise to different notions of expanders: edge expanders, vertex expanders, and spectral expanders, as defined below.
Different applications will emphasize different design requirements, leading to different choices among these ( and other ) optimizations, or requiring a filter of a higher order.
Different opinions arise only from the application of these preconceptions to particular cases, and it is then that the darkness of ignorance, which blindly maintains the correctness of its own opinion, must be dispelled.
( Different fiddle traditions had different values, as detailed below ; these explanations are meant to present the differences between fiddle music and violin music generally.
Different parallel classes get different points and these points are called points at infinity.
Different astronomers or groups of astronomers used to define epochs to suit themselves, but these days of speedy communications, the epochs are generally defined in an international agreement, so astronomers world wide can collaborate more effectively.
Therefore the EGP is now turning its attention to Eastern Europe – all these countries have Green parties, but in materially poor Eastern Europe the success of Green Parties is very patchy, except for Hungary, where the local Green party, Politics Can Be Different ( LMP ), has succeeded in getting into the parliament and many city councils.
Different species vary in their social structure, with some being largely solitary, while others live in groups – in a few species these groups may be fairly large.
Different versions of this theory depend upon various alleged connections, and interdependencies of things and events, asserting that these hold without exception.
Different forms of Horus are recorded in history and these are treated as distinct gods by Egyptologists.
Different printers implement these steps in distinct ways.
Different neocortical architectonic fields are distinguished upon variations in the thickness of these layers, their predominant cell type and other factors such as neurochemical markers.
Different musical genres tend to be associated with one or more of these instruments.
Most of these pieces have been collected in King's five short story collections: Night Shift ( 1978 ), Skeleton Crew ( 1985 ), Nightmares & Dreamscapes ( 1993 ), Everything's Eventual ( 2002 ), and Just After Sunset ( 2008 ); and in King's four novella collections: Different Seasons ( 1982 ), Four Past Midnight ( 1990 ), Hearts in Atlantis ( 1999 ), and Full Dark, No Stars ( 2010 ).
Different kinds of circuits perform these functions.
Different manufacturing techniques, and different component materials were used in construction to adapt to these conditions.
The earliest of these is De Eodem et Diverso ( On the Same and the Different ).
Different theorists and historians adopted each of these views.
Different grading systems consider these factors in different ways, so no two grading systems have an exact one-to-one correspondence.
Different frequencies experience different combinations of these phenomena in the Earth's atmosphere, making certain radio bands more useful for specific purposes than others.
Different preparation techniques produce these results.
Different solutions are obtained depending on the nature of the roots: If these roots are distinct, we have the general solution

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