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Different and theories
Different societies may have different theories of property for differing types of ownership.
" Different theories of justification require different amounts and types of evidence before a belief can be considered justified.
Different theories regarding the number and ancestry of Sweyn's wives ( or wife ) have been brought forward ( see Sigrid the Haughty and Gunhild ).
Different scholars have different theories about the transmission of the text to account for the discrepancy yet it is generally agreed that the present collection actually contains too many verses under the name of Theognis: the collection appears in fact to be an anthology that includes verses by him.
Different labor theories of value prevailed amongst classical economists through to the mid-19th century.
Different economic theories provide a number of models intended to explain some aspects of collective bargaining:
Different theories are proposed to account for the origin of exogamy.
Different theories exist concerning the nature of the frontier between Septimania and Frankish Gaul.
Different theories however in the late 19th century and early 20th century surfaced concerning the racial origin of the proposed dwarf aborigines of Britain and these theories ranged from proposing that they were real African Pygmies, Eskimos or a short statured Mediterranean race.
Different theories exist on why he was killed and who did it but no one was ever arrested for his murder.
Different racial theories, such as Nordicism and Germanism, define different groups as white, both excluding some southern and eastern Europeans because of a perceived racial taint.
Different theories, such as coordination game theory, can be put to the test because games can produce contexts for natural experiments, a high number of participants as well as tightly controlled experimental conditions ( Castronova, 2006 ).
Different theories of knowledge have different implications for what is considered relevant and these fundamental views have implications for all other fields as well.
Different people may develop more, or less, effective theories of mind.
Different theories explaining kin selection have been proposed, including the “ pay-to-stay ” and “ territory inheritance ” hypotheses.
Different theories have been advanced with regard to the name " Gornish.
Different pronunciations and spellings have been used throughout its history and many theories as to the name's origin have arisen.
Different theories of criminal justice can usually be distinguished in how they answer questions about punishment.
Different theories try to explain why the Walser left the Wallis between the 12th and 13th centuries.
Different astrodynamics theories are used to maintain these catalogs.
Different archaeological theories differ on what the goals of the discipline are and how they can be achieved.
Different theories exist of the city's origin.
Different logical positivists construed this doctrine in several different ways, e. g. as a reductionist thesis, that the objects investigated by the special sciences reduce to the objects of a common, putatively more basic domain of science, usually thought to be physics ; as the thesis that all of the theories and results of the various sciences can or ought to be expressed in a common language or " universal slang "; or as the thesis that all the special sciences share a common method.

Different and balance
Different quantities can be placed on each side, if they are equal the balance corresponds to an equality ( equation ), if not then an inequality.
Different accounting models exhibit different degrees of relevance and reliability and, as in other areas, management must seek a balance between relevance and reliability.
Different organizations may balance speed and accuracy in different ways.
Different attachments are used to change a B-Daman's accuracy, power, balance, control, and rapid fire.

Different and by
Different bookmakers may offer different odds on the same outcome of a given event ; by taking the best odds offered by each bookmaker, a customer can under some circumstances cover all possible outcomes of the event and lock a small risk-free profit, known as a Dutch book.
Building on this first edition, in 1979, B. Dennis Sustare wrote " Different Worlds Present the World of Druid's Valley: A Bunnies & Burrows Campaign " in Different Worlds, a magazine published by Chaosium.
Different isotopes of a given element are distinguished by their mass numbers, which are conventionally written as a super-index on the left hand side of the atomic symbol ( e. g., < sup > 238 </ sup > U ).
Different patterns of wood bracing have been used through the years by luthiers ( Torres, Hauser, Ramírez, Fleta, and C. F.
Different grades of cream are distinguished by their fat content, whether they have been heat-treated, whipped, and so on.
Different types may significantly differ in their properties, and the optimal mix of storage types is determined by the types and quantities of operations that each storage type needs to perform, as well as considerations like physical space and energy consumption and dissipation ( which may become critical for a large database ).
Different types may significantly differ in their properties, and the optimal mix of storage types is determined by the types and quantities of operations that each storage type needs to perform, as well as considerations like physical space and energy consumption and dissipation ( which may become critical for a large database ).
* Different information by Don Rosa
Different from the Rolling Stone list, which listed guitarists in descending order, Guitar World divided guitarists by music genre — such as " Lords of Hard Rock " for hard rock artists or " Jazzmen " for jazz players.
Different spans of time on the GTS are usually delimited by changes in the composition of strata which correspond to them, indicating major geological or paleontological events, such as mass extinctions.
Different types of heaps implement the operations in different ways, but notably, insertion is often done by adding the new element at the end of the heap in the first available free space.
Different yarns and knitting needles may be used to achieve different end products by giving the final piece a different colour, texture, weight, and / or integrity.
Different locking mechanisms are favored by various individuals for reasons such as perceived strength ( lock safety ), legality, and ease of use.
Different muralists tend to become experts in their preferred medium and application, whether that be oil paints, emulsion or acrylic paints applied by brush, roller or airbrush / aerosols.
Different elements of his thought were emphasized by Carl Schmitt, Joseph Schumpeter, Leo Strauss, Hans Morgenthau, and Raymond Aron.
Different Mages will have differing aptitudes for spheres, and player-characters ' magical expertise is described by allocation of points in the spheres.
Different plate designs were used by Bavaria, Württemberg, Baden, and the other German states.
Different punk subcultures often distinguish themselves by having a unique style of punk rock, although not every style of punk rock has its own associated subculture.
Different parties may claim an interest in property by mistake or fraud, with the claims being inconsistent of each other.
( Different convention may be used by different authors in literature.
* Different Avenues Community Organizing for sex workers rights through Reproductive Justice, organizing by and for sex workers of color, based in Washington, DC
Different versions of Truth's words have been recorded, with the first one published a month later by Marius Robinson, a newspaper owner and editor who was in the audience.

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