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Different and traditions
Different groups follow slightly different traditions for interpreting and numbering them.
; Different traditions and cultures in contra dance
Different religious traditions may promote distinct norms of behaviour, and these in turn may clash or harmonise with the perceived interests of a state.
( Different fiddle traditions had different values, as detailed below ; these explanations are meant to present the differences between fiddle music and violin music generally.
Different Buddhist traditions adhere to other lists of precepts that have some overlap with the Five Precepts.
Different traditions / doctrine schools in Islam called Kalam schools ( see Islamic schools and branches ) use different theological approaches or nizaam al lahoot in approaching God in Islam ( Allah, Arabic الله ) or the ultimate reality.
Different writers and commenters have identified different traditions as representative of Celtic Christianity.
Different schools and traditions in Tibetan Buddhism give different explanations of the mechanism producing the illusion usually called " reality ".
Different traditions of nativity scenes emerged in different countries.
Different traditions place the extra " blue " full moon at different times:
Different tribes have different traditions about their drums and how to play them.
Different traditions maintain that the King or Edward, the Black Prince knighted him.
Different traditions govern whether the Committee of the Whole or the House itself will debate a given resolution, and the Rules Committee generally sets the forum under which a proposition will be debated and the amendment / time limitations for every measure, too.
Different traditions take place at each schools the night before game day.
Different styles and colours are used in various tea traditions.
Different types of Christograms are associated with the various traditions of Christianity, e. g. the IHS monogram referring to the Holy Name of Jesus or ΙϹΧϹ referring to Christ.
Different Christian traditions have employed different rites:
Different traditions and sects treat diksa in various ways.
Different Hindu traditions use different materials and shapes to make the tilaka.
Different traditions require varying degrees of preparation, which may include a period of fasting, prayer, repentance, and confession.
Different groups follow slightly different traditions for interpreting and numbering them.

Different and genres
Different musical genres tend to be associated with one or more of these instruments.
" From the soap queen to the aga-saga: Different discursive frameworks of familial femininity in contemporary ' women's genres '.
Different genres of film are subject to different standards of success.
A Different Drum is an independent record label and online store based in the US state of Utah, specializing in synthpop and related genres.
Different festivals in different genres of music are also held in Kathmandu.
Different types of music can be attributed to certain kind of groups or life styles which makes it possible to appeal to these groups over using certain kinds of musical genres.

Different and poetry
To judge from his larger fragments, Alcmans poetry was normally strophic: Different metres are combined into long stanzas ( 9-14 lines ), which are repeated several times.
Other recent books are The Floor of Heaven ( Harper Collins, 1992 ), a book-length sequence of four verse narratives, the poetry collections Late Night Radio ( Polygon, Edinburgh, UK, 1998 ), Heart Print ( Salt, Cambridge, UK, 2001 ), Different Hands ( Folio / Fremantle Arts Centre Press, Cambridge and Western Australia, 1998 ), a collection of seven experimental computer-assisted prose pieces, Borrowed Voices ( Shoestring Press, Nottingham, 2002 ), a dozen reinterpretations of poems by other poets, Studio Moon and Trio ( both Salt Publications, UK, 2003 ).

Different and tend
Different muralists tend to become experts in their preferred medium and application, whether that be oil paints, emulsion or acrylic paints applied by brush, roller or airbrush / aerosols.
Different balls are provided for varying temperature and atmospheric conditions and standards of play: more experienced players use slow balls that have less bounce than those used by less experienced players ( slower balls tend to ' die ' in court corners, rather than ' standing up ' to allow easier shots ).
Different Protestant denominations tend to see concupiscence as sin itself, an act of the sinner.
Different conceptual metaphors tend to be invoked when the speaker is trying to make a case for a certain point of view or course of action.
Different air masses which affect North America, as well as other continents, tend to be separated by frontal boundaries
Different populations tend to favor one of a limited set of different spots around the chromatic circle as central to the set of " higher " tones.
Different air masses tend to be separated by frontal boundaries.
Different types of transplanted tissues tend to favor different balances of rejection mechanisms.
Different star catalogues then have different naming conventions for what goes after the initialism, but modern catalogues tend to follow a set of generic rules for the data formats used.
In higher altitudes, shrubs tend to be sphere and cushion like, examples are: Astragalus species ( like Astragalus microcephalus ), Mountain Sainfoin ( Onobrychis cornuta ) and Prickly ( Acantholimon erinaceum ) ; Different kind of grasses between them, complete this alpine scene.
Different air masses which affect North America, as well as other continents, tend to be separated by frontal boundaries.
Different makers tend to give different gullet dimensions in Quarter Horse and Full Quarter Horse trees.
Different methods of distributing the workload tend to favor one type of scaling over the other.
Different recordings tend to follow different naming conventions.
Different communities and agencies tend to have definitions related to the concrete situations they face.
Different air masses which affect North America, as well as other continents, tend to be separated by frontal boundaries.

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