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Discharge and these
Several of these bands rooted in anarcho-punk such as The Varukers, Discharge, and Amebix, along with former Oi!
* " Discharge Bible " 1806: " Discharge " replaces " charge " making I Timothy 5: 21 read " I discharge thee before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, and the elect angels, that thou observe these things without preferring one before another, doing nothing by partiality.
Discharge permits for these POTWs typically have additional requirements that require facility improvements to reduce or eliminate the overflows.

Discharge and two
** Electrostatic Discharge ( ESD ), as a result of two charged objects coming into close proximity or even contact.
Metallica's cover album Garage Inc. included covers of two Discharge and three Misfits songs, while Slayer's cover album Undisputed Attitude consisted of covers of predominately hardcore punk bands.
Discharge tubes with hot cathodes have an envelope filled with low pressure gas and containing two electrodes.
Although Fischer was also " blown away " by the first two Discharge records-Why?
It included enhanced aerodynamic performance via rear roof spoiler and under body cover, keyless entry ( with answer-back function and automatic rear liftgate ) and start system, two advanced keys, engine immobilizer, Discharge headlights with low beam auto-leveling function and front fog lamps.
Taking inspiration from bands such as Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Motörhead, Venom, Tank, Accept, Discharge, Ramones and AC / DC, the group released two demos which led to a record deal with Steamhammer ( which were not recorded with Bloody Monster, who by this time was replaced by Chris " Witchhunter " Dudek ).

Discharge and accounts
Discharge from other tunnels and waste rock dumps accounts for 21 %.

Discharge and for
If the bankrupt does not comply with the Trustee's request to provide details of income, the trustee may have grounds to lodge an Objection to Discharge, which has the effect of extending the bankruptcy for a further five years.
If that is not possible, the Trustee may lodge an Objection to Discharge, effectively extending the bankruptcy for a further five years.
Discharge, or the purulent exudate, is generally less viscous and lighter in color than for gonorrhea.
* Discharge petition, the process of bringing a bill out of committee to the floor for a vote without the cooperation of leadership
In 1995, the Veterans Affairs ' patient Admission / Tracking / Discharge system, Decentralized Hospital Computer Program ( DHCP ) was the recipient of the Computerworld Smithsonian Award for best use of Information Technology in Medicine.
A record for each potential conscript is created, and those who actually serve in the military are distinguished from those rejected from service, by a Discharge Card, which has additional information on it, including the soldier's rank, military profession, and behavior during army service.
In 1934 he wrote in " Der Orgasmus als Elektro-physiologische Entladung " (" The Orgasm as an Electrophysiological Discharge ") that erection and ejaculation could occur mechanically, without pleasure, and tried to investigate what was needed for pleasure to occur.
The Prisoners ( Temporary Discharge for Ill Health ) Act 1913 ( also known as the " Cat and Mouse Act ") was an Act of Parliament passed in Britain under Herbert Henry Asquith's Liberal government in 1913.
# A neutral atom or molecule, in a region of strong electric field ( such as the high potential gradient near the curved electrode ) is ionized by a natural environmental event ( for example, being struck by an ultraviolet photon or cosmic ray particle ), to create a positive ion and a free electron. Image: Corona Discharge initiation. svg
Between 1913 and 1914 she lived in Paris, France, to escape imprisonment under the terms of the Prisoner's ( Temporary Discharge for Ill-Health ) Act, better known as the " Cat and Mouse Act ".
Discharge durations for common flashtubes range from 1 microsecond to tens of milliseconds, and can have repetition rates of hundreds of hertz.
* IEEE Std 436 ™- 1991 ( R2007 ) " IEEE Guide for Making Corona ( Partial Discharge ) Measurements on Electronics Transformers "
SS / L, however, continues to provide Battery Orbital Replacement Units ( ORUs ), Battery Charge Discharge Units ( BCDUs ), and Sequential Shunt Units ( SSUs ) for the ISS.
A new Berliet cab was introduced in May 1974 as the Crane Fruehauf Discharge Dumper ( 1102 ), a large articulated aggregate carrier for use on construction sites, and the new cab was also used as the Berliet Wrecker Truck ( 1144 ) in March 1975 updating the aforementioned Holmes Wrecker, which had been in the range since 1967.
A specialized type of gas-filled tube called a Gas Discharge Tube ( GDT ) is fabricated for use in surge protectors, to limit voltage surges in electrical and electronic circuits.
By Presidential Proclamation 4313, President Ford created a procedure for those military personnel who resisted against the Vietnam War to receive a Presidential Pardon and have their punitive discharges changed to a Clemency Discharge.
Virtually all veterans ' benefits are forfeited by a Bad Conduct Discharge ; BCD recipients are not eligible for VA disability compensation in accordance with 38 CFR 3. 12.
Once discharge is finalized, General, Entry-Level / Uncharacterized, and Under Other Than Honorable Conditions ( UOTHC or OTH ) discharges may be appealed for upgrade through the Discharge Review Board of the respective service, however, the appeal must be filed within 15 years of the date of separation, and it must be shown that the characterization of service was the result of an error or injustice.
Discharge Review Boards may also consider appeals for a change to the Narrative Reason for Discharge ( contained in Block 28 of the DD 214 ).
The 1972 act introduced the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System ( NPDES ), which is a permit system for regulating point sources of pollution.
In the same year, Cheap Sex participated in the British Invasion 2k4 Festival, organized by SOS Records, the festival took place November 20, in San Bernardino, with The Adicts, The Exploited, Discharge, U. K. Subs, Cockney Rejects, The Restarts and local U. S. bands like Total Chaos, CH3 and Resilience among others, the show was recorded for a DVD release.

Discharge and discharge
* Bad Conduct Discharge, a form of discharge from US military service
* Electrostatic Discharge Association A professional voluntary association dedicated to advancing the theory and practice of electrostatic discharge ( ESD ) avoidance in electronics
* Discharge ionization detector ( DID ), which uses a high-voltage electric discharge to produce ions.
Point sources may not discharge pollutants to surface waters without a permit from the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System ( NPDES ).
Discharge resolutions, however, must be unanimous and are related loosely at best to discharge petitions.
** The Discharge Rule in the House: Recent Use in Historical Context, a more detailed analysis of recent discharge petitions
* Discharge Petition Bargaining in the House, 1995 2000, a paper on discharge petitions and information cascades
Discharge to the North Sea is along the Burgh Sluice Relief Channel during the winter and at times of high flow, but when flows in the river are low, Wainfleet Clough Sluice is used as the discharge point.
When a person completes their full military obligation, they are discharged and receive a formal certificate of discharge, usually an Honorable Discharge.
Later, the charges were reviewed by the Army Discharge Review Board, and her " other-than-honorable " discharge was reversed.
# Discharge of semen or getting someone to discharge your semen, except while dreaming

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