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Discontent and continued
The trade unions rejected continued pay restraint and in a succession of strikes over the winter of 1978 – 79 ( known as the Winter of Discontent ) secured higher pay.
Discontent with settlers in Quebec over the company's total control of the fur trade caused numerous problems and matters worsened during the 1650s when war with the Iroquois severely hampered the fur trade and threatened continued colonization.
Discontent continued and army officers openly defied the government and threatened to impose a military dictatorship.

Discontent and early
Government opposition to Trade unionism in the United Kingdom was a major factor in economic crises during the 1960s and in particular the 1970s, culminating some would argue in the Winter of Discontent of late 1978 and early 1979, when a significant percentage of the nation's public sector workers went on strike.
Discontent at the introduction of mechanisation into the mills resulted in the deaths of two men in a riot in the town in 1775, an event which apparently discouraged the mill-owners from pursuing modernisation, a decision which resulted in Shepton's cloth trade losing out to the steam-powered mills in the north of England in the early 19th century.
There was a less significant strike by firefighters in the Winter of Discontent ( late 1978 and early 1979 ), where once again the Green Goddesses were drafted in to cover ; it is largely forgotten by many as it occurred at a time when a significant percentage of public sector workers were on strike.
In early 1979, he collapsed and there were fears that his treatment would be hindered by the strikes in the " Winter of Discontent ".
Discontent with the supremacy of the Greek clergy started to flare up in several Bulgarian dioceses as early as the 1820s.
Discontent with the supremacy of the Greek clergy started to flare up in several Bulgarian dioceses as early as the 1820s.

Discontent and led
Industrial disputes and widespread strikes in the " Winter of Discontent " of 1978 – 79, made Callaghan's government unpopular and the defeat of the referendum on devolution for Scotland led to the passage of a motion of no confidence on 28 March 1979.
Labour lost the general election to the Conservatives ( led by Margaret Thatcher ) in May 1979, following the Winter of Discontent in which Britain had been brought to a virtual standstill by endless public sector strikes.
Discontent with the school's inability to reform climaxed in the " Protest for Nothing " in May 1969, which was led by Brian Blugerman, Michael Eccles, Paul Eprile and David Glennie.
Discontent led to the Land War of the 1870s onwards, the Irish Land Acts of 1870, the founding of the Land League 1879 to establish fair rents and the fixity of tenures.
Opposed by many socialists and trade unionists, it had little success as union militants, many close to the CPGB, led the successful 1974 UK miners ' strike, the well-supported but ultimately unsuccessful Grunwick dispute, and the 1978-79 Winter of Discontent.
Discontent with the 1863 draft law led to riots in several cities and in rural areas as well, By far the most important were the New York City draft riots of July 13 to July 16, 1863.
He was made General Secretary ( leader ) of the Trades Union Congress in 1973, and led the group during the time of the Winter of Discontent, and of confrontations with Margaret Thatcher's government.
Discontent brewed among Ministerialists who were bitter at missing out on Cabinet positions, and in August 1903 Digby Denham crossed the floor with supporters to bring down the government and form a coalition led by Arthur Morgan.
Discontent with the internal environment of the company led her to pursue work elsewhere.
Discontent led to riots, first in some country districts and then in towns and cities, notably the London Spa Fields riots of November – December 1816.

Discontent and which
After the Winter of Discontent and the subsequent fall of the Labour government, many corners of the public and media believed that the trade unions were running the Labour Party-an image which Neil Kinnock was keen to shake off after becoming party leader in 1983.
Discontent was high ; but for now, Charles could focus on extending his power in northern Italy ( which alarmed the Pope, who feared a powerful king of all Italy as much as he did an Emperor ).
Discontent among the business community and elite intensified in response to increased corruption among the Duvaliers and the Bennetts, as well as the repulsive nature of the Bennetts ' dealings, which included selling Haitian cadavers to foreign medical schools and trafficking in narcotics.
Discontent with the sparsely settled communities of Palatine Germans in the Mohawk Valley to the north, which Hartwick believed made people immoral, he bought the original Hartwick Patent with the intent to build a " New Jerusalem ".
The " Winter of Discontent " is an expression, popularised by the British media, referring to the winter of 1978 – 79 in the United Kingdom, during which there were widespread strikes by local authority trade unions demanding larger pay rises for their members, because the Labour government of James Callaghan sought to hold a pay freeze to control inflation.
The phrase " Winter of Discontent " is an expression, popularised by the British media, referring to the winter of 1978 – 79 in the United Kingdom, during which there were widespread strikes by local authority trade unions demanding larger pay rises for their members.
Discontent among the Muslim Algerians grew after the World Wars, in which the Algerians sustained many casualties.
Burial at sea was a method hypothetically suggested by the then Medical Officer of Health for Liverpool, Dr Duncan Dolton, in which unburied bodies could be buried at sea during any extended strike by gravediggers union the GMWU during the Winter of Discontent.
Atlantic Monthly ( Edward Weeks ) immediately reviewed The Winter of Our Discontent as a Steinbeck classic: " His dialogue is full of life, the entrapment of Ethan is ingenious, and the morality in this novel marks Mr. Steinbeck's return to the mood and the concern with which he wrote The Grapes of Wrath.
Dionne's published works include the influential 1991 bestseller Why Americans Hate Politics, which argued that several decades of political polarization was alienating a silent centrist majority, as well as They Only Look Dead: Why Progressives Will Dominate the Next Political Era ( 1996 ), Stand up Fight Back: Republican Toughs, Democratic Wimps, and Politics of Revenge ( 2004 ), Souled Out: Reclaiming Faith and Politics After the Religious Right ( 2008 ), and " Our Divided Political Heart: The Battle for the American Idea in an Age of Discontent ( 2012 ).
Her campaign benefited from the Winter of Discontent, in which a wave of strikes the previous winter had crippled the country.
In the late 1970s Heffer fought to change government policy to try to reduce unemployment, and he opposed the continuation of a pay policy which caused the strikes of the Winter of Discontent.

Discontent and declared
Discontent was brewing in England against the personal rule of Henry VI, who had been declared of age in 1437.
At a conference celebrating the 100th anniversary of Steinbeck's birth, Stephen K. George declared: " With these authors Weeks, and Gannett I would contend that, given its multi-layered complexity, intriguing artistry, and clear moral purpose, The Winter of Our Discontent ranks in the upper echelon of Steinbeck ’ s fiction, alongside Of Mice and Men, Cannery Row, East of Eden, and, of course, The Grapes of Wrath.

Discontent and independence
1838 Discontent increased and an insurrection erupted in Tizimín in May, advocating Yucatecan independence.

Discontent and from
Discontent had become nationwide by 1845, when an insurrection in Guayaquil forced Flores from the country.
Discontent with Russian rule, Finnish national identity, and World War I eventually caused Finland to break away from Russia, taking advantage of the fact that Russia was withdrawing from World War I and a revolution was starting in earnest.
* In John Steinbeck's novel The Winter of Our Discontent, the protagonist Ethan Hawley describes a mandrake root in his family's collection of curios collected on whaling voyages, "[...] We even had a mandrake root-a perfect little man, sprouted from the death-ejected sperm of a hanged man [...]".
*" Scream Out " from State of Discontent
*" You Can Never Go Home " from State of Discontent
*" Paint It Black " from State of Discontent, a cover of the song by The Rolling Stones.
The phrase " Winter of Discontent " is from the opening line of William Shakespeare's Richard III: " Now is the Winter of our Discontent / Made glorious summer by this sun of York …", and was first applied to the events of the winter by Robin Chater, a writer at Incomes Data Report.
Refused's final line-up consisted of Dennis Lyxzén, David Sandström, Kristofer Steen, and Jon Brännström, who released everything from Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent to the definitive album The Shape of Punk to Come.
A telex from the Transport and General Workers Union warns local officials to allow emergency goods through during the Winter of Discontent.
In 1902, after charges of violation of the Comstock Act resulting from an article advocating free-love published in the local anarchist newspaper Discontent: Mother of Progress, Home's post office was closed by postal inspectors and moved two miles ( 3 km ) to the smaller town of Lakebay.
* Labor Press Project: Discontent: Mother of Progress: Information on the anarchist newspaper published from Home between 1898 and 1902.
Discontent by practicing primary care internists is discouraging trainees from entering primary care ; in a 2007 survey of 1, 177 graduating US medical students, only 2 % planned to enter a general internal medicine career, and lifestyle was emphasized over the higher subspecialty pay in their decision.
* 1965: Seasons of Discontent: Dramatic Opinions 1959-1965 ( Simon and Schuster ) – " an assemblage of his best magazine pieces from 1959 to "

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