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Disputed and are
Disputed titles, as well as those for whom recognition is still pending, are not listed.
Among the debt situations that can be worked out in business to business debt mediation are: Lawsuits and Judgments, Delinquent Property, Machinery, Equipment rentals / leases, Business Loans or Mortgage on Business Property, Capital payments due for improvements / construction, Invoices and Statements, Disputed Bills and Problem Debts.
Disputed works are marked by *, and ** marks a work generally agreed to be spurious.

Disputed and by
A fresh election ordered by the Court of Disputed Returns after it was found that the Chief Electoral Officer drew a name from the hat rather than caste the deciding vote.
Prem Singh appealed this decision to the Supreme Court which ruled that even though the ruling by Judge Anthony Gates was incorrect, the Constitution did not allow for the appeal of a Court of Disputed Returns ruling.
* have been convicted of bribery, undue influence or interference with political liberty, or have been found by the Court of Disputed Returns to have committed or attempted to commit bribery or undue influence when a candidate ( the disqualification is for two years from the date of the conviction or finding ), or
A fresh election ordered by the Court of Disputed Returns after it was found that the Chief Electoral Officer drew a name from a hat rather than caste the deciding vote.
The Court of Disputed Returns ordered a reballot after alleged irregularities in the narrowly Labor held electorate of Mundingburra, which the Coalition had lost by only 12 votes.
Disputed portrait of Menasseh Ben Israel by Rembrandt
The Nationals remained in opposition until 1996, when the Goss Labor government lost office following the 1995 state election and a consequential adverse finding in the Queensland Court of Disputed Returns and subsequent by-election loss of the seat of Mundingburra by Labor led the resignation of the then Premier Wayne Goss.
*" Imperial Rivals: China, Russia, and Their Disputed Frontier ", by Sarah C. M. Paine ( 1996 ) ISBN 1-56324-723-2
Cunningham's influence in the Assembly increased dramatically in December 1995 when the Court of Disputed Returns ordered a by-election in the seat of Mundingburra, which the Labor government had held by 16 votes in the general election.
* Disputed Khmer temple to be renovated by Archaeological Survey of India
He won a narrow victory over Australian Labor Party candidate Maggie Hickey, but saw the win overturned by the Court of Disputed Returns upon a legal challenge from Hickey before again winning the resulting by-election.
*" The Holocaust: Where We Are, Where We Need to Go " pages 23 – 29 from The Holocaust and History The Known, the Unknown, the Disputed and the Reexamined edited by Michael Berenbaum and Abraham Peck, Indiana University Press, 1998.

Disputed and .
Disputed facts mostly centre on the number of German sailors who escaped the sinking submarine, to be killed later.
Disputed votes were sent to High Court in Taipei for verification.
* " Occupied vs. " Disputed " territories
Whilst the Disputed status of Gibraltar with the United Kingdom is perhaps the best known territorial dispute of Spain.
Disputed territories in French Indochina ceded to Thailand.
* Holt, Michael F. By One Vote: The Disputed Presidential Election of 1876.
* floridahistory. com has it wrong Discussion of a Disputed Portion of the de Soto Trail
Disputed records from ancient China indicate that the Han Chinese might have known of the existence of the main island of Taiwan since the Three Kingdoms period ( 3rd century, 230 AD ), having assigned offshore islands in the vicinity names like Greater Liuqiu and Lesser Liuqiu ( etymologically, but perhaps not semantically, identical to Ryūkyū in Japanese ), though none of these names has been definitively matched to the main island of Taiwan.
* Paul Leland Haworth, The Hayes-Tilden Disputed Presidential Election of 1876, ( 1906 ) The standard accounting.
| Ma || Masurium || 43 || Disputed claim to discovery of technetium.
* Saint Bonaventure ’ s Disputed Questions on the Mystery of the Trinity, Franciscan Institute Publications, 1979.
** Disputed borders shown on maps ( e. g. failing to show Kashmir as Indian is a crime in India )
( see Disputed status of the isthmus between Gibraltar and Spain ) and asserts it is Spanish soil.
Ownership of the domain was returned to the IFPI in late November, when a WIPO arbitration panel concluded that " the Disputed Domain Name is identical or confusingly similar to a trademark in which the has rights " and that the Pirate Bay's representative " registered and using the Disputed Domain Name in bad faith " and failed to adequately rebut the IFPI's contention that he " has no rights or a legitimate interest in the Disputed Domain Name.
* T. J. Lawrence, Disputed Questions of Modern International Law ( 2nd ed., Cambridge, England, 1885 )
* Kerik's Surveillance Activity in Saudi Arabia Is Disputed, John Mintz and Lucy Shackelford, Washington Post, December 10, 2004.
Disputed hunting rights on these led to several armed conflicts with Humphrey de Bohun, 3rd Earl of Hereford, that Edward resolved.
Disputed English grammar denotes disagreement about whether given constructions constitute correct English.

applications and Land
The objective of the consortium, which includes luxury car maker Jaguar Land Rover and leading electrical machine company SR Drives, is to produce the world ’ s first commercially viable-and environmentally friendly-gas turbine generator designed specifically for automotive applications.
The Radstock Railway Land covers the old marshalling yards and sheds and comprises an area of approximately 8. 8 hectares of land which is the subject of ongoing planning and development applications to redevelop the area.
Although Land Rover has switched to the Jaguar AJ-V8 engine for new applications, MCT will continue limited production of the engine for the indeterminate future, supplying engines for aftermarket and replacement use.
As familiarity with the provisions and processes of the Native Title Act 1993 has become more widespread, the use of voluntary Indigenous Land Use Agreements and consensual determinations of native title applications is now not uncommon.
Sol Katz ( 1947 – April 23, 1999 ) was an American software developer who pioneered geospatial computer software ( a sub-category of GIS ) and left behind a large body of work in the form of computer applications and format specifications while at the U. S. Bureau of Land Management.
Its modus operandi was to generate false demand for public land surveys ( see Public Land Survey System ) using fictitious land patent applications, followed by contracting with the GLO for the survey of these lands.

applications and Registry
Although Microsoft discourages using. INI files in favor of Registry entries, a large number of applications ( particularly 16-bit Windows-based applications ) still use. INI files.
It is not a requirement for a Windows application to use the Windows Registry — for example,. Net Framework applications use XML files for configuration, while portable applications usually keep their configuration data within files in the directory / folder where the application executable resides.
* Format Registry – This registry collects common numeric formats for reuse in Inline XBRL applications.
The Registry of the Supreme Court of India invites applications in January each year for ' law clerk-cum research assistant ' positions.
However, Software AG's COTS Metadata Registry ( MDR ) product supports the ISO 11179 standard and continues to be sold and used for this purpose in both commercial and government applications ( see Vendor Tools section below ).
Usual applications of Active Scripting include Active Server Pages ( ASP ) server scripts, Internet Explorer, and Windows Script Host ( WSH ) scripts automating routine tasks, including use for login scripts, Registry manipulation, and the like.

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