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Disruption and for
* Disruption ( of adoption ) is also the term for the cancellation of an adoption of a child before it is legally completed.
" Pellet Fuelling, ELM Pacing and Disruption Mitigation Technology Development for ITER ".
The Recovery Time Objective must ensure that the Maximum Tolerable Period of Disruption ( MTPD ) for each activity is not exceeded.
Disruption of isolated thylakoids, for example by mechanical shearing, releases the lumenal fraction.
Disruption of this epithelium, for example in inflammation or benign prostatic hyperplasia, may lead to some diffusion of the antigen into the tissue around the epithelium, and is the cause of elevated blood levels of PSA in these conditions.
* The Interventionists: Users ' Manual for the Creative Disruption of Everyday Life, edited by Nato Thompson and Gregory Sholette.
Disruption of the gene for NR2B in mice causes perinatal lethality, whereas the disruption of NR2A gene produces viable mice, although with impaired hippocampal plasticity.
Disruption of the neural pathways, via various mechanisms such as traumatic brain injury, or the effects of neurodegenerative diseases between this area of the frontal cortex and the basal ganglia specifically the striatum ( cortico-striatal pathway ), may disrupt the processes required for normal planning function.
Following the Disruption of 1843 in which the Church of Scotland Free ( later the Free Church of Scotland ) walked out of the Church of Scotland General Assembly, a congregation of 500 members around Strontian petitioned Sir James Riddell, who then owned the entirety of Ardnamurchan, for land and permission to build a new church.
In 1841 the movement which ended in the Disruption was rapidly culminating, and Dr Chalmers found himself at the head of the party which stood for the principle that no minister shall be intruded into any parish contrary to the will of the congregation.
Born in Glasgow, Scotland, young Rainy was intended for his father's profession, but he was caught by the evangelical fervour of the Disruption movement, and after studying for the Free Church he became a minister, first in Aberdeenshire and then in Edinburgh, till in 1862 he was elected professor of Church history in the theological seminary, New College, a post he only resigned in 1900.
His father suffered for his adherence to the Free Church at the Disruption of 1843, and moved to Edinburgh, where Alexander was educated, showing exceptional ability from the first.
Disruption of the HMG CoA-reductase pathway at the level of FPPS prevents the formation of two metabolites ( farnesol and geranylgeraniol ) that are essential for connecting some small proteins to the cell membrane.
* Disruption of psychological and physiological processes required for usual mental states-sleep deprivation, fasting, sensory deprivation, oxygen deprivation / smoke inhalation.
The four met at Kilmarnock on May 16, 1843 ( two days before the Disruption of the Free Church ), and, on the basis of certain doctrinal principles, formed themselves into an association under the name of the Evangelical Union, for the purpose of countenancing, counselling and otherwise aiding one another, and also for the purpose of training up spiritual and devoted young men to carry forward the work and pleasure of the Lord.
The Disruption was basically a spiritual phenomenon — and for its proponents it stood in a direct line with the Reformation and the National Covenants.
Disruption of the centre of symmetry occurs for various reasons, such as the Jahn-Teller effect and asymmetric vibrations, complexes are not perfectly symmetric all the time.
At the Grantmakers East Forum in Tbilisi, Georgia on October 26, 2010, Mr. Ben-Horin spoke on the concluding plenary panel “ Disruption and Positive Deviants ” moderated by Melissa Pailthorp, Microsoft Community Affairs Senior Manager for Central and Eastern Europe, and Anna Piotrovskaya, Executive Director of the Dmitry Zimin Dynasty Foundation.
Following the Disruption of 1843, a new church was again built, for worshippers in the Free Church of Scotland, and this time in the village itself, in the street now known as Stair Street.
Disruption is the term most commonly used for ending an adoption.
Macleod, although he had no love for lay patronage, and wished the Church to be free to do its proper work, clung firmly to the idea of a national Established Church, and therefore remained in the Establishment when the Disruption of 1843 took place.
Disruption of APPGs is possibly the cause of ataxia and dysmetria and upon identification of the motor primitives, clinicians may be able to isolate the specific areas responsible for the cerebellar problems.

Disruption and from
Disruption is an event which causes an " unplanned, negative deviation from the expected delivery ... according to the organization ’ s objectives ".
* In Scotland, the Disruption of 1843 refers to the divergence from the Church of Scotland of the Free Church of Scotland
The result was a schism from the church by some of the non-intrusionists led by Dr Thomas Chalmers known as the Great Disruption of 1843.
* 1843 The Disruption in Edinburgh of the Free Church of Scotland from the Church of Scotland.
* May 18 The Disruption in Edinburgh of the Free Church of Scotland from the Church of Scotland.
Disruption of services occurred as it was necessary to cut the two cabs from the trains before they could be removed from the area.
* Motor Discoordination Results from Combined Gene Disruption of the NMDA Receptor NR2A and NR2C Subunits, But Not from Single Disruption of the NR2A or NR2C Subunit
Formally known as the Inverurie Parish Church, a split in Church of Scotland over the appointment of ministers in 1843 ( The Disruption ) led to the creation of the West Parish Church ( known locally as " The West Kirk ") which was founded as a Free Church ( a church free from Edinburgh control ) thus causing the Inverurie Parish Church to change its name.
The Free Church of Scotland was a Scottish denomination which was formed in 1843 by a large withdrawal from the established Church of Scotland in a schism known as the " Disruption of 1843 ".
The Free Church of Scotland seceded from the Church of Scotland in the Disruption of 1843.
Disruption of the slit diaphragms or destruction of the podocytes can lead to massive proteinuria where large amounts of protein are lost from the blood.
The Disruption had a great impact on the highlanders ; they saw it as an opportunity to dissociate from the landowners and their kind-a class diversion in which the peasantry of the rural areas of Scotland found a haven free from their " superiors ".
She makes it appear as Lusitania has cut off their ansible ( she did this mainly to save a xenologer from being killed ), triggering Starways Congress to send the " Evacuation Fleet ," which is actually carrying the Molecular Disruption Device to destroy the planet.
The PCEA is distinguished from the Presbyterian Church of Australia by adherence tothe whole doctrine ” of the Confession of Faith as adopted by the Church of Scotland in 1647 and vindicated in the Scottish Disruption of 1843.
Controversy arising from the issue of state control in the Church of Scotland led to the Disruption of 1843 and the establishment of the Free Church of Scotland.
Willis came to Toronto in 1846 from St. John's Renfield Church, Glasgow, where he followed Thomas Chalmers and took part in the Disruption of 1843.
In 1836, David Stow had established a Normal School in Glasgow but, following the Disruption of 1843, a legal ruling of 1845 compelled adherents of the Free Church to resign from, what had become, state-funded teaching posts.

Disruption and may
Disruption of established relationships certainly causes pain, which is at least an unintended consequence of the practices described here, though it may also in many cases be an intended, coercive consequence.
* Disruption of the peritoneum, even in the absence of perforation of a hollow viscus, may also cause infection simply by letting micro-organisms into the peritoneal cavity.
Disruption of imiture may occur during very severe events.
Disruption may also occur in multiple-gene traits.
Disruption of thyroid function early in development may be the cause of abnormal sexual development in both males and females early motor development impairment, and learning disabilities.
Disruption conditions may impact the desired product.
Disruption of a single gene may also result from integration of genomic material from a DNA virus or retrovirus, and such an event may also result in the expression of viral oncogenes in the affected cell and its descendants.
Disruption of a cold chain due to war may produce consequences similar to the Smallpox outbreaks in the Philippines during the Spanish-American war.
Disruption may occur because of the limits of wireless radio range, sparsity of mobile nodes, energy resources, attack, and noise.

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