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Distinctions and for
" Its textual references, except for certain technical usages, are consistently pejorative (" Casuistry ‥ destroys by Distinctions and Exceptions, all Morality, and effaces the essential Difference between Right and Wrong ").
Distinctions include such production alternatives as for consumption ( food, haircuts, etc.
As a junior, White won the Yale literary prize for the best essay, writing on the topic " The Greater Distinctions in Statesmanship ", a great shock to the campus as a senior traditionally wrote the winning essay.
Candidates with 6 or more " A " s ( Distinctions ) in the HKCEE, with level 4 or above in English Language, and also level 4 or above in Chinese Language or " C " or above in French or Putonghua, are eligible for applying the Early Admission Scheme which may grant them the admission to the aforementioned institutions without the need to sit for the HKALE.
Distinctions for the US-model included:

Distinctions and terms
Distinctions between the characters 桴 and 枹 are not always made in technical terms, but 枹 can also literally refer to the white oak tree, or Quercus.

Distinctions and where
Distinctions of class or memberships of groups will be determined by the social identity each individual constructs through the way the language is spoken ( i. e. with an accent or as a dialect ) or written ( i. e. in sentences or in SMS format ), the place of residence ( see Americanisms ), the nature of any employment undertaken, the style of dress, and nonverbal behaviour ( e. g. through differentiating customs as to the extent of private space, whether and where people may touch or stare at each other, etc .).

Distinctions and with
Distinctions made in these laryngeal areas are very difficult to observe and are the subject of ongoing investigation, with several as-yet unidentified combinations thought possible.
Merits are the most common, with Distinctions being an exceptional and noteworthy occurrence.
Distinctions and attributions to one of the two regions are sometimes difficult and the vases can also be confused with Corinthian pottery.
Distinctions based on personal characteristics attributed to an individual solely on the basis of association with a group will rarely escape the charge of discrimination, while those based on an individual ’ s merits and capacities will rarely be so classified.

Distinctions and is
His manifesto is called Never Whistle While You're Pissing, containing his Definitions and Distinctions, an anarchist interpretation of capitalist concepts.
Distinctions between World War II combatives and modern combatives include: 1 ) The former is based upon explosive high percentage gross motor strikes to vital targets, whereas the latter is based upon fine motor skill grappling.
Yick Wo is cited in Hirabayashi v. United States ( 320 US 81, 1943 ) to recognize that: " Distinctions between citizens solely based because of their ancestry are by their very nature odious to a free people whose institutions are founded upon the doctrine of equality.
A number of critics have erroneously claimed that the film is based on the 1936 film My Man Godfrey when in fact it is a reworking of the 1930 movie What A Man, based on the 1924 novel The Dark Chapter ; a Comedy of Class Distinctions by E. J. Rath and its 1926 Broadway adaptation They All Want Something by Courtenay Savage.

Distinctions and frequently
Distinctions are frequently made between " good " () and " bad " (), a dichotomy based on a class distinction between aristocrats and " others ", typical of the period but usually implicit in the works of earlier poets such as Homer —" In Theognis it amounts to an obsession ".

Distinctions and which
In 1777 he published a pamphlet on Considerations on the Nature, Quality and Distinctions of Coal and Culm which successfully helped to obtain relief from excise duty on carrying small coal.
Distinctions are often made between speech and other acts which may have symbolic significance.

Distinctions and from
* Barker, Eileen Defection from the Unification Church: Some Statistics and Distinctions, article in the book edited by David G. Bromley Falling from the Faith: The Causes and Consequences of Religious Apostasy.
Distinctions may be made between particular kinds of names simply by using the suffix-onym, from the Greek ὄνομα ( ónoma ) ' name '.

Distinctions and .
Tycho elaborates on " Fine Distinctions " that same day.
* Diamond, Lisa M. Emerging Perspectives on Distinctions Between Romantic Love and Sexual Desire Retrieved January 25, 2011.
Distinctions between children, young offenders, juveniles, etc.
Distinctions between science, superstition, and pseudoscience were still being formulated, and a devoutly Christian Biblical perspective permeated Western culture.
Studying Knowledge Acquisition: Distinctions among Procedural, Conceptual and Logical Knowledge.
Distinctions may be made morphologically ( through grammatical case or verbal agreement ), syntactically ( through word order ), or both.
Distinctions among these traditional forms have been blurred by some practitioners outside of Asia, as enthusiasts explore the potential of local plant and pot materials without strict adherence to traditional styling and display guidelines.

vocabulary and for
Avant-garde choreographers, seeking new forms of continuity for their new vocabulary of movements, have turned to similar approaches.
Lawrence Ferlenghetti and Bruce Lippincott have concentrated on writing a new poetry for reading with jazz that is very closely related to both the musical forms of jazz, and the vocabulary of the musician.
It is evident that Swadesh has not only had much experience with basic vocabulary in many languages but has acquired great tact and feeling for the expectable behavior of lexical items.
He milks the latest scientific advances, translating them into his own special Buck Rogers vocabulary to huckster his fake machines as a cure-all for everything from hay fever to sexual impotence and cancer.
* A language may use different sets of symbols or different rules for distinct sets of vocabulary items, such as the Japanese hiragana and katakana syllabaries, or the various rules in English for spelling words from Latin and Greek, or the original Germanic vocabulary.
It lists 144 items of shared basic vocabulary ( most of them already present in Starostin 1991 ), including words for such items as ' eye ', ' ear ', ' neck ', ' bone ', ' blood ', ' water ', ' stone ', ' sun ', and ' two '.
It is a very traditional form of the language, probably derived from medieval deeds and documents, and has a very complicated structure and vocabulary which is generally reserved only for such documents.
Where British and American vocabulary differs, Australians sometimes favour an Australian usage, as with footpath ( for US sidewalk, UK pavement ) or capsicum ( for US bell pepper, UK sweet pepper ).
In his work Semantography Bliss had not provided a systematic set of definitions for his symbols ( there was a provisional vocabulary index instead ( 1965, pp. 827 – 67 )), so McNaughton ’ s team might often interpret a certain symbol in a way that Bliss would later criticize as a “ misinterpretation ”.
In 1991, BCI published a reference guide containing 2300 vocabulary items and detailed rules for the graphic design of additional characters, so they settled a first set of approved Bliss-words for general use.
Ogden tried to simplify English while keeping it normal for native speakers, by specifying grammar restrictions and a controlled small vocabulary which makes an extensive use of paraphrasis.
), along with a 50-word list from a more specialised subset of that general field, to make a basic 1000 words vocabulary for everyday work and life.
A realistic general core vocabulary could contain 2000 words ( the core 850 words, plus 200 international words, and 1000 words for the general fields of trade, economics, and science ).
As a teaching aid for English as a Second Language, Basic English has been criticised for the choice of the core vocabulary and for its grammatical constraints.
Other speech varieties include: standard languages, which are standardized for public performance ( for example, a written standard ); jargons, which are characterized by differences in lexicon ( vocabulary ); slang ; patois ; pidgins or argots.
The Dublin Core metadata terms are a set of vocabulary terms which can be used to describe resources for the purposes of discovery.

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