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Distributed and cognition
Distributed cognition -
* Distributed cognition
* Distributed cognition
Distributed cognition is a psychological theory developed in the mid 1980s by Edwin Hutchins.
Distributed cognition is a branch of cognitive science that proposes that human knowledge and cognition are not confined to the individual.
Distributed cognition is a useful approach for ( re ) designing social aspects of cognition by putting emphasis on the individual and his / her environment.
Distributed cognition views a system as a set of representations, and models the interchange of information between these representations.
Distributed cognition illustrates the process of interaction between people and technologies in order to determine how to best represent, store and provide access to digital resources and other artifacts.
Distributed cognition can also be seen through cultures and communities.
Distributed cognition is seen when using paper and pencil to do a complicated arithmetic problem.
In his book USS Palau ( Hutchins, 1996 ), he explains in detail how Distributed cognition is manifested through the interaction between crew members as they interpret, process, and transform information into various representational states in order to safely navigate the ship.
* Distributed cognition
* Collective intelligence, Distributed cognition

Distributed and theory
** Information Flow: The Logic of Distributed Systems an influential handbook ( ISBN 0-521-58386-1 ) by Jon Barwise and Jerry Seligman for the analysis of theories using its framework based on a melange of topics from information, model, and discourse theory which is applied to give a formalization of the logic of Quantum Mechanics.

Distributed and learning
In the artificial intelligence topic of machine learning, probably the best known example of an instant-training network is the Willshaw network, and its descendant the ADAM network ( Advanced Distributed Associative Memory ).
All three of Wartburg Theological Seminary ’ s Masters Degrees offer the option for Distributed Learning Programs, which combine online learning, intensive courses on-campus, and residential formation.
He is best known for his work on statistical learning and Parallel Distributed Processing, applying connectionist models ( or neural networks ) to explain cognitive phenomena such as spoken word recognition and visual word recognition.

Distributed and i
This fact has been known and utilized since the 1980s ( i. e., that SS2PL exists globally, without knowing about CO ) for efficient Distributed SS2PL, which implies Distributed serializability and strictness ( e. g., see Raz 1992, page 293 ; it is also implied in Bernstein et al.

Distributed and .
TX: Bois d ' Arc Press ; New York, N. Y .: Distributed by Lyons & Burford
Atomic semantics are defined formally in Lamport's " On Interprocess Communication " Distributed Computing 1, 2 ( 1986 ), 77-101.
Distributed. net and its volunteers broke a 64-bit RC5 key in several years, using about seventy thousand ( mostly home ) computers.
* Ross J. Anderson: < cite > Security Engineering: A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems </ cite >, ISBN 0-471-38922-6
Distributed computing is a field of computer science that studies distributed systems.
Distributed computing also refers to the use of distributed systems to solve computational problems.
Distributed systems are groups of networked computers, which have the same goal for their work.
The first conference in the field, Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing ( PODC ), dates back to 1982, and its European counterpart International Symposium on Distributed Computing ( DISC ) was first held in 1985.
** Distributed databases and distributed database management systems.
** Distributed information processing systems such as banking systems and airline reservation systems.
** Distributed rendering in computer graphics.
An example of an advanced DBMS is Distributed Data Base Management System ( DDBMS ), a collection of data which logically belong to the same system but are spread out over the sites of the computer network.
London ; New York New York: Kegan Paul International ; Distributed by Columbia University Press, 1997.
In particular, his paper " Self-stabilizing Systems in Spite of Distributed Control " started the sub-field of self-stabilization.
* U. S. Patent 1, 336, 378: " Antenna with Distributed Positive Resistance "
* ( Distributed in the U. S. and Canada by Palgrave Macmillan )
According to CiteSeer, Ian Clarke's " Freenet: A Distributed Anonymous Information Storage and Retrieval System " was the most cited computer science paper of 2000.
: Distributed by MIT Press, 1994.
At the forefront of the standards groups is the Department of Defense's Advanced Distributed Learning initiative with its SCORM standards.
" Distributed systems " cover grid information security, networking, resource management, large-scale simulation and energy megasystems, among others.
* Distributed systems: the Defense Technology Experimental Research ( DETER ) testbed for Internet security, the Biomedical Informatics Research Network in health informatics, and Internet mapping efforts.

Distributed and e
* Distributed file serving, e. g., FTP or WWW servers could be mirrored in a remote location without needing to propagate files that are never accessed.
On router platforms with software-only forwarding ( e. g., Cisco 7200 ) most traffic handling, including access control list filtering and forwarding, is done at interrupt level using Cisco Express Forwarding ( CEF ) or dCEF ( Distributed CEF ).
# The Distributed conflict serializability property in its general form is difficult to achieve efficiently, but it is achieved efficiently via its special case Distributed CO: Each local component ( e. g., a local DBMS ) needs both to provide some form of CO, and enforce a special vote ordering strategy for the Two-phase commit protocol ( 2PC: utilized to commit distributed transactions ).
While NMPC applications have in the past been mostly used in the process and chemical industries with comparatively slow sampling rates, NMPC is more and more being applied to applications with high sampling rates, e. g., in the automotive industry, or even when the states are distributed in space ( Distributed parameter systems )
* Schema-less data stores, like Distributed data stores ( e. g. Apache Cassandra or Dynamo ).

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