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Distributions and contain
Distributions optimized for size may not contain X and tend to use more compact alternatives to the GNU utilities, such as BusyBox, uClibc, or dietlibc.

Distributions and usually
Distributions of fortune are usually bundled with a collection of themed files, containing sayings like those found on fortune cookies ( hence the name ), quotations from famous people, jokes, or poetry.

Distributions and called
Distributions with negative or positive excess kurtosis are called platykurtic distributions or leptokurtic distributions respectively.

Distributions and .
Distributions on the CPAN are divided into 24 broad chapters based on their purpose, such as Internationalization and Locale ; Archiving, Compression, And Conversion ; and Mail and Usenet News.
Distributions can also be browsed by author.
Distributions that are partly discrete and partly continuous can also be described this way.
Distributions make it possible to differentiate functions whose derivatives do not exist in the classical sense.
Distributions are widely used to formulate generalized solutions of partial differential equations.
Distributions are also important in physics and engineering where many problems naturally lead to differential equations whose solutions or initial conditions are distributions, such as the Dirac delta distribution.
Diversity and Distributions 11: 311-317.
II c. 3 ) and the Statute of Distributions ( 22 & 23 Car.
* CBC Distributions corp. is renamed Columbia Pictures
The Berkeley Software Distributions also have an IPsec implementation and IKE daemon, and most importantly a cryptographic framework ( OpenBSD Cryptographic Framework, OCF ), which makes supporting cryptographic accelerators much easier.
Distributions of the Mizar Proof Checker for all major operating systems are freely available for downloaded at the Mizar Project website.
Chapter 2: PH Distributions ; ASA SIAM, 1999.
These two methods actually form two different quadratic Time-Frequency Distributions, but are equivalent under some conditions.
Distributions of these clades fall geographically within well established areas.
* Colombeau, J. F., New Generalized Functions and Multiplication of the Distributions.
Taxonomic databases tend to be organized in ways which approximate floristic provinces, but which are more closely aligned to political boundaries, for example according to the World Geographical Scheme for Recording Plant Distributions.
A US Individual Retirement Account CD may allow withdrawal of IRA Required Minimum Distributions without a withdrawal penalty.

Distributions and which
It is the home to New Life Network, ( NLN, Inc .), which is an international distributor of television programs, and Genesis Distributions which works with duty free shops internationally
Distributions which come pre-installed with libdvdcss include BackTrack, CrunchBang Linux, LinuxMCE, Linux Mint, PCLinuxOS, Puppy Linux 4. 2. 1, Recovery Is Possible, Slax, Super OS, Pardus, and XBMC Live.
" Distributions " of this policy-base are released ( periodically or dynamically ) for use in localities, which can apply " patches " to customize them for their own use.

Distributions and distribution
Distributions with CV < 1 ( such as an Erlang distribution ) are considered low-variance, while those with CV > 1 ( such as a hyper-exponential distribution ) are considered high-variance.

Distributions and are
* Distributions that are not more than the cost of medical insurance while unemployed
* Distributions that are not more than the qualified higher education expenses of the owner or their children or grandchildren
Distributions are another type of open source project.
Distributions are collections of software that are published from the same source with a common purpose.

will and often
By the same test predispositions destructive of human personality exercise their most sinister impact, with the result that men of good will are often trapped and nullified.
With facts mainly in his mind, he was often acute in the matter of style, and he said, `` The young who have as yet nothing to say will try larks with initial letters and broken lines.
This hypothesis will account for a large part of the difficulties of tonal analysis, as well as the fact that vowel systems are often more puzzling than consonantal systems.
But the quest for such an index goes on ceaselessly, with all manner of investors and speculators participating, ranging from the sedate institutional type virtually to the proverbial shoe-string operator, all seeking doggedly, studiously, daily -- and often nightly -- for the enchanting index that will foretell the eternal secret: Which way will the market move -- up or down??
very old red wine is often decanted so that the puckering, bitter elements which have settled to the bottom will not be mingled with the wine itself.
You will visit a few churches that are exceptional yet often by-passed, a magnificent square, the main shopping district, the Spanish Steps, and the lovely Pincian Gardens.
significant interaction will often mask the significance of main
They will often memorise the location of such nests and return to them to save the trouble of finding a new one.
However, they will often use the same den as their mother until the next breeding season.
Any person or entity wishing to use intellectual property held under copyright must receive permission from the copyright holder to use this work, and often will be asked to pay for the use of copyrighted material.
A person experiencing a panic attack will often feel as if he or she is about to die or lose consciousness.
Stuff governs how non-player characters perceive and respond to the character: characters with good stuff will often receive friendly or helpful reactions, while characters with bad stuff are often treated with suspicion or hostility.
Deaf children from deaf families will often " babble " in sign, just as their hearing counterparts babble in speech, making nonsensical hand gestures.
According to Tylor, animism often includes " an idea of pervading life and will in nature "; i. e., a belief that natural objects other than humans have souls.
Sessions include chair work and table work, often in front of a mirror, during which the instructor and the student will stand, sit and lie down, moving efficiently while maintaining a correct positioning of the head, neck and spine.
* Full stops / Periods in abbreviations: Americans tend to write Mr., Mrs., St., Dr .; the British will most often write Mr, Mrs, St, Dr, following the rule that a full stop / period is used only when the last letter of the abbreviation is not the last letter of the complete word.
Actors and actresses will often have many instructors and teachers for a full range of training involving, but not limited to, singing, scene-work, monologue techniques, audition techniques and partner work.
Universities will offer three-to four-year programs, where a student is often able to choose to focus on drama, while still learning about other aspects of theatre.
The level of armour protection between AFVs varies greatly-a main battle tank will normally be designed to take hits from other tank guns and anti-tank missiles, whilst light reconnaissance vehicles are often only armoured " just in case ".
Pentecostals believe that physical healing is within the anointing and so there is often great expectation or at least great hope that a miraculous cure or improvement will occur when someone is being prayed over for healing.
In light of the economic gap between rich and poor countries, movement adherents claim “ free trade ” without measures in place to protect the environment and the health and well being of workers will contribute only to the strengthening the power of industrialized nations ( often termed the " North " in opposition to the developing world's " South ").
His government was a military despotism resting upon a well-appointed army ; it was administered through officials absolutely subservient to an inflexible will and controlled by a widespread system of espionage ; while the exercise of his personal authority was too often stained by acts of unnecessary cruelty.
The display will usually demonstrate the aircraft's very short ( and often very loud ) takeoff rolls, fast speeds, slow approach speeds, as well as their ability to quickly make tight turns, to climb quickly, and their ability to be precisely controlled at a large range of speeds.

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