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Dolores and Agnes
Among the movies Cromwell directed are Little Lord Fauntleroy ( 1936 ) starring Freddie Bartholomew and Dolores Costello ; The Prisoner of Zenda ( 1937 ) starring Ronald Colman and Madeleine Carroll, with Raymond Massey, Mary Astor, David Niven, and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr .; Algiers ( 1938 ) starring Charles Boyer and Hedy Lamarr ; Abe Lincoln in Illinois ( 1940 ) starring Raymond Massey, Gene Lockhart, and Ruth Gordon ; Son of Fury: The Story of Benjamin Blake ( 1942 ) starring Tyrone Power, Gene Tierney ; Since You Went Away ( 1944 ) starring Claudette Colbert, Jennifer Jones, Joseph Cotten, Shirley Temple, Robert Walker, and Monty Woolley, with Hattie McDaniel, Agnes Moorehead, Alla Nazimova, Lionel Barrymore and Keenan Wynn ; Anna and the King of Siam ( 1946 ) starring Irene Dunne, Rex Harrison, Linda Darnell, Lee J. Cobb, and Gale Sondergaard ; Dead Reckoning ( 1947 ) starring Humphrey Bogart and Lizabeth Scott ; the women's prison drama Caged ( 1950 ) and the noir crime / drama The Racket ( 1951 ) starring Robert Mitchum, Lizabeth Scott, and Robert Ryan, which Cromwell had appeared in onstage in New York and on tour.

Dolores and Fuller
Newspaper reporter Janet Lawton ( Loretta King Hadler, in a role originally intended for Dolores Fuller ) investigates further, becoming a prisoner of Dr. Vornoff in the process.
Dolores Fuller's autobiography, A Fuller Life: Hollywood, Ed Wood and Me, co-authored by Winnipeg writer Stone Wallace and her husband Philip Chamberlin, was published in 2008.
Glen or Glenda is a 1953 exploitation film written, directed by, and starring Ed Wood, and featuring Bela Lugosi and Wood's then-girlfriend Dolores Fuller.
His girlfriend, Dolores Fuller, played Glen's girlfriend.
*" Big Love, Big Heartache " by Dolores Fuller, Lee Morris and Sonny Hendrix
# " Have A Happy " ( Buddy Kaye, Dolores Fuller, Ben Weisman )
Eventually, she recorded a demo tape that gained the attention of songwriter Dolores Fuller, who sent it to producer Billy Sherrill, the head of A & R at CBS Records.
With the death of Dolores Fuller in 2011, he and Walcott are the last surviving regular Ed Wood actors.
# " Cindy, Cindy " ( Dolores Fuller, Buddy Kaye, Ben Weisman ) 2: 32
** Song: " Do The Clam "-( Written by: Sid Wayne, Ben Weisman, Dolores Fuller )
** Song: " Spinout "-( Written by: Sid Wayne, Ben Weisman, Dolores Fuller )
* Dolores Fuller as Marilyn Gregor, Dr. Gregor ’ s daughter and Don ’ s sister

Dolores and born
Barrymore was born into acting: her great-grandparents Maurice Barrymore and Georgie Drew Barrymore, Maurice Costello and Mae Costello ( Altschuk ) and her grandparents John Barrymore and Dolores Costello, were all actors ; John Barrymore was arguably the most acclaimed actor of his generation.
Desi Arnaz was born Desiderio Alberto Arnaz y de Acha III in Santiago de Cuba to Desiderio Alberto Arnaz II ( March 8, 1894-May 31, 1973 ) and his wife Dolores de Acha ( April 2, 1896-October 24, 1988 ).
Miró married Pilar Juncosa in Palma ( Majorca ) on October 12, 1929 ; their daughter Dolores was born July 17, 1931.
#* Dolores Ethel Mae Barrymore ( born 1930 )
José María Mariano Escrivá y Albás was born to José Escrivá y Corzán and his wife, María de los Dolores Albás y Blanc on 9 January 1902, in the small town of Barbastro, in Huesca, Aragon, Spain, the second of six children and the first of two sons.
" The couple married in Staffordshire in 1997, two years after they first met, and have two children, Dolores ( born 1999 ) and Harvey ( born 2001 ).
Hasselhoff was born in Baltimore, Maryland, to homemaker Dolores and business executive Joe Hasselhoff.
Dolores Lebrón Sotomayor ( November 19, 1919 August 1, 2010 ) known as Lolita Lebrón was born in Lares.
There, in Florence, Merrick dies of typhoid before their daughter Dolores is born.
Gigante was born in Lower East Side, Manhattan to Salvatore Espositio Vulgo Gigante ( April 26, 1900-April 1979 ), a jewel engraver, and Yolanda Santasilia-Gigante ( 1902-May 10, 1997 ), a seamstress and maternal niece of Dolores Santasilia.
He married twice: in 1948 to Andrée May, with whom he had two children, Corinne and Laurence, and for a second time in 1993 to Dolores Djidzek, the mother of his son David ( born in 1986 ).
Moreno was born Rosa Dolores Alverío in Humacao, Puerto Rico, to Rosa María, a seamstress, and Paco Alverío, a farmer.
Letizia married Alonso Guerrero Pérez, born in Mérida in 1962, son of Juan Francisco Guerrero N and wife María de los Dolores Pérez N, a Licentiate in Philosophy from the University of Extremadura, a writer and a high-school literature teacher, on 6 / 7 August 1998, in a simple civil ceremony at Almendralejo, in Badajoz, after a 10-year courtship.
Modine, the youngest of seven children, was born in Loma Linda, California, the son of Dolores ( née Warner ), a bookkeeper, and Mark Alexander Modine, who managed drive-in theaters.
He married a third time to Dolores Margaret Fullman ( born 1929 ) on 6 August 1954 but they separated soon after returning from their honeymoon and divorced.
* Dolores Cristina ( born 1949 ), Maltese Minister of Education, Employment and Family
Ronaldo was born in Santo António, a neighbourhood of Funchal, Madeira, the youngest child of Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro, a cook, and José Dinis Aveiro, a municipal gardener.
Rodríguez de Tió ( birth name: Dolores Rodríguez de Astudillo y Ponce de León ) was born in San Germán, Puerto Rico.
Amalia Dolores García Medina ( born October 6, 1951 ) is a Mexican politician and a former governor of Zacatecas.
Sarria was born to Julio Sarria and Maria Dolores Maldonado.
Sarria was born in San Francisco, California to Maria Dolores Maldonado and Julio Sarria.
Rivera ( birth name: Dolores Conchita Figueroa del Rivero ) was born in Washington, D. C., the daughter of Katherine, a government clerk, and Pedro Julio Figueroa del Rivero, a clarinetist and saxophonist for the United States Navy Band.

Dolores and ;
Dolores smiled ; ;
To prevent the spread of flames, the Convent and School of Notre Dame across the street was dynamited by firefighters ; nevertheless, nearly all the blocks east of Dolores Street and north of 20th street were consumed by flames.
The greatest of the classic pop writers achieved this with regularity ; yet at the same time, many classic pop standards, such as " Learning the Blues " by Dolores Silver, " Willow Weep for Me " by Ann Ronell were that era's version of the one-hit wonder: songs from writers who never again delivered an eventual standard.
The western portion of the county ( east of the Dolores River Canyon and along the Utah border ) is the northern portion of the Great Sage Plain, relatively low ( 6500 7500 feet in elevation ) and flat ( but cut by large canyons, including that of the Dolores River itself ), and consists of irrigated and dryland farming areas ; it is especially well known for the cultivation of various varieties of beans, including pinto beans and many variety of old Anasazi beans.
Their stage work of the 1950s included the revue Two on the Aisle, starring Bert Lahr and Dolores Gray, with music by Jule Styne ; Wonderful Town, a musical adaptation of the play My Sister Eileen with music by Bernstein ; and Bells Are Ringing, which reunited them with Judy Holliday and Jule Styne.
; Dolores Monrovia Godwit " Aunt Dolly " Footrot: Wal's aunt ( by marriage ).
; Other hostile animals: In the early strip, the Dog's main tormentors were the Turkey, Goat, and Pigs ( Boris and Dolores ).
However, trouble seems to begin right after he carries her over the threshold ; Dolores torments Michael by pretending to be too ill to consummate the marriage, driving him into a frenzy of frustration.
In extreme cases, persons can become long-term carriers ; for example, Cholera Dolores, who tested vibrio positive nine years after her primary infection.
On September 28, 1810, Hidalgo's forces killed more than 500 Spaniard and Creole loyalist soldiers during the battle for Dolores ; 2, 000 Indigenous Mexicans died in the fighting.
The second level of the portal, showcases the main balcony with a prominent bell ; a replica of the " Campana de Dolores ".
Frank marries Dolores ; Gilfain marries Lady Holyrood ; and Angela, marries Captain Donegal.
" probably alludes to Lolita ; the " Carmen " line is included by Humbert Humbert in his narration of speaking to Dolores Haze near the end of the novel.
He was survived by: his parents, Dolores and Billy Costello Sr .; a daughter, Christine Costello, and a son, Brandon, from his marriage to his wife, Jane, which ended in divorce ; four living brothers, Stephen, Mario ' Vinnie ' Costello, Anthony, and Glenn ; and two sisters, Vicky Costello and Tammy Moody.
Friedan stated in her memoir Life So Far ( 2000 ) that Carl had beaten her during their marriage ; friends such as Dolores Alexander recalled having to cover up black eyes from Carl's abuse in time for press conferences ( Brownmiller 1999, p. 70 ).
* Mantilla, Castro, and Maria Dolores: El Trabajo del ILV en Bolivia, 1954 1980, Informe Final ( The Work of SIL in Bolivia, 1954 1980, Final Report ; La Paz, Ministerio de Desarollo Humano 1996 ).

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