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Domitian and then
For reasons unknown, Domitian briefly exiled Domitia, and then soon recalled her, either out of love or due to rumours that he was carrying on a relationship with his niece Julia Flavia.
These were Domitian whose violent death in 96 ended the Flavian Dynasty, the co-emperor Publius Septimius Geta, whose memory was publicly expunged by his co-emperor brother Caracalla after he murdered him in 211, and in 311 Maximian, who was captured by Constantine the Great and then encouraged to commit suicide.
If the palace was designed for Lucullus, then it may have only been in use for a few years, for the Roman historian Suetonius records that Lucullus was executed by the delusional emperor Domitian in or shortly after AD 93.
While in the mid-19th century it was customary to identify him as a freedman of Titus Flavius Clemens, who was consul with his cousin, the Emperor Domitian, this identification, which no ancient sources suggest, then lost support.
After this attack, the Roman emperor Domitian personally arrived in Moesia and reorganized it in 87 AD into two provinces, divided by the river Cebrus ( Ciabrus ): to the west Moesia Superior-Upper Moesia, ( meaning up river ) and to the east Moesia Inferior-Lower Moesia ( also called Ripa Thracia ), ( from the Danube river's mouth and then upstream ).
In the early 17th century, John Greaves measured the pyramids, having inspected the broken Obelisk of Domitian in Rome, then destined for the Earl of Arundel's collection in London.
For reasons unknown, Domitian briefly exiled Domitia, and then soon recalled her, either out of love or amidst rumours he was carrying on a relationship with his niece Julia Flavia.
Probably in the same month he met and consulted with the Earl of Arundel's art-collecting agent, William Petty ( who dined at the College on 14 October ), on the Earl's attempted acquisition of the Obelisk of Domitian, then still lying broken in the Circus of Maxentius.
By then Domitian had seduced her.
If the accused killed themselves prior to trial and conviction then the state lost the right to seize their property, a loophole that was only closed by Domitian in the 1st century AD, who decreed that those who died prior to trial were without legal heirs.

Domitian and wrote
The traditional theory holds that John the Apostle — considered to have written the Gospel and the epistles of John — was exiled on Patmos in the Aegean archipelago during the reign of Domitian, and there wrote Revelation.
Edward Bishop Elliott, in the Horae Apocalypticae ( 1862 ), argues that John wrote the book in exile on Patmos " at the close of the reign of Domitian ; that is near the end of the year 95 or beginning of 96 ".
His contemporary Suetonius wrote biographies of the 12 Roman rulers from Julius Caesar through Domitian.

Domitian and Cerialis
When news arrived of Cerialis ' victory over Civilis, Mucianus tactfully dissuaded Domitian from pursuing further military endeavours.
To this end, Nero effectively held Domitian and Quintus Petillius Cerialis, governor of Ostia, who were respectively the younger son and brother-in-law of Vespasian.

Domitian and personally
Domitian quickly launched a counteroffensive, personally travelling to the region accompanied by a large force commanded by his praetorian prefect Cornelius Fuscus.
Domitian firmly believed in the traditional Roman religion, and personally saw to it that ancient customs and morals were observed throughout his reign.

Domitian and suggesting
Domitian opened the year following the revolt by sharing the consulship with Marcus Cocceius Nerva, suggesting the latter had played a part in uncovering the conspiracy, perhaps in a fashion similar to the one he played during the Pisonian conspiracy under Nero.

Domitian and hand
According to Tacitus, Mucianus was not keen on this prospect but since he considered Domitian a liability in any capacity that was entrusted to him, he preferred to keep him close at hand rather than in Rome.
He was born c. 45 CE From his boyhood he was victorious in poetic contests many times at his native Naples and three times at the Alban Festival, where he received the golden crown from the hand of the emperor Domitian who had instituted the contest.

Domitian and over
Domitian and, over a century later Publius Septimius Geta, were the only emperors known to have officially received a damnatio memoriae, though others may have received de facto ones.
They have, by the help of Divine Providence, overcome all obstacles, and have made themselves free ... I know not by what misfortune, we are fallen into the error of those, who poised the Emperor Titus to make room for Domitian, who made away Augustus that they might have Tiberius, and changed Claudius for Nero ... whereas the people of England are now renowned, all over the world, for their great virtue and discipline ; and yet suffer an idiot, without courage, without sense, nay, without ambition, to have dominion in a country of liberty.
The Janus quadrifrons or quadriformis, brought according to tradition from Falerii in 241 BC and installed by Domitian in the Forum Transitorium, seems to be connected to the same theological complex, as its image purports an ability to rule over every direction, element and time of the year: however it did not give rise to a new epithet.
( Domitian had only one shelf, perhaps because it was over the door ).
The temple completed by Domitian is thought to have lasted more or less intact for over four hundred years, until the fifth century depredations of Gaiseric and Narses.
In AD 85, the Dacians swarmed over the Danube and pillaged Moesia and initially defeated an army the Emperor Domitian sent against them, but the Romans were victorious in the Battle of Tapae in 88 and a truce was drawn up.
After Nero's suicide, subsequent emperors Vespasian, Titus, and Domitian chose to build over his palace with other forms of architecture.

Domitian and command
During the Batavian rebellion, Domitian eagerly sought the opportunity to attain military glory, but was denied command of a legion by superior officers.
In 83, they fought the Germanic wars against the Chatti, a German tribe living across the Rhine, under the command of Emperor Domitian.
Substantial conquests were made in Britain under command of Gnaeus Julius Agricola between 77 and 83, while Domitian was unable to procure a decisive victory against King Decebalus in the war against the Dacians.
Scupi grew up as colony of legionnaires, mainly veterans of the Legio IIV Claudia in the time of Domitian ( 81-96 AD ), even though several legions of the Crassus ' army of 29-28 BC, may already have been stationed there, before the official imperial command in this area was instituted.

Domitian and army
As a consequence, Domitian was popular with the people and army but considered a tyrant by members of the Roman Senate.
Nevertheless, Domitian appears to have been very popular amongst the soldiers, spending an estimated three years of his reign among the army on campaigns — more than any emperor since Augustus — and raising their pay by one-third.
In September 96, Domitian was succeeded by Marcus Cocceius Nerva, an old and childless senator who proved to be unpopular with the army.
He was a friend of Nerva, and when Domitian was murdered in 96 AD, Dio used his influence with the army stationed on the frontier in favour of Nerva.
Following the murder of Domitian in 96, the Adiutrix, along with the Danubian army, played an important role in Roman politics, forcing Nerva to adopt Trajan as his successor.
As part of the army of Germania Inferior, X Gemina fought against the rebellion of the governor of Germania Superior, L. Antonius Saturninus, against Emperor Domitian.
For this reason, the Tenth — as well as the other legions of the army, I Minervia, VI Victrix, and XXII Primigenia — received the title Pia Fidelis Domitiana, " faithful and loyal to Domitian ", with the reference to the Emperor dropped at his death.
Tacitus exalts the character of his father-in-law, by showing how — as governor of Roman Britain and commander of the armyhe attends to matters of state with fidelity, honesty, and competence, even under the government of the hated Emperor Domitian.

Domitian and once
When Domitian found out, he allegedly murdered Paris in the street and promptly divorced his wife, with Suetonius further adding that once Domitia was exiled, Domitian took Julia as his mistress, who later died during a failed abortion.
Several modern authors such as Dorey have argued the opposite: that Agricola was in fact a close friend of Domitian, and that Tacitus merely sought to distance his family from the fallen dynasty once Nerva was in power.
Suetonius further adds that, once Domitia was exiled, Domitian took Julia as his mistress, who later died during a failed abortion.

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