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from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

Don't and like
`` Don't hold him like that.
No need leave a note with it, either -- or maybe just something like, Don't worry about me, I'm going away to make a better life.
Once when she asked why he never went swimming and he answered, `` Don't feel like it '', he was tempted to tell her about being scared.
`` Don't take it like this '', Frankie said.
Through quiet laughter his mother said, `` Don't speak to your father like that, Richard ''.
At the end of the show, Ray warns the audience, " Don't drive like my brother ," to which Tom replies, " And don't drive like my brother.
" The original tag line was " Don't drive like a knucklehead.
" There have been variations such as, " Don't drive like my brother ..." " And don't drive like his brother ," and " Don't drive like my sister ..." " And don't drive like my sister.
The Sierra Club did not like this connection and in 1970 The Don't Make a Wave Committee was established for the protest.
I should like to make one request: Don't let me put this phrase to a vote.
Because he'd been sitting in my house with my acoustic guitar, writing these songs like ' I Don't Care ', fucking up my guitar, and suddenly he's this guy on stage who you can't take your eyes off of.
" Don't get it twisted, God has always existed ," said Kurtis, " and in terms of these young people out here who love Jesus but do not like to go to church, maybe hip hop can bring them back to the church.
* The They Might Be Giants song " Where Your Eyes Don't Go " on their second album, Lincoln, featured the lines " You're free to come and go / Or talk like Kurtis Blow.
So " Killing is wrong " means something like " Don't kill!
The group ’ s next release, Apocalypse ' 91 ... The Enemy Strikes Black, continued this trend, with songs like " Can't Truss It ", which addressed the history of slavery and how the black community can fight back against oppression ; " I Don't Wanna be Called Yo Nigga ", a track addresses on how the urban culture uses the word nigga outside of its usual derogatory context.
The trio's 2000 studio recording, entitled " Don't Be Scared Anymore ", received reviews of " This album is like the soundtrack to the world's coolest vacation " from All About Jazz and " Jazz-rock in the truest sense " from Allmusic.

Don't and bother
`` Don't bother to look any further.
`` Don't bother.
`` Don't bother, Ida '', she said.
`` Don't bother '', Mike answered.
His pragmatic advice included suggestions such as " Don't let the doctors bother him too much ; let him rest.
" Beria angrily dismissed his claims as panic-mongering and quickly left, ordering him, " Don't bother us, don't cause a panic and don't disturb Comrade Stalin!
* " Don't bother the beggar's son and the beggar's son won't bother you.
Someone says, " Don't bother, it's hogwash anyway.
Don't bother coming.
Don't let them bother you.
His last words before his death were, reputedly " Don't bother ducking, the men don't like it and it doesn't do any good ...."
Don't bother to give him vocal training.
According to the legend, manager Casey Stengel came out to argue the call, but was told by the umpire " Don't bother arguing Casey, he missed first base, too.
When styling church-going Sister Corrine the woman exclaims " Don't bother bring dat obia business to me ... get this voodoo witchcraft woman ' way from me head!
Every month Stop1984 published a magazine in German that could be downloaded, " Lasst mich in Ruhe " ( Don't bother me ).
Don't bother with detection lads, just stick to introspection lads
Don't bother deleting it ; I'm just going to reupload it again!

Don't and no
Don't forget, the U.N. did no more than the United States did.
He enjoys destroying things, mauling the mailman, tormenting Odie, kicking Odie off the table ; he also makes snide comments, usually about Jon's inability to get a date ( in one strip, when Jon bemoans the fact that no one will go out with him on New Year's, Garfield replies, " Don't feel bad Jon.
He forcefully asked the Soviet representative, Valerian Zorin, if his country was installing missiles in Cuba, punctuated with the famous demand " Don't wait for the translation, answer ' yes ' or ' no '!
Some examples are: " Better to be safe than sorry ", " The evil deserves no aid ", " Be friends with whom you don't like ", " Don't judge people by the way they look ", " Slow and steady wins the race ", " Once started down the dark path, forever will it hold your destiny ", and " Your overconfidence is your weakness ".
The song tells of disappointment, as the lyrics, " Don't know why there's no sun up in the sky ", show someone pining for her man to return.
The sheriff remains suspicious, but having no evidence simply tells Ed, " Don't ever do nothin ' like this again.
" in a vaudeville reminiscent sketch wherein the names " Who ", " What " and " I Don't Know " were used in reference to prostitutes that perform only one specific service but no others, culminating in a joke where Sheen says " You know what, I don't give a damn ," to which Dratch replies, " Oh, you mean my crack dealer.
An example is suffixing sentences with lah, as in, " Don't be so worried-lah ", which is usually used to present a sentence as rather light-going and not so serious, the suffix has no specific meaning.
She became sufficiently famous for Columbia to invite her into the recording studio to make 78 rpm discs of four of the numbers she sang in these revues: Please sell no more drink to my father and He didn't oughter were on one disc ( recorded in 1926 ) and Don't tell my mother I'm living in sin and The Ladies Bar was on the other ( recorded 1930 ).
She told the record company, which responded " Don't tell him anything, but don't tell him no, because we don't say no to Joe Jackson.
* Que no Quede Huella ( Don't Leave a Trace )
The song ( I Don't Want to Go to ) Chelsea ( 1978 ), by new wave artist Elvis Costello, contained the line: " There's no place here for the mini-skirt waddle.
There were no paid or scheduled performers or artists, no separation between art-space and living-space, no rules other than " Don't interfere with anyone else's immediate experience " and " no guns in central camp.
The catchphrase as used by the Pepsi ad was based upon a similar phrase, " Don't even THINK of parking here ", which came into use on no parking signs in major cities such as New York City and Chicago.
Cam ' ron received criticism from fellow hip hop artist Pumpkinhead, who attacked Cam ' ron in the song " Stupid People " with the line " Matter fact, it's a fact that stupid people slippin ' / Don't know the difference between savin ' lives and bein ' a snitch / Anderson Cooper asked Cam ' ron if he'd tell on a serial killer / He said no, he'd move / That's one stupid-ass nigga.
33 ) and " Don't Tell Me " ( no.
Many scripts, especially those by Ian Martin, showed a tin ear for 1970s youth slang (" Don't let her give you no run-around, dad!
Self-portrait with poem which reads " Best wishes for your Christmas / Is all you get from me /' Cause I ain't no Santa Claus / Don't own no Christmas tree ./ But if wishes was health and money / I'd fill your buck-skin poke / Your doctor would go hungry / An ' you never would be broke.
Popular discontent led to a catchy phrase: " Al pueblo de España no le manden esa araña " ( Don't send the people of Spain that spider ).

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