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Dorfl and him
" After his Chem is destroyed, Dorfl tells Dragon King Of Arms the Vampire that Dorfl could crush him, essentially killing him, but will not because it would be immoral to do so.
Dorfl joined the Watch during the events of Feet of Clay, at which time he was set free by Captain Carrot, sustained considerable damage fighting the golem king, and was rebuilt to a considerable degree, granting him a voice ( which had been considered blasphemous for golems to possess, prior to Dorfl's argument with the Council of Churches, Temples, Sacred Groves and Big Ominous Rocks ).
Dorfl quickly became the Disc's first ceramic atheist, to the displeasure of at least one god, and has been issued an official chit to label him " alive " to avoid interference in this state of affairs.
") Fellow watchman and Omnian Constable Visit continues to present the Omnian case before him, and unlike most people, Dorfl welcomes the continued debate.
An excerpt from the Cenotine " Book of Truth " was the Chem of the golem Dorfl, until Carrot Ironfoundersson purchased him and set him free by replacing it with the receipt of the purchase.

Dorfl and despite
They were saved only by the intervention of Dorfl, the first free golem, who, despite terrible bodily damage and the loss of his chem, managed to kill the king by destroying its head.

Dorfl and Vimes
In the end, Vetinari has recovered completely, Dorfl is sworn in as a watchman, Vimes gets a pay rise, and the watch house gets a new dart board.

Dorfl and all
Dorfl speaks ' With The Beginning Of Every Word Being Capitalized ', as do all golems granted speech, and, like most golems, he is quite literal in his choice of words.

Dorfl and .
Carrot and Dorfl, one of the golems, fight and defeat the golem king at the candlestick factory.
The other members of the Watch join and protest against Colon, but eventually it dwindles to just Nobby, Visit, zombie Constable Reg Shoe and golem Constable Dorfl.
The first free golem, Dorfl, had the plan to buy other golems and give them to themselves.
Older golems have names, often somewhat Yiddish sounding, such as Dorfl, Meshugah, Bobkes, Shmata and Klutz.
Dorfl could be an exception since the whole top of his head was sheared off in his fight with Meshugah, perhaps destroying any strictures which were " hard coded.
Near the conclusion of Feet of Clay, Dorfl is rebaked with a tongue and gains the ability to talk.
Part of the events at the end of Feet of Clay leave Dorfl with a destroyed chem.

arrests and him
" Although none of his attempts to kill Superman work permanently ( though a classic non-canonical story from 1961 entitled " The Death of Superman " has Luthor finally killing Superman after lulling him by pretending to go straight, although Supergirl then arrests him and he is exiled to the Phantom Zone ), Luthor routinely manages to escape from prison and threaten the world again.
For example, a police officer arrests a person for impaired driving and takes him to the police station to administer an intoxilyzer test.
In his absence in Pakistan, the country's courts issued arrests warrants for him and Aziz in the allege involvement in the assassination of Benazir Bhutto and Akbar Bugti.
These arrests were protested by groups including Human Rights Watch, Front Line, and Amnesty International, the latter of whom named him a " prisoner of conscience.
Lightman learns the true nature of his actions from a news broadcast, and the FBI arrests him and takes him to NORAD.
** The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation arrests Jimmy Hoffa and charges him with bribery.
** The South African government arrests Nelson Mandela in Howick, and charges him with incitement to rebellion.
Though a minor character, he very notably arrests Fitz in " To Say I Love You " when he refuses to leave Judith alone after she has left him and gone to her parents ' house.
These arrests earned him the description " dangerous communist agitator " and " active distributor of communist and anti-fascist propaganda " on his police record.
He arrests king Artavasdes II and takes him to Alexandria.
In the autumn of 1533, various arrests were made in connection with the so-called revelations of the Holy Maid of Kent, Elizabeth Barton, but as Fisher was taken seriously ill in December, proceedings against him were postponed for a time.
Alarmed by Conon's actions, Tiribazus arrests him, and secretly provides the Spartans with money to equip a fleet.
The Communists continued a campaign against enemies, including arresting Mihailović, conducting a controversial trial and then executing him, followed by several other opposition arrests and trials.
Gaear tries to flee, but Marge shoots him in the leg and arrests him.
Crawford's heavy drinking increased during the filming of Highway Patrol, eventually resulting in several arrests and stops for driving under the influence of alcohol ( DUI ), which eventually gained him a suspended driving license.
Scarpia arrests Cavaradossi and sentences him to death in the Castel Sant ' Angelo.
After spending nearly a year in California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison in Corcoran, California, Downey, on condition of posting $ 5, 000 bail, was unexpectedly freed when a judge ruled that his collective time in incarceration facilities ( spawned from the initial 1996 arrests ) had qualified him for early release.
However, the CIA arrests Newton, having followed him since his appearance on Earth and having recorded this private conversation with Bryce.
The Count of Rochefort arrests d ' Artagnan and takes him straight to the Cardinal.
As Preston unsuccessfully attempts to stop Mary O ' Brien's execution he is caught breaking down in a wave of emotions by Brandt, who arrests him and brings him before the Vice-Counsel.
Local Red Guards in Chengdu were not enthusiastic to follow these orders: they visited Peng's house on December 22, 1966 and attempted to intimidate Peng by informing him of the recent arrests of some of his friends and comrades, and of the imminent arrests of Liu Shaoqi and Deng Xiaoping.

arrests and despite
" He concluded that Party's claims lacked " both internal and external substantiating evidence ", and that despite the arrests and scrutiny, the authorities never " credibly countered Falun Gong rebuttals ".
After that, Cronkite reminded the viewers one final time that it had now been confirmed that the President was dead, that Vice President Johnson was now the President and was to be sworn in ( which had occurred just as Cronkite received the bulletin confirming the President's death ), that Governor Connally's condition was still unknown but many reports said that he was still alive, and that there was no report of whether the assassin had been captured ( despite the earlier reports of arrests at the Texas School Book Depository ).
American Indian spearfishing continues despite violence, arrests, and threats from whites.
At the time, it was considered by many to be unsuccessful: despite large demonstrations and many arrests, few changes were won, and the protests drew little national attention.
After the arrests, motions by the defense for a change of venue, on the basis that Miami was a venue too associated with exile Cubans, were denied, despite the fact that the trial began just five months after the heated Elian Gonzalez affair.
He quickly uncovered evidence of a large Confederate courier network operating in the area, but despite some arrests and warnings the courier network remained intact.
When the Lafayettes returned to school in the fall, SNCC organizers Prathia Hall and Worth Long carried on the work despite arrests, beatings, and death threats.
Several thousand sat down and there were 1, 314 arrests but no violence from demonstrators despite allegations of police brutality.
In predominantly Black New York neighborhoods, arrests and prosecutions for drug related crimes were higher than anywhere else in the city despite evidence that illegal drugs were used at at least the same rate in the White community, further contributing to the problems between the white dominated police force and black community.
Bruno himself avoided lengthy prison terms despite several arrests ; his longest term was two years for refusing to testify to a grand jury.
Very few, if any, arrests are made and almost everyone attending the Party du Parking are well behaved, despite the amount of alcohol people tend to consume on that night.

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