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Dorfl and first
The first free golem, Dorfl, had the plan to buy other golems and give them to themselves.
They were saved only by the intervention of Dorfl, the first free golem, who, despite terrible bodily damage and the loss of his chem, managed to kill the king by destroying its head.

Dorfl and at
Carrot and Dorfl, one of the golems, fight and defeat the golem king at the candlestick factory.
Dorfl joined the Watch during the events of Feet of Clay, at which time he was set free by Captain Carrot, sustained considerable damage fighting the golem king, and was rebuilt to a considerable degree, granting him a voice ( which had been considered blasphemous for golems to possess, prior to Dorfl's argument with the Council of Churches, Temples, Sacred Groves and Big Ominous Rocks ).
Part of the events at the end of Feet of Clay leave Dorfl with a destroyed chem.

Dorfl and has
In the end, Vetinari has recovered completely, Dorfl is sworn in as a watchman, Vimes gets a pay rise, and the watch house gets a new dart board.

Dorfl and him
Dorfl arrests him despite tenuous evidence and Vimes burns down all the heralds ' records of the nobility as a sort of punishment.
" After his Chem is destroyed, Dorfl tells Dragon King Of Arms the Vampire that Dorfl could crush him, essentially killing him, but will not because it would be immoral to do so.
") Fellow watchman and Omnian Constable Visit continues to present the Omnian case before him, and unlike most people, Dorfl welcomes the continued debate.
An excerpt from the Cenotine " Book of Truth " was the Chem of the golem Dorfl, until Carrot Ironfoundersson purchased him and set him free by replacing it with the receipt of the purchase.

Dorfl and .
The other members of the Watch join and protest against Colon, but eventually it dwindles to just Nobby, Visit, zombie Constable Reg Shoe and golem Constable Dorfl.
Older golems have names, often somewhat Yiddish sounding, such as Dorfl, Meshugah, Bobkes, Shmata and Klutz.
Dorfl could be an exception since the whole top of his head was sheared off in his fight with Meshugah, perhaps destroying any strictures which were " hard coded.
Near the conclusion of Feet of Clay, Dorfl is rebaked with a tongue and gains the ability to talk.
Dorfl speaks ' With The Beginning Of Every Word Being Capitalized ', as do all golems granted speech, and, like most golems, he is quite literal in his choice of words.

quickly and became
In the late 1920s, Heigo became a benshi ( silent film narrator ) for Tokyo theaters showing foreign films, and quickly made a name for himself.
Karpov improved so quickly under Botvinnik's tutelage that he became the youngest Soviet National Master in history at fifteen in 1966 ; this tied the record established by Boris Spassky in 1952.
These authors, the former a medieval historian and the latter an early modernist, quickly became associated with the distinctive Annales approach, which combined geography, history, and the sociological approaches of the Année Sociologique ( many members of which were their colleagues at Strasbourg ) to produce an approach which rejected the predominant emphasis on politics, diplomacy and war of many 19th and early 20th-century historians as spearheaded by historians whom Febvre called Les Sorbonnistes.
The forks of the Kalamazoo River provided power for mills, and Albion quickly became a mill town as well as an agricultural market.
He quickly became the most successful publisher in Germany, eventually owning twenty-four printing-presses and having many offices in Germany and abroad.
They quickly became the Achilles ' heel of the system because of their combination of an overly complex mechanical design with a very low-cost internal flex circuit system.
Panned by many entertainment critics of its time, it quickly became a huge ratings success for most of its nine-year run on CBS.
After World War II, Brazil developed a steel mill at Volta Redonda, in Rio de Janeiro State, and quickly became the largest steel producer in Latin America.
The instability in the Balkan region in the early 1900s quickly became a precondition for a new war.
Concerto for Orchestra quickly became Bartók's most popular work, although he did not live to see its full impact.
But it very quickly became clear that ' outsider ' savers were needed whose motive was profit through interest on deposits.
Thus permanent building societies quickly became mortgage banks and in such institutions there always existed a conflict of interest between borrowers and savers.
Although at first the disagreement appeared to be minor and inspired by personal conflicts, for example, Lenin's insistence on dropping less active editorial board members from Iskra or Martov's support for the Organizing Committee of the Congress which Lenin opposed, the differences quickly grew and the split became irreparable.
Factories processed, preserved, canned, and packaged a wide variety of foods, and processed cereals quickly became a defining feature of the American breakfast.
When Spain opened the Cuban trade ports, it quickly became a popular place.
Acting quickly before all parliamentarians became aware of the change of government, Fraser and his allies were able to secure passage of the appropriation bills, and the Governor-General dissolved Parliament for a double dissolution election.
In 1919, the May Fourth Movement began as a response to the terms imposed on China by the Treaty of Versailles ending World War I, but quickly became a protest movement about the domestic situation in China.
The term casuistry quickly became pejorative with Blaise Pascal's attack on the misuse of casuistry.
Many of Claudius ' less solid supporters quickly became Nero's men.
Until about 2000, users of Unix desktops regarded CDE as the de facto standard, but at that time, other desktop environments such as GNOME and K Desktop Environment 2 were quickly becoming mature, and became almost universal on the Linux platform, which already had a larger user base than most commercial Unixes in total.
It was released in the summer of 1987 and quickly became popular with bulletin board system ( BBS ) operators and other users.
The mounted men-at-arms quickly became an important force in Western European tactics.
Without being backed by gold or foreign currency, the money issued by Li and Yan quickly declined in value until it became virtually worthless.
In Spain, it quickly became a court favorite.
For example, Gorbachev quickly became the party's de facto Second Secretary, even though Chernenko did not support him.

quickly and first
Joseph Brown continued in business by himself, quickly rebuilding the establishment which had been lost in the fire and beginning those first steps which were to establish him as a pioneer in raising the standards of accuracy of machine shop practice throughout the world.
We quickly ran into the same trouble that plagued Bill Ruger in his first experiments: Three or four bullets would be placed well in a six-inch bull at 100 yards and then, unaccountably, one could stray far out of the group.
Again, I at first misconstrued this disconcertingly intense communication, and I quickly cast through my mind to account for her being able to speak, with such utter conviction, of an opinion held by my father, now several years deceased.
Elaine recovered first, so quickly that Nick thought he might have imagined her sudden reaction.
As if to confirm his stature, he quickly won three of the first eight tournaments.
* In 1858, Cyrus West Field laid the first transatlantic telegraph cable ( it quickly failed ).
* 1959 – Project Mercury: NASA announces the selection of the United States ' first seven astronauts, whom the news media quickly dub the " Mercury Seven ".
However, poor marketing and failure to repeat the technological advances of the first systems meant that the Amiga quickly lost its market share to competing platforms, such as the fourth generation game consoles, Apple Macintosh and IBM PC compatibles.
FIC demonstrated the first Socket 7 AGP system board in November 1997 as the FIC PA-2012 based on the VIA Apollo VP3 chipset, followed very quickly by the EPoX P55-VP3 also based on the VIA VP3 chipset which was first to market.
However, the need to engage targets at night, in depth or hit the target with the first rounds quickly led to predicted fire being developed in World War I.
In the cave form, lens development begins within the first 24 hours of embryonic development, but quickly aborts, the lens cells dying ; most of the rest of the eye structures never develop.
Penicillinase was the first β-lactamase to be identified: It was first isolated by Abraham and Chain in 1940 from Gram-negative E. coli even before penicillin entered clinical use, but penicillinase production quickly spread to bacteria that previously did not produce it or produced it only rarely.
" But the teenager made an impact on his first night at the London Coliseum, winning more laughs in his small role than the star, and he was quickly signed to a contract.
The French quickly defeated the Scottish at Baleine and established the first permanent settlements on Île Royale: present day Englishtown ( 1629 ) and St. Peter's ( 1630 ).
This controller chip, however, was the seat of some early problems with 1581 drives when the first production runs were recalled due to a high failure rate ; the problem was quickly corrected.
At first the traders may have genuinely operated as labour recruiters, but they quickly turned to subterfuge and outright kidnapping to round up their human cargo.
He also approaches the New X-Men in an attempt to help them figure out a non-violent way to help against the Purifiers, but is quickly rebuked by Surge, who questions where he was when they were getting attacked the first time, and that they didn't need to learn from him.
Business value can be returned as quickly as the first data marts can be created, and the method gives itself well to an exploratory and iterative approach to building data warehouses.
The first apparent usage of the term " euthanasia " belongs to the historian Suetonius who described how the Emperor Augustus, " dying quickly and without suffering in the arms of his wife, Livia, experienced the ' euthanasia ' he had wished for.
RotoNews. com launched the Web's first free commissioner service in 1998, quickly becoming the largest league management service.
White insurgents had quickly arisen in the South after the war, organizing first as secret vigilante groups like the Ku Klux Klan.
( 1966 ) quickly moved from its fanzine roots to become one of the first rock music " prozines ," with paid advertisers and newsstand distribution.

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