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Douglas and other
Katherine Douglas King '' The invitation was accepted and other letters followed, in which she spoke of her concern for his health and her delight in seeing him so much at home among the crippled children she served.
As Douglas and the other candidates went through with their campaigns, Lincoln was the only one of them who gave no speeches.
These gifted executives, along with other key contributors, including Kevin Ellington, Douglas Johns, Steven Flannigan, and Gary Stimac, helped the company with the IBM Corporation in all personal computer sales categories, after many predicted that none could compete with the behemoth.
Douglas ( and Atchison ) had assumed that Nebraska would be settled by Free-State men from Iowa and Illinois, and Kansas by pro-slavery Missourians and other Southerners, thus preserving the numerical balance between free states and slave states.
In the Northern Hemisphere pines Pinus, spruces Picea, larches Larix, silver firs Abies, Douglas firs Pseudotsuga and hemlocks Tsuga, make up the canopy, but other taxa are also important.
He spent his time writing and in the company of other writers including William Thackeray and Douglas Jerrold.
The driver of the other car was her close friend and classmate Michael Dutton Douglas.
Although officially denied by the Nigerian government, Nigeria is known to have also provided secret military training at the Kaduna first mechanized army division and provided other material support to Joshua Nkomo and Robert Mugabe's guerrilla forces during the Rhodesian Bush War ( Renamed Zimbabwe in 1979 ) of independence against white minority rule of Prime Minister Ian Douglas Smith which was armed and financed by the regime in South Africa.
It is led by Destiny, a pacifist Juggernaut and Douglas Ramsey, the latter of whom provides a field that allows everybody to understand each other despite speaking different languages.
The Roosevelts thus became one of only two father-son pairs to receive this honor ( the other pair being Arthur and Douglas MacArthur ).
Grace's presence initially attracted other leading players into the team, including Fry, Ranjitsinhji and Johnny Douglas, but the increased importance of the County Championship, combined with Grace's inevitable decline in form and the lack of a competitive element in London's matches, led to reduced attendances and consequently the club lost money.
On the other hand, David C. Douglas had pointed out that " allegations of secret poisoning " were rather common in the primary sources from 11th-century Normandy.
On 15 and 29 November 1916, as the Battle of the Somme paused, Sir Douglas Haig met Général d ' Armée Joffre and the other Allies at Chantilly.
Many of Crawford's friends and co-workers, including Van Johnson, Ann Blyth, Marlene Dietrich, Myrna Loy, Cesar Romero, Gary Gray, Crawford's first husband, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and Crawford's other daughters, Cathy and Cindy, denounced the book, categorically denying any abuse.
The other two films were Too Late the Hero, in which Fonda played a secondary role, and There Was a Crooked Man, about Paris Pitman Jr. ( played by Kirk Douglas ) trying to escape from an Arizona prison.
: b. The other two officers assigned to assist Wass de Czege in preparing the curricula for the school were Lieutenant Colonels Hal Winton and Douglas Johnson.
Fur traders included Manuel Lisa, Robert Stuart, William Henry Ashley, Jedediah Smith, William Sublette, Andrew Henry, Thomas Fitzpatrick, Kit Carson, Jim Bridger, Peter Skene Ogden, David Thompson, James Douglas, Donald Mackenzie, Alexander Ross, James Sinclair and other mountain men.
Flora and fauna of the region include the normal ecological succession from lowland big leaf maple and western red cedar through Garry oak on up through fire-dependent species such as lodgepole pine and Douglas fir, as well as grand fir, silver fir and other species common to Gifford Pinchot National Forest.
The other agent is the Douglas squirrel ( Tamiasciurus douglasi ) that gnaws on the fleshy green scales of younger cones.
As director of the budget, Lewis Douglas overrode the views of leading senators in reducing appropriations to $ 3. 5 billion and in transferring much of that money to other agencies in lieu of their own specific appropriations.
Bob Hope, Woody Hayes, Buster Douglas, E. Gordon Gee, Novice Fawcett, Robert Ries and Jack Nicklaus are the only other non-band members to have received this honor.
The meeting may also have been intended as an official acceptance of Douglas but it signalled a change in the Black Douglas predominance vis-a-vis the crown and other nobles.
The expedition's other main accomplishments included the first ascent of Mount Erebus, and the discovery of the approximate location of the South Magnetic Pole, reached on 16 January 1909 by Edgeworth David, Douglas Mawson, and Alistair Mackay.
General Douglas MacArthur meeting Navajo people | Navajo, Pima people | Pima, Pawnee and other Native Americans in the United States | Native American troops.

Douglas and recordings
Additionally, Ebsen, Ryan, and Douglas each made a few solo recordings following the show's success, including Ryan's 1966 novelty single, " Granny's Miniskirt.
The other co-host, currently Jeff Douglas, introduces the interviews and other segments, such as " For the Record " recordings of speeches or press conferences, and musical interludes ( or as former co-host Barbara Budd often referred to them, " the dance portion of the program ").
2 in their piano recordings category and he was on Johnny Carson's and Mike Douglas ' TV shows.
Beyond her solo recordings, she has recorded or performed with Dave Douglas, Butch Morris, Kim Gordon, Thurston Moore, and many others, including as Hemophiliac, a trio with John Zorn and singer Mike Patton, as well as being a member of Zorn's Electric Masada.
Anodyne consisted of live-in-the-studio recordings and included a duet with Farrar and Doug Sahm of the Sir Douglas Quintet.
A series of recordings made at the loft were issued under the title Wildflowers on the Douglas label.
In addition to his own recordings, he has recorded or performed with musicians including Anthony Braxton, John Zorn, Roscoe Mitchell, Douglas Ewart, Laurie Anderson, Muhal Richard Abrams, Count Basie, Gil Evans, Nicole Mitchell, Karl E. H. Seigfried, Fred Anderson, Conny Bauer, Evan Parker, Bertram Turetzky, Marina Rosenfeld, Anthony Davis, David Behrman, David Murray, Derek Bailey, Frederic Rzewski, Han Bennink, Irene Schweizer, J. D.
Robinson played for several years with Stax stars like Eddie Floyd and once jammed with Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Miles Express ' guitarist Jim McCarty and Jimi Hendrix ' drummer Mitch Mitchell, a heavily edited recording of which was released as ' Jimi / Jimmy Jam ' on the posthumous compilation Jimi Hendrix album Nine to the Universe which features other heavily edited, disparate studio jams with widely varying personnel, recorded over the span of six months during 1969, that producer Alan Douglas ( although not involved in the original recordings, but was himself a jazz producer from the early sixties, and also a compiler, and editor of other posthumous compilation releases of some note.
He worked as a songwriter and performer in 1973 in a group called The New Cactus Band with Duane Hitchings ( an original member of Buddy Miles Express, who was also recorded jamming with Hendrix ( but quite sporadcally, over at least two years ), although, ( unlike Robinson ) he was edited out of the only official release of his jams by Alan Douglas, and this " fame " has to rely on the untampered, bootlegs of the original recordings ), the sole member from the final lineup of the Cactus band, which had disbanded in 1972.
# It is not believed that this image will interfere with the rights of Douglas Adams's estate, or his current publishers, in the sales of recordings of the radio series.
# It is not believed that this image will interfere with the rights of Douglas Adams's estate, or his current publishers, in the sales of recordings of the radio series.
# It is not believed that this image will interfere with the rights of Douglas Adams's estate, or his current publishers, in the sales of recordings of the radio series.
He has, in fact, produced a Grammy-winning recording for Jeff Beck, as well as many recordings for Tim Berne, Drew Gress, Dave Douglas ( another Grammy nominee ), Douglas September as well as many others.
With more than 200 recordings to his credit, his music has brought him on stage or in the studio to perform with entertainers in a variety of music fields: Carl Perkins ; Charlie Daniels ; Peabo Bryson ; The Whites ; Ricky Skaggs ; Kitty Wells ; Pee Wee King ; Jimmy Dickens ; Jeff and Sheri Easter ; The Lewis Family ; The Isaacs ; The Primitive Quartet ; Bill Monroe ; Jim and Jesse ; Ralph Stanley ; Raymond Fairchild ; Jimmy Martin ; Mac Wiseman ; Chubby Wise ; Josh Graves ; Doug Dillard ; Jerry Douglas ; Sam Bush ; Byron Berline ; The Warrior River Boys ; The Sand Mountain Boys ; The Gary Waldrep Band ; The Cox Family ; The Sidemen ; Elaine and Shorty ; “ Doc ” Tommy Scott ’ s Last Real Old Time Medicine Show.

Douglas and included
The cast included Gary Sweet, as Donald Bradman and Hugo Weaving, as England captain Douglas Jardine.
The first equipment supplied included three Douglas C-47's and seven MH. 1521 Broussard STOL utility aircraft in 1961.
The close-knit group included Haines and his partner Jimmie Shields, Alan Ladd, writer Somerset Maugham, director James Vincent, screenwriter Rowland Leigh, costume designers Orry-Kelly and Robert Le Maire, and actors John Darrow, Anderson Lawler, Grady Sutton, Robert Seiter and Tom Douglas.
Regular attendees at his famed soirées included Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, Joan Crawford and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart, Claudette Colbert, Marlene Dietrich, Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh, actor Richard Cromwell, Stanley Holloway, Judy Garland, Gene Tierney, Noël Coward, Cole Porter, director James Whale, costume designer Edith Head, and Norma Shearer, especially after the death of her first husband, Irving Thalberg.
In Canada they included soldier and governor of Quebec James Murray, Prime Minister John A. MacDonald and politician and social reformer Tommy Douglas.
Other popular and inventive titles included a number of sequels and spinoff games in the Zork series, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, and A Mind Forever Voyaging.
The 1891 founding professors included Robert Allardice in mathematics, Douglas Houghton Campbell in botany, Charles Henry Gilbert in zoology, George Elliott Howard in history, Oliver Peebles Jenkins in physiology and histology, Charles David Marx in civil engineering, Fernando Sanford in physics and John Maxson Stillman in chemistry.
These included Lower Canada ( present-day Quebec ) and Vancouver Island, where Governor James Douglas encouraged black immigration because of his opposition to slavery and because he hoped a significant black community would form a bulwark against those who wished to unite the island with the United States.
The first full and faithful rendering of the poem in an Anglic language is the Scots translation by Gavin Douglas — his Eneados, completed in 1513, which also included Maffeo Vegio's supplement.
The couple returned to Los Angeles and quickly became part of a social group that included some of the most successful young people in the film industry, including Steve McQueen, Warren Beatty, Mia Farrow, Peter Sellers, Jacqueline Bisset, Leslie Caron, Joan Collins, Joanna Pettet, Laurence Harvey, Peter Fonda and Jane Fonda, older film stars like Henry Fonda, Kirk Douglas, Yul Brynner and Danny Kaye, musicians such as Jim Morrison and the Mamas & the Papas, and record producer Terry Melcher and his girlfriend Candice Bergen.
Trails throughout the area are included in comprehensive plans for the city of Omaha, the Omaha metropolitan area, Douglas County, and long-distance coordinated plans between the municipalities of southeast Nebraska.
Twenty-one Douglas DC-4 airliners were converted into car ferries as the ATL-98 Carvair, a major task that included replacing the aircraft's original forward fuselage with an extended version incorporating the flight-deck above the cargo hold and a side-hinged nose door through which five cars could be loaded, one at a time, by means of a mobile, ground-based " scissor " lift.
Performers at the concert included Shawn Colvin, Philip Glass, Alison Krauss, Jerry Douglas, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Lyle Lovett, James Taylor, and Stevie Wonder as well as Simon's former collaborator Art Garfunkel.
*** Boeing ( includes the former McDonnell Douglas company which itself included the Douglas Aircraft Company )
The congregation of 1, 200 included Prince Michael of Kent, Margaret, Duchess of Argyll, Sir John Mills, Sir Richard Attenborough, Trevor Howard, Sir David Frost, Joanna Lumley, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. and Lord Olivier.
These included Douglas himself, Albany's son Murdoch, and the earls of Moray, Angus and Orkney ( Orkney was quickly ransomed ).
Over the years, Wireds writers have included Jorn Barger, John Perry Barlow, John Battelle, Paul Boutin, Stewart Brand, Gareth Branwyn, Po Bronson, Scott Carney, Michael Chorost, Douglas Coupland, James Daly, Joshua Davis, J. Bradford DeLong, Mark Dery, David Diamond, Patrick Di Justo, Cory Doctorow, Esther Dyson, Mark Frauenfelder, Simson Garfinkel, William Gibson, Dan Gillmor Mike Godwin, George Gilder, Lou Ann Hammond, Danny Hillis, Steven Johnson, Bill Joy, Jon Katz, Leander Kahney, Richard Kadrey, Jaron Lanier, Lawrence Lessig, Paul Levinson, Steven Levy, John Markoff, Wil McCarthy, Glyn Moody, Charles Platt, Josh Quittner, Spencer Reiss, Howard Rheingold, Rudy Rucker, Paul Saffo, Evan Schwartz, Peter Schwartz, Alex Steffen, Neal Stephenson, Bruce Sterling, Chris Hardwick, John Hodgman, Kevin Warwick, Dave Winer, Belinda Parmar and Gary Wolf.
Curtis ' comedies include Some Like It Hot ( 1959 ), Sex and the Single Girl ( 1964 ) and The Great Race ( 1965 ), and his dramas included playing the slave Antoninus in Stanley Kubrick's Spartacus ( 1960 ) co-starring Kirk Douglas and Laurence Olivier, The Outsider ( 1961 ), the true story of WW II veteran Ira Hayes, and The Boston Strangler ( 1968 ), in which he played the self-confessed murderer of the film's title, Albert DeSalvo.
William J. Brennan, Jr., a liberal Democrat appointed by Eisenhower in 1956, was the intellectual leader of the activist faction that included Black and Douglas.
The team included many notable physicists including Ralph H. Fowler, Douglas Hartree and Arthur Milne.
The invaders ' plans reportedly included eventually murdering people as far away as Casper and Douglas.
Douglas County is included in the Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta, Georgia metropolitan statistical area, known to most as metro Atlanta.

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